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We’re gearing up for the Damn, That’s Hot Erotica 4 event on Facebook from January 11th to the 17th with this series of Provocative Interviews with every participating author. In these blog posts you’ll learn about the writers, their naughty offerings, and read their responses to offbeat questions that display their wit, outrageousness, and the sexy imagination that befits a person who deals with the steamier side of Literature.

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Olive Hiscock is a nerdy girl with a pen, a notepad and a dirty, dirty mind! She’s a purveyor of smutty sexy stories of hot alpha men, the odd cute girl and more hot guys. The more the merrier in fact. Her stories always end happily. After all, what’s better than a happy ending… or three.

Olive also writes sweet and sexy erotic romance as Ann Grech.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

By day Ann Grech lives in the corporate world and can be found sitting behind a desk typing away at reports and papers or lecturing to a room full of students. With her quirky glasses and shiny leather briefcase, she has the librarian look nailed. All laced up tight in her pencil skirts and killer heels, her students can only fantasize about what she gets up to in her spare time. If only they could see those tattoos! Oh, and those notepads of story ideas tucked away in odd places that would be sure to have them fanning themselves!

By night she’s a wife and mum and a purveyor of saucy stories that are filled with lust, raunchy scenes and ultimately love. Ann’s an avid reader of anything sexy and firmly believes in the motto ‘leave mummy alone, she’s reading or writing.’ Because of that, she is pretty hopeless when it comes to getting dinner on the table on time or cleaning the house.


Which one of your fictional characters would you like to do the nasty with?

Well, that’s an easy one – all of them. At the same time! Jos from One night in Daytona is an alpha that gets off on dirty talk. He’s a master at it. I love that. Timmy from Ink’d is a natural dom. He’s not really into whips and chains but wants a girl to submit to him because she wants to, because she feels like he’s her dominant. That gets me off too. Declan and Ollie from A Christmas Wish Come True, well they’re two of my faves. Both are passionate and caring, have a few secrets to hide and they look like Charlie Hunnam and David Beckham. How could you go wrong? Oh, and they’re into each other – that’s just yummy. Reef and Ford are my two latest boys. The first installment of their story is nearly complete and I’m hot for these two too.

Now my stories under Olive Hiscock are a whole other ball game. Let me paint you a picture – college footballers and ranchers who love to get naked and get off on each other. Gay and bi. My idea of porn I could watch all day every day.

What was your first Erotica book and what was the Toughest thing about writing it?

The first erotica book I wrote was ‘Poppin’ His Cherry With The Football Team.’ There were two hard things about writing it. The first was getting the body positioning right – making sure I didn’t have an extra arm, leg or cock. With six hotties at once, there was plenty to go around. The hardest thing about writing it was persuading my partner to stop for a mid-afternoon delight. Yeah, I didn’t think you’d believe that either. He was easy to convince, especially when a bj was offered.

Fill in the blanks — Leather____ cuffs : Gold___ jewelry : Silver___ ben wa balls

In 20 Years You’ll be ____?

I’ll be lying on a beach somewhere where there is a football team or two – or maybe a hockey team – doing summer training, while I enjoy the arm candy. Obviously, they have to enjoy each other too, because it wouldn’t be fun if they were all straight. Given that I stopped aging a couple of years ago, I’ll be able to enjoy the nighttime entertainment too. At nights there will be dancing half naked under the moonlight, drinking, a lot of sex and generally having a blast.

A Great Erotica Novel Must Have what Three Things?

I don’t think it matters whether we’re talking novels or short stories here. For me, I need a plot that’s going to keep me turning pages. There has to be hot sex and lots of it. I want naked bodies writhing (preferably more than two), I want dramatic settings – islands, nightclubs, sex clubs, hotel stairways, places where there’s a little danger of getting caught (or maybe a lot!). I want to feel like I’m part of the action. Descriptions need to be in the moment to allow me to close my eyes and picture myself in the fray. AND THEY CAN’T BE CLOSED DOOR! I want to know everything. For me, sex is an important part of character development and relationship building, so I want to know everything that happens.

Which are the most interesting characters in a book – Heroes/Heroines or Villains and why?

Ooooh, it depends! I’m an avid MM fan so I would automatically say heroes over heroines, but I love the girls I write about. They always seem to have the same characteristics – feisty, demanding and strong. Hopefully that says something about my personality too! But villains can be so much fun. I love me a bad boy so give me some of those too.

What Genre of Erotica are you most hesitant to write about and why?

That’s easy – paranormal. Don’t read it, don’t write it. Have to admit, I’m not a fan of hairy backs so the idea of werewolves does nothing for me 😉 And I’m good watching vampire movies, but not reading/writing about them.

What is the least favorite word you’ve seen in Erotica and why?

*shudders* there are so many – moist, feminine lips, member… I’m getting turned off and that isn’t a good thing!

Who was Your First Erotica Book Dedicated to, and Why?

As a general rule, I don’t dedicate my erotica books but my erotic romance are always dedicated to my family – M, B and J. My hubby is amazing, supports me no matter what, even when he cops it from bigoted homophobic people because his wife writes gay gang bang erotica. And my kids, well they don’t complain when breakfast or dinner is late, when I’m distracted or freaking out because I have a self-imposed deadline that I haven’t met yet. Usually I get hugs instead. So they’re pretty cool too!

Have you ever incorporated humor into a sex scene and, if not, would you be willing to try it?

Oh hell yes! Like I said before, sex builds relationships so you need to have fun doing it. It’s not all about getting to the finish line. You gotta have fun doing it. Laughing is sometimes exactly what the characters need to enjoy the moment the most.

What couple gets your vote for having the sexiest love scene in a movie and why?

I barely watch tv / movies and most of the time, the ones I do watch are action flicks (usually superheroes) which hubby has on. So sexiest love scene… no idea. Is that weird? Probably!

Where is one place you would never consider having sex at and why?

Anywhere I can get ant bites / bee stings on my ass (or any other part of me). It’s not sexy when you’re allergic to them.

On an average day you would most likely be wearing cotton panties, a thong, or going commando?

I wear thongs every day, but not the ones you’re thinking of (the feet ones! Yes, I’m Aussie, hence the British spelling of some words). I don’t do cotton panties. I love lace and satin so my underwear is all cute g-strings and boy legs.

What medieval torture method would you love to use on a confirmed Facebook Troll?

Hanging, drawing and quartering immediately springs to mind!


Ann Grech 7


Jackson’s first week at Randall Ranch has been sweet torture. The cause? The four other sweat slicked cowboys.

Now that it’s Friday, Jackson plans to let loose. Beer and card games with the boys was not what he had in mind, but poker takes on a new meaning when Jackson gets a welcome he’s not likely to forget.


Ann Grech 3


Six footballers. One shower. Who will drop the soap?

Meet Jamie Walters. He’s a hot 19 year old college footballer and he’s gay. But he still hasn’t had his cherry popped. His ultimate fantasy is Jude, his teammate. But Jamie might get even luckier than he imagined.


Ann Grech 5.jpg


Two footballers and their audience. Oh, and one super-hot transit cop. The subway will never be the same again after Jamie and Jude rock those carriages.


Ann Grech 2


With her fine arts degree achieved, Chloe Hollyoak begins her dream job in her hometown as a tattoo apprentice. Life is sweet, until the unimaginable happens, leaving Chloe and her two sisters alone and devastated.  In her loss, life spirals out of control, made even worse when she’s then pursued by Blade, a biker intent on owning Chloe. Running scared and with nowhere to turn, Timmy, the tall, dark and freaking perfect stranger rescues her.

Protective, possessive and dominant, Timmy tries to resist the much younger Chloe. But Timmy is fighting his own demons.

Can they navigate their way through the storm to find calm waters, or will past secrets, Blade or Timmy’s own insecurities destroy their chances?

Author’s note: Ink’d is part one of a three part series. Each book may be read as a standalone and in any order, however, to get the most out of the series it is best to read them in order. Please note that certain themes cross all three books and are not resolved until later books in the series.



Ann Grech 1


Jos Farris was on top of the world, leading the Daytona 500 until a simple mistake ended his race and possibly his career. Cassie Lane’s day had gone to hell; on national television her star whistle-blower backed out of the story that would have made her career, making Cassie look utterly incompetent.

But Jos’ day suddenly looks up when the red-headed beauty sits down next to him in a biker bar in Daytona Beach, Florida. Cassie can’t resist the chemistry between the two of them. And she’s not the only one. The sparks sizzle as soon as they touch, but is their love affair fated to a one-night stand or will destiny bring them together again?




Ann Grech’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ann-Grech/458420227655212

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Insta: https://www.instagram.com/anngrechauthor/

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