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Today’s Blog Post Features Meg Amor, a Talented Writer of Erotica and One of the 45 featured Authors in Damn, That’s Hot Erotica 5 !!!

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Now, Check Out My Erotically Charged Q&A With Meg ~~~~

What’s your pick for the most sensuous food combination?

Oooh, that’s a tough one. Anything that has a butter, cream and alcohol base is always sensuous to me. Licking up every bit of that sauce… Hmmm, hmmm. I’ve been known to nearly stab a server with a fork when they have nearly taken away a plate too soon with a good, rich sauce on it. Velvety crème brulees. Raspberries and freshly whipped cream. Rich, creamy soups that are like molten gold going down for the taste buds. Yummm.

Have you ever included a handicapped character in your writing? If so, what book, the character’s name, and were they sexually involved in the novel.

It depends what you mean by ‘handicapped.’ I often have deaf characters in my work. In Chi, which will be out this year, Charlie is partially deaf in a past life scene. Hawaiian Orchid has a deaf young adult, who we’ll see a lot more of inside my new Hawaiian Fragrance coming out this year. He’s Zane Andrews and he is profoundly deaf but a dancer. He and Danny, one of my other characters from Orchid start to form an attraction toward each other. And yes, they will be sexually involved.

If you were to get a tattoo that represented your work, what would it be and why?

The words Amor Vincet Omnia. ~ It means love conquers all. And I do believe deeply in love and relationships. It’s really what my whole life is about on some many levels. I was even lucky enough to marry someone with the last name Amor. It’s my real name. Talk about perfect.

Have you ever learned anything new from an erotic book and used it on your significant other? If so, explain?

I don’t think so. LOL. Although, I don’t think I’ve had sex in a car wash yet.

Which 60’s to 80’s cultural craze would you be more inclined to re-visit today —- Experimenting with LSD, Disco, or the Urban Cowboy phase — and why?

Disco!! I was a disco queen in my day. I knew all the dance moves. It was fabulous. I LOVE to dance. Vinyl pants, jackets, flares… Platforms… what a blast.

What’s something in your daily life that makes you sad, and happy, and why?

I just wrote a whole blog about this. Probably easier to go and read it. I’m part of a thing called “The Little Things That Make Me Happy.” I think my number one thing that makes me happy and smile every day is my fur child, Leo Ray Jr. who is twenty this year and still very robust. He has a series of moves to watch me up and open the door but his favorite one is sitting a furry finger up my nose. It’s the oddest sensation and I sit up immediately. LOL. I like all his facial expressions. He pouts, looks shitty, looks questioning, he’s got a big range. I love that

Which popular phrase best defines your writing and why —- “Do unto Others as they do unto you”, “Kill ’em all and let God sort them out”, or “Why can’t we all just get along.” (If you have a better phrase, feel free to use it.)

Um… not sure I could put mine into a phrase. Maybe, the old Chinese saying I live by: “Everyone lives a thousand lives, but only one life to remember ~ Will this be yours?”

Or:A life half lived, is a life lived in fear.

Melania Trump would undoubtedly be the sexiest first lady we’ve ever had (If he wins the Presidency). Until then, who gets your vote for the hottest first lady in US History, and why?

Michelle Obama. I think she’s gorgeous! Sexy, stylish, hip and happening. I really think she’s fabulous. Nothing dowdy or prissy about her. Beautiful eyes and face. And you can see she’s fun and is interested in lots of things.

What’s the oddest physical/mental attribute you’ve given to one of your characters, and why?

I don’t think they’re odd attributes but other people might. A lot of my characters have their ‘sight’ well developed. Charlie is a clairaudient and hears information, as well as sees it. Isadora is also a seer. Mattie gets mental flashes of scenes and information from spirit. I think it’s important to be able to tune into spirit and our own intuition to get the knowledge we need that makes life easier. So I want my characters to have access to that world as well.

Office Sex, Rooftop Sex, or Haunted House Sex — which one would you rather do, and why?

Rooftop Sex… outside, under the stars, in the cool fresh air. Wonderful.



Now, Check Out Meg’s Exotically Erotic Novels ~~~~



SYNOPSIS — Beau Toyama, biplane pilot and flight instructor on the Big Island of Hawai’i has only been out for a year. His last relationship with a man was a disaster. When he meets Matt Quintal, who’s visiting his sister, he’s stunned by the instant attraction to him. But Beau’s afraid to ask for what he needs in a relationship; his anger frightens him. The “mixed plate” Hawaiian/Japanese/Tahitian man works on being Zen calm but Matt brings all his emotions to the surface. It uncovers a devastating secret from his childhood and deep shame that needs healing.

Matt Quintal, New Zealand painter has been living the wild gay life in LA. After one more night of soulless mechanical sex where his body is engaged but his emotions aren’t—he knows he needs a change. His sister wants him to come to Hawai’i for a visit; another big rock in the middle of the Pacific doesn’t seem like a solution but he has to do something. When he flies with Beau in his biplane, he feels a strong pull toward both man and plane that he can neither explain nor deny.

Matt’s a New Zealander, they’re encouraged to be tough, rugged and durable. He is, but he’s emotionally a wreck, afraid to show his emotions, so he’s surprised when Beau encourages him to be all of himself. Has he finally found the freedom to be the man he wants to be? The heat between the two men is like watching Pele let her hair down, releasing her hot, molten lava. Will the gorgeous Hawaiian with his long silky black hair and soulful brown eyes finally convince the gypsy nature in Matt to put down roots in another island culture?

ONE CLICK — Amazon:

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SYNOPSIS —  Kulani is “The Orchid,” a young, insecure, pro-surfer who comes from a rough background on the Big Island of Hawai’i. He’s Beau Toyama’s cousin from Hawaiian Lei. But he’s also a healer and has a heart as deep as the ocean he’s part of. Like the great Hawaiians, who have gone before him, warrior Kulani Mahikoa epitomizes the spirit of aloha and love. Kulani’s not only healing his own wounds, but “The Lost Boys”—young, homeless, abandoned and abused gay boys he’s taken under his wing.

Rob Masterson is a wounded psychologist who’s trying to come to terms with his husband Tony’s death. When he died, they were separated but still living together. Can the lone and lonely New Zealand widower reconcile all the pieces of guilt and love, to heal and fall in love again? When he drops anchor in Kona Harbor and meets the exotic islander—young, bolshie Kulani—explosive heat makes sparks fly between them.

Is the age difference between them a barrier or something they’ll get past? Kulani has more layers than Rob ever bargained for. And Rob’s tangled knot of responsibility, grief and guilt with his New Zealand heritage and past life is something he needs to untangle.

Two wounded men have to learn to trust and love one another. Traveling between the South Sea Islands of beautiful New Zealand and the exotic Hawaiian Islands—they forge a sea change, finding a home for their shrapnel laced souls.

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SYNOPSIS —  New Orleans, city of soul, home to Henry and Isolde, the first in the Troika Trilogy series. A coming of age romance, and heartfelt love story. Three souls reach across more than one lifetime to rekindle a deep and passionate love between them.

Henry Bovary, an older black musician and house restorer feels his life is nearing its end—until he takes on the restoration of a big old Grande dame of a house in the New Orleans Garden District. What he’s not counting on, is walking in the door and falling in love with the much younger, exuberant Izzy. She touches his arm and part of him that has been missing his whole life is plugged back into the life-force, and clicks into being. In his fantasies, he whisks her away to a life with him, but crashes back to earth with the realization he’s her employee, an old man, and a black man in the South for God’s sake.

Izzy Buchanan is a passionate, outspoken, New Zealander, with wild red curls to match her personality but she’s also lonely and isolated in her life. Some mysterious force draws Izzy to New Orleans, though, and the house. Despite the house being gutted and a hardware stores wet dream, she knows it’s right when she walks in the door. What she doesn’t bargain for is the instance connection to Henry when he turns up to inspect it—it’s as if she already knows him.

Their friendship turns into a steamy, passionate relationship that astounds them both. Henry’s life goes from fifty shades of beige to a rainbow of textures, sights and sounds, but most of all— feelings he’s allowed to have. As their love grows, and inhibitions die, Henry comes into his sexuality for the first time in his life. Their deep friendship, love and breathtaking romance revitalizes Henry’s old bones. But will he be able to keep up with this achingly beautiful, younger woman?

Their growing relationship exposes family secrets. When Henry suffers an emotional crisis, a surprising World War Two lifetime memory resurfaces. It reveals Henry and Izzy’s intense connection to Henry’s best friend, Charlie Laralde, another musician from a wealthy Creole family. Charlie’s gorgeous and charming but he’s lost the ability to be vulnerable, and a connected lover with someone. He guards his heart, carrying deep wounds from a relationship that ended in tragedy. The only person he trusts is Henry.

But when Izzy comes into their lives, an old heart and soul connection between them all brings surprising desires to the surface. How does Charlie fit into their lives? It’s complicated…

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I’ve always believed in love and romance. I write deep, sensual, romance stories about heartfelt connections and deep soul relationships. Passionate sex, as well as the character’s inner workings—their vulnerabilities, emotions, and thoughts—are what make a love story exciting and real. I love to write sensual, erotic romance, with committed poly, and gay male/male relationships.

When I was eleven, I hand-wrote and “published” my first book about my parent’s separation. Constantly told as a child I had a vivid and (over) active imagination, the dawn of the computer era meant I could now take dictation at speed from the interesting characters galloping around my head.

I grew up in New Zealand, and temporarily live in California with my American fur child Leo Ray Jr., the Ginger Ninja. But my heart and soul are split between my American home state of Hawai’i in Kona on the Big Island, and the sultry, steamy Southern city of New Orleans. Nearly all my books are set in Hawai’i or New Orleans, along with snatches of New Zealand for good luck.

I’m a bohemian and gypsy at heart, and love to travel all over the world. One of my great loves are open cockpit biplanes and the gentle waft into the air from a grass strip. Given a choice, I’d eat out most nights. Fine dining, French, Fusion, Afghani, and Burmese food are some of my all-time favorites. But my fav junk food is New Zealand fish and chips cooked in pure fat. Never one to do things by halves, I believe in the motto “Amor Vincet Omnia”—Love Conquers All.


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