Erotica Lovers, Watch Out. Jay Gaudette’s Here To Please.


JG Jay Gaudette

I had the good fortune to meet Jay a few weeks ago. He’s definitely a man with a plan, and that’s to stake his claim to the world of Erotica. He’s also one of the 17 authors to be spotlighted in the Facebook Event ‘Damn, That’s Hot Erotica’ on March 19th!!!

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Here’s his Amazon Bio~~

I, Jay Gaudette, am an avatar, modern rake, an enigma, a consumer of wonderful things, and just about the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. Really. I’m serious.

Here’s the deal, Jay Gaudette is a pen name for my erotic literature. Why? Well, I am already a published non-fiction author and I thought it would be better to keep the two endeavors separate. Besides, being a fictional being is liberating. Not only can I be the author of these stores, but, in a few instances, I can be an actor in them as well. That’s kind of fun.

I am fortunate that I have been able to retire early and enjoy a lifestyle that allows me to travel extensively. It’s been a wonderful experience, but I have had a lot of downtime that needed to be filled, and my non-fiction works are kind of on autopilot. What to do? I gave writing fiction a shot. At first, the erotic elements weren’t there, but over time they started to slip in. So I went with it and erotica became the format that I enjoyed the most.

Now, prepare for my interview with Mr. Gaudette~~~~



Hello, Jay!  Thanks for dropping by my man cave. Make yourself comfortable and get ready for my first question. While The Unconventional Affair Book One is the usual Erotica concept – woman lusts over man, gets laid, goes into relationship – the sex wasn’t crucial to the book as most are. Describe your process in writing Erotica, especially in the creation of the person’s/couple’s dynamic.

Thanks for saying that about the sex scenes not being crucial to the story. I have, in fact, thought about editing them to a more romance story format. Perhaps I will.

I include the sex scenes for several reasons. In the case of when Doug and Carol go back to his suite after the banquet, there each have a different result. Remember, in the early chapters I establish that they both had given up on love. For Carol, it is the realization that a relationship with a man, including sex, can be the exciting and meaningful thing that she always thought it could be, but never had with her ex-husband and her past lovers. For Doug, it was him breaking free from the constructs of his life as it was, confined by his duty to his company and his life as he formed it. As the chapter name says, it was their moment of liberation. As for the other sex scenes, none are arbitrary. They each reflect some aspect about relationships that I believe about the subject, especially the need for genuine compatibility.

In the Unconventional Affairs trilogy, each book is about a different kind of love. In The Unconventional Affair, it’s about a love that is overcoming. In Tangier, it is about a love that is empowering. Tough Cookie is about sacrificial love.

Another reason for the sex scenes is that sex is fun … or should be.

What’s been the most frustrating thing about being an author?

A little background—I’m a retired business development strategist, trainer and sales guy. During my career I have written literally thousands of pages of procedures, marketing material, scripts and whatever; some of it published. I’m also a writer of non-fiction travel-based memoirs that have sold pretty well. The Unconventional Affair was my first attempt at fiction. So, let me separate non-fiction from fiction because  they are different.

I have been as conscientious as I could to be consistent and competent. And when I needed some kind of information to improve what I was doing, I, of course, turned to the internet for help. Low and behold, just like so many other fields, the inconsistency of the information has been staggering. One person says the sun rises in the East, the next the West, and a few even say it doesn’t come up at all. That has frustrated me the most. And when it comes to promotion, it’s the people that say categorically that you must do something a certain way, well, that just raises my hackles.

One of the somewhat weird life lessons that I have learned is that the only universal truth is mathematics; everything else is a perspective or opinion. And this fiction literary world is certainly full of those two things.

Take marketing and promotion, for instance. Where are the numbers that doing such-and-such produces X results? They don’t exist. It’s all just opinions.

Erotica is considered the red-headed stepchild of the literary community. Mainstream authors sneer at the genre and most Facebook groups ban any kind of Erotica posts. Does that bother you and, if so, why???

Hey! Watch it with the ‘red head’ comment! Monica Kessel, one the main characters of the trilogy is a red head, and I think she’s terrific! The reason that it’s still underground is that it is salacious, especially in the west. And that enduring opinion drips over our cultural norms. Maybe the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon will put a dent in that. I don’t know. I can tell you a funny story about it though. One time I spent a few days in a hotel that had porn movies available on their cable system for a fee. I asked the desk clerk when the purchase of the movies peaked–what kinds of people bought them. He told me it was whenever they had a large group of guests that were preachers and church goers. 

Erotica is still something enjoyed in the dark corners of someone’s life. It’s still taboo. The one thing I do know is that it’s tough to find readers. It is what it is.

We’ve talked about the frustrations of writing. What about the opposite? What excites you the most about what you’re doing?

I love my characters. I absolutely love bringing these people to life. One of the odd things about my writing is that I am also a huge fan of what I create. I still reread my novels and short stories, and even though I know every word and action that is going to happen, I still enjoy watching them interact with their universe. Perhaps that is why, even in with the uphill battle to find readers to share them with, I still write. I just never know what they’re going to do next. And that’s exciting to me.

I don’t pre-plan my writing with outlines and point sheets. I write. Sometimes it goes nowhere, and I know that my writing could perhaps be more polished and refined if I did do those things. But to me, it’s exhilarating to just go along for the ride with my imagination and see what they do next.

Last Question. If you weren’t writing, what hobby or time-filler would you be doing now?

I have a whopper of an answer to that. My wife are very active, long-range, live-aboard, cruising boaters. We have a 45 foot long diesel powered trawler, and we’ve logged just shy of 10,000 miles in the last three years. We’ve been all over the eastern seaboard, the Great Lakes, the Mississippi, Gulf of Mexico, and our boat is currently in Jacksonville, Florida awaiting our return. We spend about nine months out of every year on her, and it is my greatest joy. My writing grew out from that. I write a popular blog about the boating lifestyle, and I started writing fiction because when you live on a boat there’s a lot of downtime waiting out poor weather conditions. I wrote to pass the time.

Thanks for a great Interview, Jay !!  Now let’s take a look at some of his carnal offerings.

Event List



JG 1

The Unconventional Affair: Part One


Synopsis — Carol and Doug are executives who meet during a glamorous and prestigious convention in Las Vegas. There’s an instant erotic attraction between them that soon blossoms into a profound love. But their pasts catch up with them, ripping them apart too soon. The Unconventional Affair, Part 1 of the Unconventional Affairs Trilogy, is their story of love, lust, and victory.



The Mouse and the Lion — Erotica Style. February 20, 2015 By J.D.Tucker Format:Kindle Edition

This is my first experience with Mr. Gaudette and I was pleasantly surprised by this saucy little tale of a perfect romance between imperfect people. Carol Wehrli is a mousy, recently-divorced, loser in love who finds the man of her dreams — the trouble is, he’s the epitome of an awesome guy and unattainable in her eyes. Doug Palmer, her love interest, is a driven business with no time for relationships — until now.

When the two finally get to know each other at a business convention, the sparks and clothing fly in a very realistic scene that will have you smiling and panting. Mix in a sexual encounter with the couple’s best friends, a little drama with the ex-husband and a vengeful dominatrix, and several hot sex scenes, and this book’s a keeper. FIVE STARS. Book Two of the trilogy is next on my Erotica list!!!!




JG 2

The Unconventional Affair: Part 2

SYNOPSIS — Monica, the young assistant to Carol and Doug Palmer, gets to go the big convention in Las Vegas. There she meets mysterious Gabe, who captures her heart. But their new love is threatened by an angry bitter woman bent on not only destroying them, but everything that the Palmers have built. But their love wins out and they are launched into a new life of love and raw x-rated passion.




Porn Star 1  porn star 2



SYNOPSES — Lee Kipling is a friend of Jay Gaudette, and he was invited to a big time, hard-core porn star party. Read about experiences so hot and passionate it had to be put into two books.

BUY LINKS — Book one —

Book Two —



Live From Saltwater Sally’s: The United States Sex League Roleplay Finals


Synopsis — Join Chip Schumacher and the rest of the United States Sex League broadcasting crew as they cover the USSL Roleplay final competition live from Saltwater Sally’s in Panama City Beach, Florida. It’s a rigid competition






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