Two Days to Passion – A New Level of Heat and Danger


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Twelve Doors to Ecstasy introduced hundreds of readers to Tristina (Tryst) Sanyon, Malcolm Anders, and his House of Voyeuristic Pleasures. Tryst, convinced by her sexual naivete and a promised financial windfall, screws her way through a building populated with multi-colored doors, each with a different sexual theme behind them. Aided by a group of malcontents in Anders’ erotic empire, Tryst finds out his evil goals to make her an imprisoned ‘Queen’ and flees with her new friends to Switzerland. There they created Butterflies — a sexual fantasy organization that caters to the rich and powerful.

In Two Days to Passion, the reader gets a glimpse of Tryst’s personal life, Malcolm Anders’ plans for revenge, and a consortium of six philanthropic business leaders who are nothing like they appear to be. Sex, Action, Danger, Suspense, and More Hot, Mind-blowing Sex.

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Here’s an excerpt from the first chapter. How many Erotica novels start you off with an passionate threesome in the first few pages??????

     Tryst Sanyon opened a bleary eye and groaned at the intrusive sunlight that filtered through the white silk curtains in her lover’s sumptuous bedroom suite. She shut her violated eyelid and moaned from the delicious body heat that radiated from her two companions. She sent a hand out to stroke Phillip Masterlin’s’s bare chest, and squeezed his light-brown nipple. His soft grunt amused her. Tryst moved to her left and cuddled next to his dark-haired wife’s prone body. Even in her sleep, Bree seemed so seductive. Tryst pushed several black locks away from the woman’s face, leaned in, and kissed the side of her pouty mouth. Bree’s blue eye fluttered open as a tired smile curled her lips.

You’re up way too early,” she mumbled. “Especially after all the wicked things we did last night too.”

I know, right?” Tryst recalled the two hours they made love, and the finale where they fucked like animals, and murmured her assent. “I was totally surprised you invited me over. When you and Phillip took your honeymoon without me, I thought you’d avoid me like the plague when you got back.”

Are you crazy?” Bree rolled her neck and turned on her side to face Tryst. “My new husband insisted on going to the Virgin Islands by ourselves. Otherwise, I would’ve drugged you, shoved you in a suitcase, and taken you with us.” She yawned. “And I’ll have you know I totally missed your sweet ass, so fucking bad.”

Their soft kiss, enhanced by the way they crossed arms to caress the others face, went on long enough to take Tryst’s breath away. Bree laughed and pulled her closer. The action crushed their breasts together, tight enough for their hardened nipples to pleasantly rub against their hot skin. Bree lifted her chin, a clear invitation to offer her neck to Tryst’s lips. As she complied, the seductress’s own hungry mouth found Tryst’s sensitive flesh. When she felt Bree’s furtive hand move between her legs, the sensations that electrified Tryst’s body and curled her toes increased during their lovemaking.

Tryst fell to her back and moaned when Bree’s torso shimmied onto hers. She spread her legs, eager to have her lover’s fingers invade the soft curtains that covered her cunt. With a soft giggle, Bree placed her palm over Tryst’s pussy and massaged it. While Bree sucked on a nipple and squeezed the other, Tryst scooted forward, intent on forcing the nimble fingers inside her body. She gasped when two of Bree’s digits pushed inside her increasingly wet hole and spread apart her pussy lips. The room’s cold air chilled it for a brief moment, until her lover’s attentions went deep enough to massage her g-spot. As Tryst bucked against Bree’s passionate attack, her renewed moans were cut off when a strong hand squeezed her right breast. When Phillip’s hardened cock pressed against her thigh, Tryst turned to face him. She whispered out a soft greeting, returned his smile, and allowed his wonderful tongue inside her mouth.



Here’s a Review posted by one of my beta readers – Lacie Redding ~~~

I was fortunate enough to review ‘Two Days to Passion’ and have a review to post on amazon when it goes live. In the mean time, you can read it here!

Immediately I’m grateful for the way the physical description is worked into the situational description as I find this style easier to read. This book starts off like no other I’ve read – impressive. It’s not long before we are treated to a dramatic mystery and before I know it, I’m unable to put this book down. More mysteries are presented as I read on and these also are in a way I haven’t seen before. I quite enjoy Tucker’s unique writing style – the reading is fast and never dull. I even found myself laughing out loud at times – which is unusual for me while reading.
Not my usual genre but I love the mysteries that are ongoing and this book left me wanting more – I’m now a fan.



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If you’re a reader who loves Erotica, you’ve never read one with as much sex, heat, danger, and intrigue as Two Days to Passion.

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