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We’re gearing up for the Damn, That’s Hot Erotica 4 event on Facebook from January 11th to the 17th with this series of Provocative Interviews with every participating author. In these blog posts you’ll learn about the writers, their naughty offerings, and read their responses to offbeat questions that display their wit, outrageousness, and the sexy imagination that befits a person who deals with the steamier side of Literature.

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Today’s Featured Writer is Angel Rose !!!!

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Born and raised in NYC, Angel Rose resides in Upstate, NY, where she lives with her husband and two children.

She loves to sing, dance, draw and write; sometimes all at the same time! *smiling*
This is her first book as a published author. Her passion is writing stories about broken characters, who fall in love, are fighting inner demons, and sometimes they have a happy ending, and sometimes…they don’t.

She loves spending time with her boys and family. She loves nature, minus the pesky bugs.

She enjoys a beautiful sunrise and sunset, chocolate ice cream with chocolate sprinkles, chicken fajitas and a nice, ice cold beer.

She wears her heart on her sleeve and will help anyone in need. She’s a true Pisces at heart. She loves a good book, a soft pillow, and a throw blanket to snuggle up with.

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THE  Q & A

Which one of your fictional characters would you like to do the nasty with?

Michael, definitely. He’s a gorgeous criminal defense lawyer with a hidden agenda. We don’t know too much about him in the beginning and what he gives us…we don’t like. So not liking him, makes me want to do him more.

What was your first Erotica book and what was the Toughest thing about writing it?

This is my first series as an author – period. At first, I didn’t know if I fell under the erotic author category. I just published my first book in August and my last book will be published in December. I didn’t want to get too raunchy writing my first series. I didn’t use the words, cock, dick, pussy or anything like that. I just used the most descriptive words I could — like sex, flesh, etc. I already got the crooked look from some family members and yet, others applauded me.

Who’s your most exciting character and who would play them in the movie?

The most exciting character in my series has to be Dave. Alec Baldwin would be the perfect actor to play him in a movie. He’s crazy on and off screen!

Fill in the blank — Leather __whip___ : Gold ____cuffs______ : Silver ____beads.

In 20 Years You’ll be _____?

I’ll either be still writing or writing screenplays for movies. I want to explore other genres as well so I’m hoping to expand my horizons. I would also like to travel around the world and explore new places.

What is the least favorite word you’ve seen in Erotica and why?

Cunt. The word cunt just sounds like the dirtiest, most filthiest word you can call someone or a woman’s private parts. My Vagina is worth so much more than that.

Who was your first erotica novel dedicated to and why?

My entire family including my kids! LOL! I was just excited to write a book! I didn’t care what it was about. I just knew that, whether it sank or swam, I published it.

And of course, my husband! We definitely live out our fantasies together. Well, not every fantasy, but he definitely takes me to heaven and brings my ass back down to Earth.

What Tame Literary Classic would you love to turn into a Hot Piece of Erotica?

Wuthering Heights! Heathcliff really needed to get a piece of ass in this movie and Kathy was definitely too uptight, she needed some cock to loosen her up!

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Angel Rose 8


Loving Heart will be released very soon. Please follow Angel Rose on Amazon and get an e-mail when it’s ready to read !!!

Angel Rose 2


Jenesis made her CHOICE. She chose them BOTH.
Her LIFE was the way she thought it should be. It wasn’t perfect but, she was happy. She never doubted their love. She never questioned their trust, until…She saw the CHANGE.
Now the choice was no longer hers. She was torn by her love. She was torn by her emotions. She was in too deep and she knew the truth, and she knew…the truth would never SET HER FREE.
Jenesis’ life would change forever in a way…she never expected.  Who could she turn to? Will she escape unscathed? Or will she suffer an unspeakable betrayal at the hands of the man she once loved?


Angel Rose 1


This is a story that will grip your heart and leave you wondering what will happen next to Jenesis Heart.
Jenesis has been tormented all of her life by her father, the monster underneath her bed. She has nightmares every night and lives her life consumed by her memories. She’s never been intimate with a man. She trusts no one. She’s never known true love.

The only person she’s ever loved was her mother and when tragedy strikes, she decides to pick up and leave the memories that have tortured her soul behind.

Arriving in NYC, Jenesis believes she’ll start a new life without tragedy and loss. She meets David Hearns, a Captain of the Detective Unit and works side by side with him after he offers her a job. He’s taken a liking to her as the daughter he’s never had. He cares for her and loves her like a father should.

Then, First love comes fast for Jenesis when she meets gorgeous criminal defense lawyer, Michael Hunter. He’s everything any woman would want and HE wants her. She falls hard for him. Love’s him like no other. He’s her HEAVEN ON EARTH.


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