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Today’s Blog Post Features Kitten Jackson, a Talented Writer of Erotica and One of the 45 featured Authors in Damn, That’s Hot Erotica 5 !!!

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Now, Get Ready For An Uncensored Q&A With Kitten ~~~~

How long have you been a published author and what’s your main goal for the future?

I published Keeping Secrets in December of 2012.  The future… hmmm…. I suppose, like all authors, I’d like to sell enough books to make a living from them. It’s not really a goal, but honestly, I’ve always dreamed of having my books made into movies. They would be awesome! I imagine we all have dreams like that.

If you were to get a tattoo that represented your work, what would it be and why?

I don’t do tattoos, but if I were going to have one, I think that maybe a black rose with blood dripping from it would be good. The black rose would represent the beauty and the darkness, and of course, the blood would represent murder and/or vampires. I’m new to the vampire genre, but murder is a common theme in all my books.

If you were to see a couple arguing to the point of violence, what would you do and why?

I would step in. I was involved in two abusive relationships—one for 7 years, and one for 5 years. I know how helpless women feel in those situations. They feel alone and trapped, like no one cares.  I’ve heard people say that those women deserve what they get, because they choose to stay, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Many stay because they’re afraid to leave, and others do because the abuser controls the money, along with everything else.  My heart goes out to anyone who is in an abusive relationship, because I’ve been there, and I know how painful it is, both emotionally and physically.

I wrote a brutal scene of domestic violence in the first book I published, Keeping Secrets. I can’t watch scenes in movies like that, and it was difficult to write, but I think it was cathartic. I was able to give my ‘victim’ the upper hand, and I love that!

If you were to try BDSM for the first time, would you be a dom/domme or a submissive and why?

Ha! I’ve dabbled a bit. I couldn’t ever be a sub. I don’t deal well with someone telling me what to do, and because I was involved with abusive men in the past, giving complete control to a guy is terrifying to me. However, I do like to mete out a little punishment from time to time. 😉   Camden, my main male character in my latest book—Forever Camden—gets off on being punished. VERY HOT stuff!

We’ve all heard the stories about celebrities being stalked, or worse. What’s your biggest fear about being in the public eye (now or in the future) and why?

I haven’t thought much about this, because I doubt that I would ever be a celebrity. If I were younger, I might be afraid of a man becoming obsessed and kidnapping me, etc. But now, I think my biggest fear would be that a hater would try to hurt me by hurting my family. People can be so cruel, and I’ve had lots of people hate me for no apparent reason. Lots of crazies are lurking about, so you never know what could happen.

Which 60’s to 80’s cultural craze would you be more inclined to revisit today — Experimenting with LSD, Disco, or the Urban Cowboy phase — and why?

Are you kidding? DISCO! I love that era! My mom bought tickets for my friend and me to see Saturday Night Fever in the theater (not a wise decision! LOL!). We used to dance around, pretending to be at 2001. When I moved to Pensacola, there actually was a club named 2001, and I loved it! So much fun!

Name a celebrity who looks better clothed than naked/half-naked and why?

I hate to say this, because he’s my celebrity crush, and his face is incredibly beautiful, but Ian Somerhalder (‘Damon’ on The Vampire Diaries, ‘Boone’ on Lost) definitely looks better with his clothes on. He’s a small guy, very thin. He really needs to beef up. With a face like that, his talent, and some muscles, he would be unstoppable.

Which of your characters’ names would be best suited for a porn star, and why?

Michael Stone! LOL! That one’s pretty obvious, right? Stone… hard… erection.

What’s something in your daily life that makes you sad, and happy, and why?

In September of 2014, I lost my little black and tan dachshund, Peej. (Peej is ‘short’ for P.J., which stands for Precious Jackson.) I miss her constantly. I had a dream about her this morning, and I’ve cried twice today already. I don’t think I’ll ever stop grieving over losing her. She’s my baby and my best friend.

What makes me happy is knowing I’m loved. No matter what happens, at least I have that. Also, my writing. God and my writing and editing are what got me through losing Peej. I used to feel like life was passing me by, and I hadn’t done anything significant other than having my daughter, whom I love beyond measure. But now, I have a great sense of accomplishment. It’s not easy to write a book, and it’s even more difficult to write a good one. I’ve written seven, almost eight (five published), awesome books, and that makes me smile. Editing also gives me a great feeling. I take something that’s good on its own merits and make it better. That takes talent, and I have it.

Which popular phrase best defines your writing and why —- “Do Unto Others as they do unto you,” “Kill ’em all and let God sort ‘em out,” or “Why can’t we all just get along?” (If you have a better phrase, feel free to use it.)

I can’t think of a popular phrase that would define my writing, but if I had to pick one, I guess it would have to be “Kill ‘em all and let God sort ‘em out.” Murder is a common theme in my writing, so I suppose that would fit. Two of my grandfather’s brothers were murdered 10 years apart, and I heard about that all my life. I think it has a lot to do with my interest in the subject. I hope to finish my novel about those murders, and another that was connected to one of them, later this year. It’s entitled No Justice, because there was none for them.

Melania Trump would undoubtedly be the sexiest first lady we’ve ever had (if Trump wins the Presidency). Until then, who gets your vote for the hottest first lady in US History, and why?

Billary. LMAO! Honestly, I can’t think of a sexy first lady. Lots of people thought Jackie Kennedy was beautiful/hot, but I don’t see it. I liked Laura Bush, but I don’t think she was sexy.

In your opinion, what would be the unsexiest animal for a ‘Shifter’ character to turn into, and why?

I’m not into shifters at all, and there are lots of unsexy animals, but the first one that popped into my head was a hippo. OMG! Can you imagine? Ew!

What’s the oddest physical/mental attribute you’ve given to one of your characters, and why?

Melanie in Forever Camden has tremors. I wanted to give her an attribute that could garner sympathy, and because I have tremors, it made sense. Total strangers ask if I’m okay. I guess they think I’m on drugs, or something. And I’ve had several people close to me tell me that it hurts them to see my trembling hands. It’s benign—essential tremors. Alcohol helps, so I have to get looped to sign books! LOL! I’m going to start taking beta blockers, which is supposed to help. I hope so.

Office Sex, Rooftop Sex, or Haunted House Sex — Which one would you rather do, and why?

Rooftop sex is out, because I’m afraid of heights.  Haunted house sex—been there, done that. Used to own a house that was full of spirits. But office sex, though not very smart, could be incredibly hot! The only office sex I’ve ever had was with myself in the bathroom. Hehe!



Now, Here’s a few Books by Kitten to Check Out ~~~~

Kitten Jackson 7


SYNOPSIS —  “I would never have chosen to depend upon the taking of blood for my very existence. What a profane act we perpetrate. I find the thought repulsive and simultaneously intoxicating. But no matter how vile I find the practice, the craving is akin to an addict’s dire compulsion for his drug of choice, though much more intense. It cannot be completely controlled.”

Those are the words of Camden Garrett. He was turned on the night he proposed to Karina Sinclaire, the woman who controlled him with a loving, yet intense, discipline, in 1910. After sunset the following day, he drank human blood for the first time and then went to end his engagement and tell Karina he had to leave without her. That decision led to a tragedy of epic proportions that would haunt him for the rest of his unnatural life.

Just over a hundred years after that fateful night, with his mind still set to avoid ever caring for another woman, Camden meets Melanie Caine. Something intangible about her reminds him of Karina, and he’s drawn to her. He’s overwhelmed with emotions, and he fights them with all the strength he possesses, because of a desperate need to protect her… from himself.

His biggest fear is making the same mistake he made at the Sinclaire estate so long ago. Will history repeat itself? Will Camden’s fear prove valid? Is he capable of containing his all-consuming lust for Melanie’s body and her blood?

“You are vampire. Drink blood, or you will die.”



Kitten Jackson 1


SYNOPSIS —  Sparks fly when Greg returns to Pensacola to be with Abbie. When she realizes who he is, she must decide whether to take a chance with the now attractive and charming man who forcefully took her years ago, or to trust her instincts… and the police. Has he changed, or is he guilty of a double murder? Abbie’s heart says, “Go for it,” but her gut says, “Run!”

A tormented man, Greg Parker, is obsessed with a woman he raped 16 years ago but hasn’t seen since then. Over the years, he transforms himself from Johnny Moretti, the skinny geek, into a very attractive and manipulative man, not even recognizable to himself.

The woman, Abbie Kolbeck, is haunted by the memory of him–someone she trusted. When he contacts her after all those years, she is passionately drawn to him, believing the familiar feeling between them means their union is fate. She has no idea she’s falling for the man who hurt her so long ago.

After a whirlwind romance, Abbie finds that Greg is being investigated for the murder of his best friend and the friend’s girlfriend. And after a not-so-gentle session in bed, she realizes that he’s the man she forgave for attacking her.

Abbie desperately wants to believe his denials, but she’s torn between her feelings for him and her desire to protect Taylor and herself from a man the police are telling her is a murderer.



Kitten Jackson 8






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