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This week’s Interview is with an Author who haunts the Mystery and Suspense Genre with several releases dedicated to death and the supernatural.  here’s her Amazon Bio ~~~~

Angie Blake, born in Pocatello, Idaho over 51 years ago was born to a family of four children, two boys and two girls. Angie has had an affair with writing since she was twelve years old. First, writing poetry and then writing short stories. Now in the decade of high tech and self-publishing as you can see Angie has written almost a dozen stories. All available on Amazon for you to read. Angie’s only been self-publishing stories for almost two years now and it has been a wonderful experience that she hopes she will always be a part of.

Aside from writing, Angie loves to spend time with her family. She’s a happily married mother with three children and two grandchildren. Both of her daughters inherited the talent for story telling and she’s hoping that one of these days, we may read their writings up here on Amazon as well.

She loves reading, writing, camping, fishing, hiking, photography and to visit old light houses during the summer time. She loves looking through the telescope and gazing at the stars.

Now, keep reading for my interesting conversation with Angie!!!



You seem to have gotten the writing bug early in life (unlike me). What was it that prompted you to become an author?

Writing is something I’ve enjoyed doing all my life. I didn’t really dream about doing anything else, except maybe traveling. I love creating towns, characters and stories. I love using real life fears to scare people and building suspense. My mother always told me if I loved doing it then there was no reason not to. So, I became an author.

You’ve written a mystery and a horror book. Which genre do you feel most comfortable in and what’s next on your agenda in 2015?

I love the suspense genre and, for 2015, I’m writing a series of books written for my new characters – Jack Steele and John Carity. First, read Murder at Cup O’ Jo’s and then, Something in the Woods to meet both of those characters. They will be in other books later on this year.

You live in Salem, Oregon. Do you have any covens there? 🙂 

Funny you should ask that. I did some family research and found out Sarah Goodie is an ancestor of mine. She was one of the women burned at the stake for suspicions of using witchcraft. I just thought I might add that in there.

Describe your writing process and any weird things you do while you’re doing it?

It takes me a long time to write a story. I think it straight through from beginning to end. The characters, the twist and turns all get written down on paper. Then I go through and put everything down on paper, and edit. And re-edit.

I don’t know if there are weird things or not. I have a ton of clicker pens that I keep around my computer for when I get writer’s block. I will sit there and click them while I’m trying to get over the hurdle of whatever it is that’s bothering me about the story. Or toss them in the air, roll them around on my fingers, chew on the ends of them while in deep thought and frustration.

Or when I get really stuck, I will do chores in the house. (usually bigger projects than normal) and my kids will ask me “What’s the matter, Mom? You have writer’s block?” Funny how it is they always know.

What do you like best about being an author?

The good reviews and recognition of the accomplishments I’ve made. I love creating and that’s what I find most enjoyable.

Do you find inventing a hero or a villain more entertaining as you write?

Yes. I love the villains. I love creating bad guys, like in “It’s Showtime.” I love Michael. He’s lovable, entertaining, and a fun character all the way around.

Last Question. You open a novel in a mom-and-pop bookstore and a Genie appears. He gives you the option of having a bestselling book at the expense of two celebrity deaths. Who would you pick and why?

Justin Beiber~for obvious reasons, and Kyra Sedgwick~I don’t know why, but I don’t like that girl.

Read on to discover three of the novels in Angie’s Library.



Murder at Joes MURDER AT CUP O’ JO’S


SYNOPSIS — When Mabel, the waitress, gets framed for murder Jack takes the law into his own hands and risks everything to prove her innocent, including, his life. He stumbles onto a group of thugs and soon discovers that Mabel isn’t as sweet and innocent as she seems, but could she actually commit a murder?
This is the book that you need to read first. It introduces Jack Steele who will be a part of many stories to come. It is a must read to continue the story!

RANDOM REVIEW — Good To The Last Drop! February 22, 2015 By Roger Schick Format:Paperback FIVE STARS

Jack Steel, a writer embroiled in a murder investigation to vindicate a friend accused of the deadly crime. Along with his friend Billy, the two of them discover how dangerous it is to take matters into their own hands. On a fast paced adventure, Blake takes the reader on a mystery romp that will satisfy! I discovered that I had an unbeknownst smile on my face with the surprise and truly touching ending. This is the second book from this author I’ve read, her skills to invite the reader into the lives of these characters and make you want to move in next door is a real gift. I recommend!




THE EVIL ONES evil ones


SYNOPSIS —  The Evil Ones is not just another haunted house story. This is the story of Elisabeth McBride with all the suspense, paranormal and horror that you can sink your teeth into. This is the story of good vs. evil. A little girl that was never given the feelings of love and evil entities that were never laid to rest. Five paranormal investigators risk their lives to investigate the hauntings of the McBride Estate. Will they all come out alive or will they be sucked into the evilness of the McBride Plantation. Read the story of The Evil Ones….you won’t be able to put it down!

RANDOM REVIEW — Perfect for Halloween! October 29, 2014 By Barbara Underwood Format:Paperback 4 STARS

At Halloween, or any other time you’re in the mood for a wicked horror story, don’t go past “The Evil Ones”. It has all the ingredients of a solid haunted mansion experience, and then some. It starts with a group of young people who do paranormal investigations, and are thrilled to take on the challenge of an infamous haunted mansion in the South. The story could have stayed with these basic characters, but the author skilfully develops each individual as events begin to take place, so that they are no longer two-dimensional, but real people with depth. It seems that each person in the group has some deeper trouble, and some of it connected to the haunting and paranormal events in the mansion. This makes for a close-knit story with better-than-average characters, including ones doing the haunting! Needless to say, as things progress, there are some frightening scenes with blood and gore, as well as a deadly black cat that is not what it seems… In fact, no one is who they seem at first, and the story takes a few unexpected turns, all of which makes this a fast-paced read that you can’t put down. Read it this Halloween!







SYNOPSIS — Belmont, Washington is a small town where Johnny has lived all his life. He knew the people there, but there was something different about Belmont now. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but something was wrong.

It was like a dark cloud drifted over the town one day and stayed there, hovering, causing problems everywhere he looked. Then, strange deaths began to happen. They weren’t your normal every day serial killer types of murders. They were horrifying ones that haunted a person’s conscious every day.

Johnny, an ex-detective from the Belmont detective agency was the perfect person to investigate the cases. Well, at least he thought so. He’d been in it since day one. From the first disappearance of a young man in Belmont, to the next one . . . and the next one . . . and the next one. He’d been there for them all. The only problem with the cases . . . no one was talking. Not the citizens, not the police and certainly not the families of the people who’d been murdered.

Why was everyone keeping the murders such a secret? Why was he hitting a wall with every step he took? What in the world haunted the town of Belmont, Washington and scared the citizens so bad no one was willing to say a word?

RANDOM REVIEW — A scary mystery. November 11, 2014 By K Shaper Format:Kindle Edition FIVE STARS

Definitely an interesting read. From the beginning to the end, the plot moves you and keeps you guessing. I was thinking this might be a horror story, but in reality it’s a mystery horror type story. Something is in the woods and Johnny’s found himself in the middle of a terrifying mystery. Strange things have been going on around town over the years, and no one is really talking. But Johnny starts to put the pieces together and faces life and death as he unravels the terror of the town.






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