Serena Akeroyd — Featured Author in Damn, That’s Hot Erotica 5


Today’s Blog Post Features Serena Akeroyd, a Talented Writer of Erotica and One of the 45 featured Authors in Damn, That’s Hot Erotica 5 !!!

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Now, Check Out My Q&A Session With Serena ~~~~

Serena, how long have you been a published author and what’s your main goal for the future?

I’ve been published in one form or another for around eight years, but I first self-published in 2013 and earned my very first contract with a publisher (Siren BookStrand) in 2014.  It’s incredible how quickly time has passed. I seem to live from book release to book release, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Anyway, my main goal has to be the addition of some initials to my book-sleeves. 😀 I’d love to be able to put NYT Bestselling Author on my bio.

What’s your pick for the most sensuous food combination?

I’m an oddity. I don’t relate food to sensuality. I know, I know, strange! TBH, I love my food but when I eat a good meal, a really good one, the last thing I want is sex. Haha. I need a nap!

Have you ever included a handicapped character in your writing? If so, what book, the character’s name, and were they sexually involved in the novel.

Nate is the hero in MARINA, he’s also Marina’s lover, Sir, and the foreman of her ranch. Nate was a director of documentaries, which is where he lost his arm…a firefight he was documenting between Somali pirates and the Navy.   The most important part of Nate was to represent that he was no less of a man for his disability. Though that might be taken as read, at least to me, I know some people are funny about disabilities and tbh, I don’t like that. I don’t judge, but I wanted to show that Nate was sexy as hell, and the perfect man to tame Marina.

If you were to get a tattoo that represented your work, what would it be and why?

If I knew of a tattoo that could represent my work, I would never-ever have it inked onto my skin. Haha. The last thing I need is to be a walking, talking, human Kama Sutra. 😉

Have you ever learned anything new from an erotic book and used it on your significant other. If so, explain?

OMG, of course! Not just from books I’ve read, but from the research I’ve done as well. It’s not all about writing and editing and corrections, you know. 😉

If you were to see a couple arguing to the point of violence, what would you do, and why?
I’ll consider myself fortunate in that I’ve never seen such a sight. If I did, I’m not certain what I’d do. I fear I might be tempted to stay out of it, but at the same time, violence is abhorrent to me. I think I’d call for security or tell them I’d called the police (even if I hadn’t) just to make them stop.

If you were to try BDSM for the first time, would you be a dom/domme or a submissive and why?

Oof, toughie. I’m not entirely sure, actually. I think if I was to classify myself as anything, it would be as a switch.

We’ve all heard the stories about celebrities being stalked, or worse. What’s your biggest fear about being in the public eye (now or in the future) and why?

I like my anonymity, relative though it may be. I work under a pen name and while my picture does float about, I would never wish for the infamy of E L James, for example. With prestige and fame, popularity too, there is always a chance of being in the public eye, but I’m one of those peculiar writers who would prefer to stay out of the limelight and just be left alone with my craft.

In your opinion, what would be the unsexiest animal for a ‘Shifter’ character to turn into, and why?

Haha, would have to be either a sloth or a skunk. The latter needs no explanation…who the frick finds the scent of skunk sexy? And sloths, though cute, are just so ugly lol.

Have you ever read a sex scene in an erotic novel and said to yourself – WTF? (Explain w/o divulging the book or writer.)

Yes, I’ve read many. I love sex scenes in books, so long as they’re not gratuitous and unnecessary. Give me three scorching hot ones than twenty mediocre ‘ins and outs’. I definitely prefer quality over quantity.   The one I have in mind dealt with… tbh, I stopped reading after this part, but the ‘milking of female breasts’. I swear the whole thing came out of nowhere. It wasn’t in the synopsis, there was no warning. All of a sudden things were being attached here and there and milk was being expressed ><. Yes, I was a little freaked. It obviously floats someone’s boat, just not mine.

What’s the oddest physical/mental attribute you’ve given to one of your characters, and why?

Probably agoraphobia to Alex Ivanov in MENAGE MATERIAL. Not that it’s an odd phobia, but it was interesting to write. He’d been abused as a child and sought shelter in his own haven. Trying to get him out of the house was a task for the heroine of the novel, Devvy.   I knew I’d done a good job when I read it back and really felt for him. I could connect. I always want that, for my readers to connect with the characters. I find that more satisfying than anything else.

Office Sex, Rooftop Sex, or Haunted House Sex — which one would you rather do, and why?

Office sex. Cor blimey. On a desk, under it… yum.  (ED NOTE — Cor Blimey — God Blind Me.)



Now, Take a Peek at a Few of Serena’s Books ~~~~

Serena Akeroyd 12


SYNOPSIS —  Destined to lead a powerful yet lonely life, Julia Tenneson exists in a misery only a fellow Pride female can understand. When she learns her human best friend, Lia Drummond, is in fact a half-breed and related to the most eminent family in the US Pride, Julia’s emotionally-stunted life tilts one-eighty. Grayson McKinnon exists in the half-world only a Pride male can understand. Powerless, disrespected at every turn, and without purpose, Gray both dreads the day he meets his mate and longs for it. When eco-warrior Julia appears on his radar, any dread is replaced with the need to make her irrevocably his. But their mating has repercussions on a grander scale, for it triggers an investigation into the suspected murder of Grayson’s uncle and Lia Drummond’s father, Archie McKinnon. Julia’s unique powers and contacts are game-changers, but is her fragile mate bond with Gray strong enough to survive the earthquake currently shaking the US Pride to its core…?



Serena Akeroyd 4


SYNOPSIS —   With a covert deployment beckoning, Luke Gray is certain death is near. The sandbox has been kind to him in the past, but sure his luck has run out, Luke starts to pull away from his nearest and dearest–lovers, Josh and Gia.

As a brigadier general, Josh isn’t at home as much as he’d like, and living in an unusual relationship makes his baby girl ripe for bullying. Coming face to face with prejudice is nothing new, but having to deal with his sins being visited upon his daughter is another thing entirely.

Hiding the fact she’s a bestselling gay romance author from her lovers makes life a little unusual for Gia, but she’s living a dream–she’s the stuffing in a bisexual relationship between two of the strongest men she’s ever known.

When news of Luke’s deployment breaks, when the aftermath of her daughter’s bullying hits home, all Gia can do is regroup and protect the unorthodox family she’s helped to create. In this case, a glass slipper won’t work any magic, but a gold ring holds promises Luke desperately needs. Will a wedding save their small unit or will it be the tipping point?



Serena Akeroyd 1


SYNOPSIS —   When Lyssa discovers her fiancé’s idea of à la carte dining is munching on Dima Vasin, his bodyguard, she’s more pissed off at the fact she has to share him than the life-altering discovery Vampyres and Lykaens truly exist. Niko and Dima have been seeking their mate ever since the war between their races came to an end two centuries ago. Now Lyssa’s in their arms, all they’re focused on is making her accept her role in their lives, and the honeymoon in Maui. But Fate has other plans.

The Fomor, an evil race of Celts, are at war with mankind. A war no one but the Gods, the Sidhe, and the malevolent creatures are even aware of! Banished to the depths of the oceans, the Fomor have sought their freedom for millennia. With every escapee from their icy prison, humanity is tarnished a little more, the evil in man’s nature exploited for the worse.

The sins of mankind and the destruction of the planet fall on the Fomor’s shoulders, and it’s up to the Gods’ foot soldiers, the Lykaens and Vampyres, to save Earth and its residents before crisis strikes. But the clock is ticking, and for Lyssa, Dima, and Niko, it might just be too little, too late…






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