Natalie Alder — Featured Author in Damn, That’s Hot Erotica 5


Today’s Blog Post Features Natalie Alder, a Talented Writer of Erotica and One of the 45 featured Authors in Damn, That’s Hot Erotica 5 !!!

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Now, Check out My Q&A Session with Natalie ~~~~

How long have you been a published author and what’s your main goal for the future?

My first book was published in October 2014, and my main goal for the future is to publish more books – romance, thriller and maybe other genres.

What’s your pick for the most sensuous food combination?

Exotic cheeses and a dry gin martini are my picks. I love the smells, tastes, textures of cheeses and I think everyone looks hot drinking a martini.

If you were to get a tattoo that represented your work, what would it be and why?

A fountain with the ink trailing off into mountains and a lake – it would represent my writing taking me to another land as well as the mountains and lakes are my favorite place to be.

What’s something in your daily life that makes you sad, and happy, and why?

Music makes me happy – the vibe goes deep in my soul and makes me dance like Snoopy but also makes me sad because I can’t play a note but wish I could.

Which popular phrase best defines your writing and why —- “Do Unto Others as they do unto you”, “Kill ’em all and let God sort them out”, or “Why can’t we all just get along.” (If you have a better phrase, feel free to use it.)

“Kill ’em all and let God sort them out” best defines the way I throw myself into writing without much regard for a plan and let it all come out as it does in the end.

In your opinion, what would be the unsexiest animal for a ‘Shifter’ character to turn into, and why?

Well, I think a porcupine would be pretty rough for obvious reasons.

Office Sex, Rooftop Sex, or Haunted House Sex — which one would you rather do, and why?

Rooftop sex – there’s nothing like the feeling of freedom, being outdoors, and also the risk of being seen.

Tell us what’s the hottest outfit in your closet – from head to feet?

A very deep “v” top which requires model tape to keep the girls indoors, skinny jeans and a pair of black stiletto booties with metal accents at the toe.



Now, Take a Look at Natalie’s Hot Offerings ~~~~


SYNOPSIS —  A tender new relationship…an artist and a construction worker. They are a work-in-progress with potential to be a portrait of happiness. But her desire for him as the subject in her next painting may taint their chances…




SYNOPSIS —  The key to a successful horse farm is the trainer. At Bridgeton Pass, J. P. Ryan is that key. William Becker is determined to protect his farm and keep Ryan on the job. That goal is threatened by two things – a sinister act by another employee and the fact that his only daughter has fallen head-over-heels in love with J. P.
Becker can’t allow either of those things to threaten his legacy.

Audra grew up around the handsome trainer and fell in love with him at a distance, enchanted by his kindness and honesty. When they began stealing private but innocent moments, she found that she didn’t want to live without him. Audra is heartbroken when she has to choose between honoring her father and pursuing love.
J.P. wants Audra by his side, but he finds himself with a hard decision.
He is forced to choose between his career and the love of his life. Between the problem caused by the trouble-making barn hand and the frustration caused by his desire for Audra, J.P.’s job has become a ‘crewel’ work.
The story of the Becker family is woven as an intricate Tapestry. It is beautiful as a whole, but like any tapestry, you have to turn it over and look at the back side to see how the threads of love and family relationships are woven together into one intricate whole.   Welcome to the Tapestry series.



Natalie Alder 6


SYNOPSIS —  When William Becker, owner of a prestigious race horse farm, strikes a deal with Watchover Farm it puts him in touch with the farm’s beautiful broodmare manager, Leslie Scott. Just released from prison, Leslie’s dangerous ex-boyfriend is out to get her and a disgruntled former barn hand of William’s is only too willing to help him get to Leslie, the fringe benefit of William’s lucrative deal. If she escapes this killer, will she escape the next potential killer waiting in the wings? Can William handle all that comes with loving Leslie?




Ready To Know More About Natalie?!  Here Ya Go ~~~~

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Crewel Work

Trouble Looming

Woven Interests

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