Kat Barrett — Featured Author For Damn, That’s Hot Erotica 4


Damn, That’s Hot Erotica 4 event on Facebook has already started and, to make it more personal, I’m conducting a Raunchy Q&A Session with every participating author. In these blog posts you’ll learn about the writers, their naughty offerings, and read their responses to offbeat questions that display their wit, outrageousness, and the sexy imagination that befits a person who deals with the steamier side of Literature.

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Today’s Writer is Kat Barrett !!!

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Kat Barrett lives in her small Connecticut home with her husband of many years. She spends much of her time in artistic pursuits, writing or doing artwork.
Kat is involved with Basenji rescue, but loves all animals. She tries to help out whenever she can. Her dogs Taz, Ashle, and Chipper although gone now, will always hold a place in her heart.
She is grateful for her family, friends, and her fans, and wishes to thank them all for their support. You can find more information about Kat and her books on her website.
Please check out her webpage, http://www.tazariansaga.com


THE  Q & A

Which one of your fictional characters would you like to do the nasty with?

KB —Any and all of them. I write sexy men that I would love to do anything with. Some of them have been daydreams, others created themselves as the story progressed.

What was your first Erotica book and what was the Toughest thing about writing it?

KB — It was called Twist and I had to do some research into BDSM. It was fun research, but there was so much information to sort though and then figure out exactly what I wanted to use in the book.

Who’s your most exciting character and who would play them in the movie?

KB — Keir Bastion from the Lurid Power Series. If I had to pick an actor for him it would be Kit Harrington from Game Of Thrones. He has the perfect look and hair for Keir. Keir is also sweet and sensitive as well as completely committed to his life, his healing gift, and Aria.

In 20 Years You’ll be ______?

KB — I’m thinking I might actually be dead. The option of being alive twenty years from now is unfortunately not really all that enticing. I would love to think that I’ll be a 70+cougar, but my knees remind me to be realistic and be careful what I might wish for.

Which Naughty Historical/Literary Person/Character would you most like to have dinner with?

KB — The vampire Lestat, or more aptly, the Vampire Armand. Antonio Banderas was so hot in that movie. I love him in the book also. Armand was really sexy and mysterious. He was also really kinky.

A Great Erotica Novel Must Have what Three Things?

KB — Noble, intelligent, well-spoken leading characters that have human insecurities. Hot, Hot sex and a memorable, thought provoking theme that keeps you engaged and wanting to read more to find out what happens.

Which are the most interesting characters in a book – Heroes/Heroines or Villains and why?

KB — I think the heroes and or heroines are usually the most interesting because the story revolves around them. They are the point that the villain would be worthless without. Of course, at times, the villain is the one who keeps things exciting.

Give a shout-out to your most valued Fan, Helper, or Mentor and why?

KB — I would have to say my husband and close friends who sit and listen attentively about new cover, new book ideas and things I’m writing. I can’t pin down just one person.

Who’s Your Favorite Porn Star and Why?

Ron Jeremy. He always really seemed to be enjoying himself in whatever scene he was cast in.

What Genre of Erotica are you most hesitant to write about and why?

KB — I don’t think I am hesitant to try writing anything. I have a vivid imagination and what I can’t imagine I can search out on the internet. I have not yet gotten into gay lit, but I have done bi-sexual and in the future, who knows.

What is the least favorite word you’ve seen in Erotica and why?

KB — I can’t think of one. My biggest pet peeve was the overuse of the words “Oh my,” in 50 Shades of Grey. It drove me crazy.

Who was your first erotica novel dedicated to and why?

KB — My husband and two friends who really encouraged me to find a publisher and stop writing strictly for my own amusement.

Have you ever incorporated humor into a sex scene and, if not, would you be willing to try it?

KB — I do it all the time. Sex can be serious, but shouldn’t be that way all the time. I like to write books that are filled with a variety of emotions. If I catch myself laughing or even tearing up in a re-read I figure I wrote good stuff. Off the top of my head there are quite a few funny sex bits in the Wild Angels series.

What couple gets your vote for having the sexiest love scene in a movie and why?

KB — Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in the movie ghost during the scene with the clay. I thought it was a really intense scene filled with romance and understated erotica.

On an average day you would most likely be wearing cotton panties, a thong, or going commando?

KB — Women’s bikini undies, usually in black or wild colors.

What medieval torture method would you love to use on a confirmed Facebook Troll?

KB — The metal coffin with the sharp metal spikes in it.






Ever Wilson is mourning the tragic death of her parents. Her boyfriend has walked out on her, and she had been left alone with no family to rely on. She is also secretly dealing with the changes in her body after being bitten by a werewolf named Carmen. Carmen, however, was killed before explaining to her what she would become. Ever meets Mick Sten and finds herself under his tender holistic touch. When Mick flies down to help his father in Texas, Ever gets the flu. It is Mick’s twin brother Kris who comes to her rescue. Kris nurses her back to health, and Ever finds that she cares about the two men equally. She also discovers that they are werewolves, and that she is in danger because she now possesses Carmen’s genes. When identical triplet Liam comes home from France, Ever finds herself entangled in the center of their family pack.



Kat Barrett 7


The concept of her newly found immortality is causing Aria to have nightmares where she is a bloodthirsty vampire.

When her son Canasa expresses fears that shadows are watching him during the moon, she is concerned. Canasa also warns her that the shadows are seeking her out, but cannot harm her if she stays away. She asks Jace to go into Canasa’s room to observe as she watches through his mind.

The shadows appear and Aria recognizes them. They are the inhabitants that she dreams of killing in her nightmares. In a panic to protect her son and face off with her demons, she pushes Jace and Canasa from the room and stands steadfast before her tormentors.

In the blink of an eye, Aria finds herself trapped in a white sterile chamber with no foreseeable escape.

Walkey has spent his entire life sealed within the chambers of this castle. His goal in life is to keep Aria happy so that her life energy will strengthen the power of their planet. His body has become acclimated to the environment that Aria needs, and he can no more leave then she can.

As Jace, Laniar and Canasa try to figure out how to save her, Aria is forming a plan of her own. Will Walkey help her, or will she be trapped on Porthin forever?



Kat barrett 3


Four days after her husband’s funeral, Faire Caris is a woman tortured by grief, and the decisions she must make for the future of herself and her two twenty year old children. Depressed and considering suicide, she is stunned when a lover from her past appears at her door. Jeygo offers her an escape from her life, and in her desperation, Faire unwittingly agrees.

Jeygo is an alter-breed of human known as Neoasta. He is strong hunter whose life was forever altered by the sudden death of his first mate and their unborn child. In his impatience to claim Faire as his mate, after waiting twenty years, he bites her and turns her into one of his kind.

This decision has consequences that even he didn’t consider, and it throws Faire further into turmoil.

Now in an altered body, can Faire come to terms with her new life in a community of shifters? Can Faire accept Jeygo’s overwhelming love, and the admiring advances of his twin brothers, despite all the emotions of guilt in her heart, to fulfill her destiny?


Kat Barrett 1


Years after her husband’s death, Mirra Shade lives alone in her motor home. She is living close to her son and his three children, but at night, the loneliness of an empty bed plagues her.

Mirra has a thing for bad boys, but has found no one who could capture her interest enough to bother going on a date with him.

When a toy hauler pulls into the space beside her, Mirra finds herself compellingly attracted to the owner.

Ramiel is a long haired biker with a captivating smile who has spent the last year of his life honoring his late wife’s wishes. It seems the two have a promising attraction to one another, but secrets from his life leave them both caught in a string of mishaps that threaten to end things before they even have a chance to begin.



Amazon— http://www.amazon.com/Kat-Barrett/e/B00J8ZT2M0/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1

Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/kata.barrett?fref=ts


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