Damn, That’s Hot Erotica 4 Featured Author —Ashley Malkin



We’re gearing up for the Damn, That’s Hot Erotica 4 event on Facebook from January 11th to the 17th with this series of Provocative Interviews with every participating author. In these blog posts you’ll learn about the writers, their naughty offerings, and read their responses to offbeat questions that display their wit, outrageousness, and the sexy imagination that befits a person who deals with the steamier side of Literature.

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Today’s Featured Writer is Ashley Malkin !!!

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ashley malkin avatarHi, My name is Ashley Malkin and I love books. I love books that cross many popular genres. Romance, Mysteries, Thrillers, Spies, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Sci-fi and all things Paranormal.

I write romantic paranormal erotic fiction for Siren Bookstrand and love the happy ever afters that are a must there. Life should always have a HEA, but it doesn’t, so that’s why I write.

I was born in England, but have spent most of my life in Australia. I love to travel and have been lucky enough to travel extensively over the past ten years. I love visiting England, and most trips away include time there. I have lived in Venice for a period and it is a beautiful and unique city that I feel I will never tire of going back to time and again.

My love of books led me to writing and I have made some wonderful friends since starting down that path. I hope everyone who reads my books feels better about life afterwards. That they have feel they have escaped into a world that is rich in the love and acceptance that I have strived to create there.


Which one of your characters would you like to do the nasty with?

This is hard, because when I write each book I’m a little in love with all of my men.  If I had to have just one?…… No can’t do it. Okay…I’ll try,

I would have a short list, but can’t narrow it down to one. Finn, from Melanie because he’s a huge Alpha and would love me forever. Calder from Peata, because he’s a bad-ass who would love me forever. Gabriel from Jordanna because he’s a yummy hunk of male and would love me forever. Aiden from A Thousand Years Dead because he’s an insanely hot vampire and would love me forever…….need I go on?

What was the Toughest Thing About Writing Your First Erotica Book?

My first erotica was Melanie, A paranormal menage story. The thing I found the hardest was making all four men seem involved while keeping the sex physically possible but still erotic.  I wanted them all to be emotionally involved as well as enjoy the sex. As they were all brothers I had to keep the physical contact between the men to a minimum and not have it seem voyueristic.


Have you Ever Incorporated humor into a sex scene?

I have, and it was appropriate at the time as a way to de-stress the characters and go from a tense situation to a loving one. I have a lot of suspense in my books so the heroine is usually in danger from a human or a supernatural. I found humor was a great way to get the characters to blow off some steam and heat up the sheets.

What Medieval Torture Method would You Use on a Facebook Troll?

I think something slow and painful. Like tying them prostate over an upturned bucket that contains a rat. The bucket has a hole small enough for the rat to get through and it eats its way to freedom through the person’s abdomen. Too gruesome??? Let them troll me then.

What Tame Literary Classic would You Turn Into Hot Erotica?


Easy one, Pride and Prejudice. I just loved all the sexual tension in the book. Jane and Mr Bingley would have torn each others clothes off and never even made it to the bed once they were alone. Mr Darcy and Elizabeth were so hot for each other that they probably escaped through the reception and did the deed in the stables.


On An Average Day You Would Be Wearing Cotton Panties, a Thong, or Going Commando?

Cotton panties- but they are low riders and in fluorescent colors. I love fun colored panties.


Who is Your Most Exciting Character and Who Would Play Them in a Movie?


Aiden St John- the vampire we meet in Jordanna. I loved him so much that the entire Pine Falls Series was written because of him. He is strong, sexy, honorable, sexy, fast, sexy, hot and sexy. He loves deeply and is not jaded that he had to search for a thousand years for his mate.

I think it’s a toss up between Channing Tatum and Scott Eastwood to play him in the movie. But if I get only one choice… Channing Tatum.

What Genre of Erotica Are You Most hesitant to Write About?

BDSM, because it has been done so badly that I’m afraid to muck it up as well. I think only people living the lifestyle would really be able to nuance the finer points and do their form of loving justice.

Do You Have a Mentor or a Valued Helper You’d Like To Give a Shout-Out to?

This one is easy. Heidi Rundle is a star. She is so loving and supportive, always there to help out with anything from plot lines to advertizing. She truly enjoys books and her joy of reading is infectious. Across all genres she’s equally enthusiastic. Thank you Heidi for being such an all round wonderful person. The world is a nicer place for me because I have you in my life.

Which Are More Interesting — Heroines, Heroes or Villains?

I think the heroes. Being a woman, it’s easier to make the heroine’s feelings and reactions real, but the heroes? They’re difficult. I have to try hard to imagine the individual men involved in the menage, their differing personalities and how they would react in a given situation. That’s harder. To make them strong males with feelings of their own, but not feminine. I love writing villains. Male or female I just think evil thoughts and write away.



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Brayden Walsh is a wolf shifter, and has spent the last fifty years trying to bring his brothers, Josh and Shane, back to humanity after they all suffered a horrific childhood trauma. When their mate, Abbie Lake, is brought to Pine Falls having been freed from the evil vampire, Selwyn Graves, he realizes his brothers must finally decide to fight for their own lives. Abbie Munroe was taken from her home and held captive at the hands of brutal vampires for over a month due to her wolf-hybrid genetics. Rescue from imprisonment brings her the joy of discovering her mates and the pain of never being able to claim them. As the mates fight to find a way to love each other, evil threatens the whole pride as Selwyn Graves comes to claim his precious hybrids. Can the pride use all of the supernatural powers at their disposal to forever free their mates from evil?


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Cougar shifter Gabriel Prentiss is working as a paramedic when he finds his mate, Jordanna Morland, after she’s mauled by a wolf. A wolf she witnessed kill after shifting from his human form. Calling his family for help in protecting his mate, Gabriel is shocked to find Jordanna is also mate to his brothers and cousin. Jordanna’s attack proves life altering. Not just because she is introduced to the existence of shifters, but because her attack has left her blind. Her mates battle to get her to accept that her blindness doesn’t lessen their love, and to keep her safe from the continued threats from the wolf. The entire pride is then put at risk when the wolves decide to kill them all to get to Jordanna. Ultimately, the strength and honour of the pride brings them a new ally who may help them to save Jordanna when the Alpha wolf finally succeeds in taking her from her mates.


Ashley Malkin 2


Aiden O’Connell has waited a thousand years for his mate and her discovery is both a joy and a revelation. She brings with her a secret that threatens the entire vampire race. Kaitlyn Winters leaves home to embark on a new career, but what it brings her is the frightening reality that vampires exist. Escaping them barely alive, she finds she must learn to trust another vampire as he claims she is his mate. Mountain lion shifter Sean Marland answers a call for help, only to have his world explode when he finds his mate and learns he is to share her with a creature he never dreamed existed. As the three of them grow to accept their differences and fall in love, they find that Kaitlyn’s secret not only puts her at risk from her attackers, but makes her a target for all vampires.


Ashley Malkin 1


Caleb Mabry is Alpha of his mixed pride of shifters in Pine Falls. He is a mountain lion shifter who has always used brute strength to win his battles. When he and his brothers, Prescott and Lachlan, find their chosen mate, Meg O’Brien, they are angered by her refusal to even talk to them. Anger turns to fury when she rejects them. Meg can’t accept her mates while a stalker threatens death to anyone who touches her. She runs away to save them, only for her stalker to nearly kill her and her sister, Lexie. Her mates rescue Meg and Lexie and discover her stalker is a creature with heavenly origins and a soul of pure evil. To free Meg from the danger that follows her back to Pine Falls the pride ends up relying on a new and dangerous friend, who brings them protection and strength. Caleb must use his cunning, not his strength, to finally save his mate.







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