An Interview With Multi-Genre Revelation — Helana Kline


Helana pic Helana (H.E.) Kline

I’ve known Helana for a few months and she’s a wonderful persona as well as being a sensational author. From steamy romances (Through Becky’s Eyes) to spooky thrillers (The Haunting of the Hockomock Swamp), she’s an up-and-coming author with a talent for taking her readers to places they’ll thoroughly enjoy.

Here’s her Amazon Bio~~~~  Before becoming a full-time writer H.E. Kline specialized in transcribing expert medical and scientific testimony. Kline is a Registered Professional Reporter, Registered Merit Reporter, and Certified Real time Reporter currently registered with the National Court Reporters Association. H.E. Kline creatively intertwines nonfiction into imaginary contemporary romance, mystery, science fiction, and horror in a concerted effort to give a “voice” to those whose voice may have been forgotten or lost in translation. Emanating from Boston, Massachusetts, her stories incorporate a keen emphasis on local culture, mythical ghostly folklore, and urban legends.

Now, on to the Interview . . .

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Hi Helana!  Thanks for dropping by. Take a seat, get comfortable and prepare yourself for my first query. How long have you been writing and what prompted you to become an actual published author?

I’ve been writing since I was about seven. Every teacher and professor I ever had tried to persuade me to continue writing, but I was intent on a different path. I spent 27 years concentrating on becoming one of the country’s best real time court reporters until one day I got seriously injured in federal court. After having every tendon in my wrists, hands, and fingers operated on and barely surviving my last operation, in splints and casts I began to write like I never wrote before.

You’ve written a Mystery, a Horror book, and an entry into the Lite Erotica genre. Which genre do you feel most comfortable in and what’s next on your agenda in 2015?

I am a paranormal writer. I am not sure there’s any one specific genre that I am most comfortable limiting myself to. I like to push myself to write on topics that are uncomfortable and outside of my “comfort zone.” However, that being said, I am a huge horror fan at heart. I also enjoy writing children’s stores that are unique, warm, and fuzzy.

2015 will be a diverse year as I am intending on publishing Through Becky’s Eyes – We Are So Much More, the second book in my erotic legal crime thriller series, as well as a book about domestic abuse, which I am currently writing, and I am also working with an illustrator on a children’s book series as well.

Describe your writing process and any weird things you do while you’re doing it?

I know it sounds strange but all of my books completely write themselves in my mind before I even open the Word document. The entire story with its unique cast of characters are all written before I even type a word, everything but the ending which always seems to come to me at the very last moment in time.

Tell us how your job contributed to any/all of your novels?

America seems to have become obsessed in recent years with court cases. There’s Judge Judy and The People’s Court, and on and on and on almost ad infinitum; these shows monopolize prime time television all day long with ridiculous, stupid cases of no real import.

As a Federal Official Court Reporter I often thought: Imagine a novel involving the kinds of important cases that are tried every day on the federal bench across the country, cases involving: murder, racketeering, molestation, pedophilia, identity fraud, politicians taking bribes, genocides, cops stealing evidence from sealed evidence rooms and selling the drugs on the streets, judges dismissing prostitution charges in exchange for “sexual favors”.…

“Becky” actually came about, however, in my quest to tell a story that has never been told: the story of all of the victims on the other end of the plea deals and cooperation agreements that prosecutors have to engage in in order to nail the big wigs. First, these people are victimized by tragic crime; then, by the very system set up to protect them and offer retribution.

Can you imagine if someone you loved was murdered and the murderer admitted to it in open court, entered a guilty plea, and you watched them leave a free man because they made “a deal” with a prosecutor in exchange for critical testimony in a different, upcoming case? I watched these people cry and scream for many years, and I had to find some kind of meaningful way to tell their stories.

What’s the best and worst part about being an author?

The best part is when people private message me on Facebook and say: I just read “Becky” or “Hockomock” or “Immolation” and I loved it and would like to be friends on Facebook. The worst part is the time it takes to effectively promote each book. It’s extremely time-consuming and repetitive and monotonous and is difficult at times as I am still in a cast.

Every author has a character that’s their doppleganger. Who’s yours and why?

I think because I am a paranormal writer I have many “dopplegangers.” That being said, those stories I wrote as a kid following a handsome Indian with jet-black eyes who would metamorphosize at a whim into the woods culminated in “The Haunting of The Hockomock Swamp.” However, all of my books have “dopplegangers” as somehow spirits are speaking through me and demanding that their stories be told.

Last question and a fun one. You’re given the opportunity to have lunch/dinner with a famous celebrity. Who is it and what’s on the menu?

That’s easy … Johnny Depp, and we are discussing how excited he is to play the Wampanoag Indian Sachem: “Metacom” in his production of “The Haunting of The Hockomock Swamp.”

Thanks for a wonderful interview, Helana!!  Now, take a look at four of her novels, check them out, and help support an indie author.

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SYNOPSISWritten by a Former Federal Official Court Reporter for the District of Massachusetts, Through Becky’s Eyes takes you into the United States Attorney’s Office behind “closed doors” into the plea deals and cooperation agreements prosecutors engage in as they trade one life for another, the small fry for the big fish, in their quest for justice.

Meet Rebecca D. Lawrence, Assistant United States Attorney, who will walk you through an amazing array of some of the most tantalizing, disturbing, and stimulating cases ever tried on the Federal Bench. 

This novel will make you question your sense of justice and your inner moral compass as you take a walk, a walk Through Becky’s Eyes.


Realistic and interesting, not your normal erotica, February 1, 2015 By Mo Birch Verified Purchase
This review is from: Through Becky’s Eyes (Kindle Edition)
I am a fan of pretty much any genre so I thought I’d give this book a read as it looked interesting and different. The author’s writing style is unique, which I liked as I’ve read so many books sometimes I get bored if the writing seems familiar. I liked getting into the different character’s heads and seeing things from their perspective. Becky seems like just a hard working girl but there is way more to her than meets the eye. I quite enjoyed her inner dialogues.

All and all I’d give this book 5 stars as it kept me interested throughout, turned me on and surprised me more than once. Going behind the scenes of the courthouse was sometimes unsettling but was interesting to see that even those who can decide our fate are still human, prone to mistakes, lust, greed and other unsightly characteristics. After Zach is introduced things began to really heat up. Add in the love triangle with Timmy and get ready for drama.

I really hope there is a sequel as the ending blew me away. I’d have to say my favorite aspect of this book is how realistic it is. You can tell the author knows what they are talking about and that some of the court cases are real. I found this made the story more engaging and I look forward to reading more books by H.E. Kline.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
SYNOPSIS — One of the most popular and most notorious phantoms in Massachusetts walks along a dark stretch of road in a small Massachusetts town. For more than three decades, a redheaded “man” has been seen walking down Route 44, waiting to be picked up. At times he has been seen hitchhiking; other times he has been seen walking into the woods or standing in the middle of the road not moving and cars pass right through him … in fact, several people have died along this same stretch of road including a man matching this phantom’s description, but no one can say for sure who the man is or when the haunting started….

Late one night Doug King picks up a redheaded ghostly hitchhiker on Route 44 who passes a herpes virus called PseudoRabies to his daughter’s injured cat, Ponce De Leon. As the virus takes hold, Ponce begins to froth at the mouth and becomes filled with rage first savagely attacking Doug and then his wife: “Three hours later Karen was lying in Doug’s recliner watching Beaches crying and coughing, wondering when the Nyquil would kick in as she fell fast asleep. Ponce De Leon jumped on Karen’s neck and began mutilating her carotid. Karen opened her eyes screaming just as Ponce severed the artery and tore through the internal jugular. Blood began spraying and spurting through the air. Karen’s mouth filled with blood as she began to asphyxiate. Within three minutes the whites of her eyes engorged with dilated capillaries and bulged out of their sockets as she took her last gurgled breath. Ponce purred as he sipped from her neck.” As his friends and neighbors are brutalized and slain, Doug decides to take matters into his own hands to destroy and contain this plague. Suspenseful and at times utterly horrific, Immolation is a powerful horror tale that will obsess and possess you.

BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD! June 23, 2014
By Steven Holt Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
First off, anyone considering reading this book should know that it is very violent. The writing is very descriptive and there were certain parts where I actually had to stop for a second since it was so intense. The book itself is based on the PseudoRabies Virus, A cat getting the virus and then going on a rampage spreading the infection. The story reminds me of Cujo by Stephen King in a lot of ways except Immolation turned out to be much more exciting. The book is relatively short and makes for a quick and intense read. I read it in a day and I didn’t even plan on reading the whole book. I personally enjoyed the book and I think that horror fans who want a disarming story will enjoy this. Unfortunately, After reading, I can’t look at my cats the same way anymore.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
helana 3
SYNOPSIS — This is a risqué paranormal rollercoaster ride you will never forget!!!

History can never be erased. Perhaps when your children are haunted and plagued by a mysterious illness, it is not a result of biology or science but a vengeful spirit of the past using your children as a medium for the truth.

Janie Williams falls upon a sensational news story involving a childhood epilepsy epidemic raging across several towns in Massachusetts abutting The Hockomock Swamp. Problem is: she’s a newbie and her bosses don’t think this story is quite “newsworthy.”

However, nothing is as it seems. As the children convulse, they step into an alternate dimension as they follow an Indian ghost named Metacom deep into the woods within The Hockomock Swamp. Metacom shape-shifts into a three-headed dragon that showers the children in rainstorms of blood, metamorphoses into a flying pterodactyl dropping the children into the swamp, shows them horrors that plague their young minds. Metacom is trying to show the children something, but what is he trying to show them?

As Janie investigates and researches this phenomenon, she falls deeply in love. The Haunting of The Hockomock Swamp is a powerful love story that will take you on an unforgettable journey of the heart, mind, and soul as you follow an Indian ghost deep into the woods.

Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
“The Haunting of The Hockomock Swamp” is an intriguing and wholly engaging story about an Indian ghost haunting, a secret message within the horror and mystery, and a woman driven to uncover the mystery plaguing a group of young children. H. E. Kline blends fact into fiction, using the legend of Metacom the man who started “King Phillip’s War” in 1675 after his land was stolen from his people. It’s a wonderfully evocative, provocative and engaging story that mixes a little bit of horror with emotionally charged drama, real history with storytelling, and mystery with a desire to reveal truth even if hope is lost. The well-written story is fast-paced, sharp, lush and vivid in imagery. It’s the kind of novel that sweeps you up and takes you on an unforgettable journey of discovery, revelation, hope and justice. The author certainly makes an impression and leaves you wanting to dive headfirst into the life of Metacom and the history surrounding “King Phillip’s War”.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
THE DREAM  helana 4
SYNOPSIS — Lacy’s nightmares started at five years old: ghastly lucid dreams of soldiers shooting children, young women viciously raped, doctors murdering their patients. “It was just a dream,” Lacy says to herself, or was it?

An incredibly intelligent and artistic child, Lacy’s lack of sleep begins to alter her physical appearance and she is relentlessly tormented and bullied by her peers. “‘Boneyass’ seemed to be the vernacular that stuck and even kids who didn’t know me called me ‘Boneyass’ not in a mean or belittling way, just as a familial greeting.

Deeply moving, The Dream will make you smile and make you cry and will stay with you forever.

Would make a great movie! January 4, 2015
By S. Stark Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
-SPOILERS- Lacey has crippling nightmares which eventually lead her to the truth of how her grandmother survived the Holocaust.

At first, I was appalled that the parents of a nine-year-old girl could be so neglectful as to not realize she was staying awake for days at a time on caffeine and no-dos pills. But, then, of course, this is fiction, and sometimes neglectful parents are essential to the plot line.

I enjoyed the book. It’s very worth the download.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



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