Kat Barrett — Featured Author in Damn, That’s Hot Erotica 5


Today’s Blog Post Features Kat Barrett, a Talented Writer of Erotica and One of the 45 featured Authors in Damn, That’s Hot Erotica 5 !!!

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Now, Check Out My Q&A Session With Kat ~~~~

How long have you been a published author and what’s your main goal for the future?

I self-published five books starting in 2003 and then just continued to write. In 2014 I decided to find a traditional publisher. I’ve put over 50 books on the market since then, although some of them, were already finished and simply needed polishing.  I hope to continue writing as well as enjoy my other hobbies, artwork, airbrushing, motorcycles and RV-ing with my husband.

What’s your pick for the most sensuous food combination?

Chocolate syrup or simply melted chocolate on the body. Add some whipped cream and lick off as desired.

Have you ever included a handicapped character in your writing? If so, what book, the character’s name, and were they sexually involved in the novel.

Many of my characters have physical disabilities such as bad knees or are injured in some way during the book. In a book that is about to be submitted, one of the men is deaf and yes, he is sexually involved with both the male and female characters.

If you were to get a tattoo that represented your work, what would it be and why?

I already have the first cover of my self-published book tattooed on my right calf. The one on my left calf is of a lion bowed down before a burning rose. This is my interpretation of love and also represents two characters in book I have yet to polish. He is called the lion and she is known as the fire rose later in the book.

If you were to try BDSM for the first time, would you be a dom/domme or a submissive and why?

I have to think I would be the submissive because the idea of being tied up and tormented intrigues me.

We’ve all heard the stories about celebrities being stalked, or worse. What’s your biggest fear about being in the public eye (now or in the future) and why?

I think obviously when you write erotic romance, some people get the impression that you are what you write. I have had people suggest to me that my husband and I must have a hot, steamy sex life, and they have tried to get me to elaborate. Just because I write it, doesn’t mean my private life is open for discussion. I also had a man stalking me on Facebook and begging me for naked pictures of myself. It was irritating as hell and I ended up blocking him.

Which 60’s to 80’s cultural craze would you be more inclined to re-visit today —- Experimenting with LSD, Disco, or the Urban Cowboy phase — and why?

Honestly I would like to go way farther back into the time of the renaissance. I’m into the chivalry and I think the time was romantic.

Which of your character’s names would be best suited for a porn star, and why?

Looking quickly through my notes, I have quite a few of these because I prefer unusual names. Satin Marris because she sounds like a silky woman, Mirra Shade because it sounds like an alias for a woman who’s dark and mysterious, and Andras Diseur, I think it sounds sexy and also worldly.

What’s something in your daily life that makes you sad, and happy, and why?

I have the prefect answer to that. My husband’s son and his two children are currently staying with us. He’s a great young man and the grandchildren are adorable. It’s just that our house is too small to have three more people living in it, and when they’re home it’s a mixed blessing and curse. It can get to be a bit much at times.

Which popular phrase best defines your writing and why —- “Do Unto Others as they do unto you”, “Kill ’em all and let God sort them out”, or “Why can’t we all just get along.” (If you have a better phrase, feel free to use it.)

If you have no knowledge of the subject matter, better to keep your mouth shut and look stupid, than to open your mouth and prove it.

Melania Trump would undoubtedly be the sexiest first lady we’ve ever had (If he wins the Presidency). Until then, who gets your vote for the hottest first lady in US History, and why?

Nancy Reagan. She took some really beautiful photos in fairly sexual poses over the years. I admit that Jacqueline Kennedy was also sexy, but Nancy seemed more down to earth about her beauty.

In your opinion, what would be the unsexiest animal for a ‘Shifter’ character to turn into, and why?

An orangutan. They are just not sexy creatures. Funny maybe, and I’d even give them dangerous, but the long arms and oddly egg shaped body just doesn’t strike me as sexy.

Have you ever read a sex scene in an erotic novel and said to yourself – WTF? (Explain w/o divulging the book or writer.)

Yes I can think of a certain character in a book who was played off as overly naive and virginal. I’m sorry but, if set in a current time as the book was, with the internet and knowing what my grandchildren already know about sex, no way a woman could be that innocent and unknowledgeable.

What’s the oddest physical/mental attribute you’ve given to one of your characters, and why?

I would have to say Aria, the main character in the Lurid Power series. She progresses to a point where she had long, honey blonde and purple hair with long curled ringlets of jet black. She also has purple and turquoise eyes. The main characters with power also have a line of jewels down the front of their bodies to match the strength of their power. Aria has sixteen that change throughout the books.

Office Sex, Rooftop Sex, or Haunted House Sex — which one would you rather do, and why?

Rooftop sex. It would have to be a warm night with a sky full of stars or warm and raining. That would be amazing. Of course as a child I lived in the country and we had a partial flat roof where we would climb up and have picnics on summer nights.

Tell us what’s the hottest outfit in your closet – from head to feet?

It’s a sheer black lace robe with dragons on it that clings in all the right places. It has little ruffled crotch less panties to match. My hair is light brown and goes down to the crack in my ass so it hangs shimmering against the black lace. I never wear shoes in the house so my feet would be bear with my toenails painted purple.



Now, Here’s Just a Few Examples Of Kat’s Erotica ~~~~


Kat Barrett 12   Her Saviors From Sloth  (Wild Angels 6)

SYNOPSIS —  Patsy Melon was raised with human values that reject the teachings of the Archangels who gave her kind the gift of feline shifters. Can her two saviors change her heart in time to save her?  Patsy takes advantage of a charity motorcycle run to submit a resume to Gaz for a job. Her parents have rejected the values of the national race and she thinks the seven sins are a lie. But Patsy is suffering from every kind of spiritual and sexual sloth. When the Archangels release their wrath on the non-believers, she has two weeks to either change her values or die.

Trina’s father, Sadalphon Deleron, wants to move closer to his daughter in South Carolina and attends the event. He is a firm believer in the values the nationals were given to live by, and he is smitten with Patsy.

Barachiel Shag is Gaz’s lead foreman and also Sadalphon’s lover. He too finds Patsy attractive and longs to bring a female into their bi-sexual relationship.

Will Patsy let down her guard to accept the two men into her life? Can they save Patsy from her own heart as the archangels play tricks on her to make her into a believer?

That and many other questions shall be asked and possibly answered in this continuing saga of those who have been given the mandate of protecting nature in exchange for the ability to shift into any feline they choose.

ONE CLICK —  http://www.extasybooks.com/her-saviors-from-sloth/


Kat Barrett 13   Devotion of the Twin Alphas

SYNOPSIS — Just after midnight on her twenty-fifth birthday, Royal discovers her entire life has been an arranged lie. She’s not human. She’s something else entirely. To make things worse, she is then kidnapped by the very parents who deserted her as a child and taken to a strange new land. Strange, albeit full of exotic, beautiful men she can’t help but be curious about.

Twin alphas Tavian and Taran have been trained on one very special, intimate mission: they shall hold the honor of becoming Royal’s mates. With no guarantee of her acceptance, the two vow to show her just how wonderful and pleasing their life together could be. Once she arrives, the twins, with help from Macon, a male servant chosen solely to please her, sense her innate attraction to them and do everything they can to help Royal transition.

Unfortunately, things quickly take a dangerous turn. Her birth parents are poisoned and she is called upon to take her place as the ruling Alpha female of the Jaon, a noble kinship of jaguar and lion shifters. It is an honor but also puts her in harm’s way of those who seek to challenge and steal her birthright.

The twins and Macon pledge their loyalty and protection, but when the current alpha male tries to claim Royal for himself, she must fight not only to stay alive, but for the three devoted men she wants. Will Royal survive to embrace this new destiny? Only time will tell.

ONE CLICK —  http://www.evernightpublishing.com/devotion-of-the-twin-alphas-by-kat-barrett/


Kat Barrett 3   The Magic of Sex  (Lurid Power 6)

SYNOPSIS —   The concept of her newly found immortality is causing Aria to have nightmares where she is a bloodthirsty vampire.

When her son Canasa expresses fears that shadows are watching him during the moon, she is concerned. Canasa also warns her that the shadows are seeking her out, but cannot harm her if she stays away. She asks Jace to go into Canasa’s room to observe as she watches through his mind.

The shadows appear and Aria recognizes them. They are the inhabitants that she dreams of killing in her nightmares. In a panic to protect her son and face off with her demons, she pushes Jace and Canasa from the room and stands steadfast before her tormentors.

In the blink of an eye, Aria finds herself trapped in a white sterile chamber with no foreseeable escape.

Walkey has spent his entire life sealed within the chambers of this castle. His goal in life is to keep Aria happy so that her life energy will strengthen the power of their planet. His body has become acclimated to the environment that Aria needs, and he can no more leave then she can.

As Jace, Laniar and Canasa try to figure out how to save her, Aria is forming a plan of her own. Will Walkey help her, or will she be trapped on Porthin forever?

ONE CLICK —  http://www.amazon.com/Magic-Sex-Lurid-Power-Book-ebook/dp/B0161X449W/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1459287810&sr=1-1&keywords=The+Magic+Of+Sex+Kat+Barrett



Ready To Find Out More About Kat!?  Here Ya Go ~~~~

Website: http://www.tazariansaga.com/erotic-romance.html

Email: Fantam@tazariansaga.com

eXtasybooks: http://www.extasybooks.com/?route=product/author&author_id=1041

Bookstrand: http://www.bookstrand.com/kat-barrett


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KatBarrettEroticRomance/

Evernight: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/kat-barrett/


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