E.G. Weeks — Featured Author in Damn, That’s Hot Erotica 5


Today’s Blog Post Features E.G. Weeks, a Talented Writer of Erotica and One of the 45 featured Authors in Damn, That’s Hot Erotica 5 !!!

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Now, Take a Long, Hard Peek at My Q&A With E.G. ~~~~

How long have you been a published author and what’s your main goal for the future?

I’m coming up on my second year anniversary of my first published book! My future goals include writing more books, writing as a mainstream author and having my books come alive on screen! Woohoo!

What’s your pick for the most sensuous food combination?

Hands down, it’s chunks of sweet, juicy fruit and yummy liquor!

If you were to get a tattoo that represented your work, what would it be and why?

I’ve thought of getting a tattoo before…a clock with no hands representing timelessness, agelessness.

What professional ‘Mainstream’ author would you like to see go full Erotica in a novel and why?

My all-time favorite, Danielle Steel! Her books are steamy enough that adding detailed sex scenes would make her novels so much more delicious.

Have you ever learned anything new from an erotic book and used it on your significant other. If so, explain?

I’ve picked up a couple of tricks here and there as it pertains to oral sex. ‘Nuff said! Oh, yes, it was very well received and appreciated too!

If you were to see a couple arguing to the point of violence, what would you do, and why?

I don’t condone any kind of violence so I’d call the authorities then I would start videotaping and try to get them to stop.

If you were to try BDSM for the first time, would you be a dom/domme or a submissive and why?

Submissive for sure! I wouldn’t have the knowledge or patience to be a true domme.

We’ve all heard the stories about celebrities being stalked, or worse. What’s your biggest fear about being in the public eye (now or in the future) and why?

I’d be very nervous about my privacy being compromised or my family being put in harm’s way.

What’s something in your daily life that makes you sad, and happy, and why?

My children, nieces and grandson make me happy. My finances make me sad. Ha!

Which popular phrase best defines your writing and why —- “Do Unto Others as they do unto you”, “Kill ’em all and let God sort them out”, or “Why can’t we all just get along.” (If you have a better phrase, feel free to use it.)

The phrase that speaks to me and always has is from the Bible. 1 Corinthians 4-7 is the whole verse but for the sake of space I’ll say that verse 4 is my absolute favorite. Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 

In your opinion, what would be the unsexiest animal for a ‘Shifter’ character to turn into, and why?

An unsexy animal could be a goat or any kind of rodent because eww.

What’s the oddest physical/mental attribute you’ve given to one of your characters, and why?

I made one of my male leads a narcissist. He is based on a real person I know who just loves himself and everything he does just a little too much, so…

Office Sex, Rooftop Sex, or Haunted House Sex — which one would you rather do, and why?

Oh, definitely getting my sexy on on a rooftop! It must be the exhibitionist in me!

Tell us what’s the hottest outfit in your closet – from head to feet?

I just love my crotchless fishnet body-stocking in black. Black velvet collar with a heart pendant. Black stilettos. Blood-red lipstick. Rawr!!



Now, Here’s a Few of E.G. Milf-Tastic Books ~~~~

EG Weeks 2


SYNOPSIS —  After returning home from her harrowing experiences in Negril, Jamaica, Tatiana settles back into her summer routine of writing, deep self-reflection and long evenings with Shonn. It is a time for relaxing with both new and old friends and Tatiana must finally make her choice between the men who hold her heart. Who will she choose? The muscular, world traveling, hella-fine, sweetheart from her college days; or, the gorgeous, hunky alpha male who can do unimaginable things to her body and her mind without ever touching her. And what of her protector, her voice of reason; he promised he would always be there for her. Will he keep that promise?
Find out how Rodney, Quan and Shonn move forward in their lives based on the chances, the choices, and the charms of our beautiful diva, Tatiana.

ONE CLICK —  http://www.amazon.com/Tatianas-Charms-Tatiana-E-G-Weeks-ebook/dp/B011PCC6S0/




SYNOPSIS —  Now that the Christmas holidays are here Khloe has the opportunity to have some serious discussions with her mother about her relationship with Paul, spend time with family and friends, and observe the holiday traditions when her entire family returns home to be with each other for Christmas. They also reveal a secret Paul has been keeping, which will rock Khloe to her very core.

ONE CLICK —  http://www.amazon.com/Moving-Home-Where-Left-Off-ebook/dp/B019AOKFBU/


EG Woods 9


SYNOPSIS —  When girlfriends get together for “girl talk” you know it’s going to be good and you also never know who’s listening!

ONE CLICK — 99 CENTS — http://www.amazon.com/Girl-Talk-E-G-Weeks-ebook/dp/B019SFRUVE/




Want to Find Out More About E.G.!!??  Here Ya Go ~~~~~

Web page http://authoregweeks.wix.com/egweeks

FB Author https://www.facebook.com/authoregweeks

FB blog https://www.facebook.com/adropowater

FB Street Team https://www.facebook.com/groups/thecourgarslairstreetteam/

Twitter www.twitter.com/authoregweeks

Instagram @authoregweeks

Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/egweeks

Amazon Author Page https://amazon.com/author/egweeks

Quotes Rain http://www.quotesrain.com/page/authoregweeks/

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