Damn, That’s Hot Erotica 4 Featured Author — JD Welsch



We’re gearing up for the Damn, That’s Hot Erotica 4 event on Facebook from January 11th to the 17th with this series of Provocative Interviews with every participating author. In these blog posts you’ll learn about the writers, their naughty offerings, and read their responses to offbeat questions that display their wit, outrageousness, and the sexy imagination that befits a person who deals with the steamier side of Literature.

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Today’s Featured Author is JD Welsch !!!

JD Welsch

JD Welsch Pic  J D WELSCH


     I am a writer who believes in the empowerment of women through erotica. A woman does not need to be degraded during any written sex act, and should always show a positive, strong will, no matter what situation she is given during a story. Should she give in to or surrender her resolve in a story then it will be on her terms and without capitulation of her dignity. While women will perform taboo acts of sex or have said acts performed on them during story lines, it is the hope of this author that it be done in a tasteful manner and not degrading. Women’s souls are spiritual, powerful, mystic deep wells that can either provide you with life’s water or drown you in their vast depths. A woman enjoying sex, be it with another woman, a man, or any combination and/or number of the aforementioned; is a beautiful and powerful muse to write about. I have my muse, Veronica.


Which one of your fictional characters would you like to do the nasty with?

JD — I would say that there are two of my fictional characters with whom I could do the nasty with. I would drop my panties in a heartbeat for either Mitch and/or Veronica; though I would prefer to have a threesome with them. After all they represent my thoughts and inflections of the perfect man and female. Thinking about this just made me a little wet as I hadn’t given thought to this since writing Babylon’s Daughters. Writing the sex in that book was easy as I placed myself mentally in the bedroom with them. Those were a hot few days for me, and not just because of the summer here in Arizona. I enjoyed telling that story and presenting strong minded women who knew what they wanted and their focus to get it. I also liked that they were in control of their sexual satisfaction and outspoken in their needs as they used Mitch for his body. (I hope I avoided a spoiler alert with that ambiguous answer. 😉 )

What was your first Erotica book and what was the Toughest thing about writing it?

JD — My first venture into erotic writing was “About Last Night” and that stemmed from dirty stories between the sheets with my now fiancé. (Yep, it’s out now. I am recently engaged. We were waiting for the holidays to announce so this will be old news by the time it is published.) He always put me to shame when we would trade dirty stories while doing the nasty. That man has a silver tongue in more than one way. LOL  Anyways, I was tired of being put on the spot so I wrote sexually hot things down and it progressed from there. He enjoyed my new sexy stories so much that he prodded me to write a book and develop my fictional characters. The hardest thing was getting my image of how I saw the sex happening to my fingers, so they could tap the keyboard descriptively enough to get my visualization across.

Who’s your most exciting character and who would play them in the movie?

JD — My most exciting character to this point is, Veronica Aisling Finn from the series “The Chronicles of V”; I love her. While there is so much of myself in her persona and the way she looks at life we differ as she is much more of a badass then I am. So I see a fiery, passionate, not over the top hot but definitely a smoky, sultry, woman to play her in a movie. Maybe Felicity Jones or Monica (I hope to look this good at 50) Bellucci. I might have just contradicted myself, ‘cause both those women are extremely hot.

In 20 Years You’ll be ______?

JD — Twenty years from now I will still be happily married and even more in love with my guy. I will be retired early having sold the movie rights to my books, and my husband and I will travel the world. I will enjoy my new freedom of writing though I’m not sure I will still be writing erotica. My husband and I will enjoy a summer home in Steamboat, Colorado or Lake Tahoe, Nevada and we will spend our winters here in Arizona or the Mexican Riviera. There will be several grandchildren to spoil and then send home to their parents. When the time comes to look back over my past I will take pleasure from a well lived life, full of happiness, love, family and friends.

Which Naughty Historical/Literary Person/Character would you most like to have dinner with?

JD — This is a tough question. I guess Ben Franklin? I have heard he was quite a ladies man in his time, and I wonder what that was about. It would be interesting to see if he would hit on me and if his pickup lines are as old and lame as guys today. Perhaps he even started a few I’ve heard. 😉

A Great Erotica Novel Must Have what Three Things?

    1. Believable raw hot sex
    2. Flawed characters that readers can identify with
    3. Tragedy, an obstacle to overcome or sorrow. We all love a train wreck; it makes us feel better about our own lives.

Which are the most interesting characters in a book – Heroes/Heroines or Villains and why?

JD — I think both heroes and villains have their interesting attributes. I love reading and writing both of them into stories. Although if you put a gun to my head and forced me to choose I would have to go with a villain. I think they appeal to my dark side and I love living vicariously through them.

Give a shout-out to your most valued Fan, Helper, or Mentor and why?

JD — Author DeWayne Twitchell gets my shout out. He has given me great guidance, support and honesty in his reviews of my work. I cherish his 4 star reviews of my writing because they are real and not an automatic 5 star review. This is my first venture into writing and I know I earned those stars not because of my pretty face, but rather the content of my stories. I have sought him out periodically as a sounding board and I truly value his advice. Though he does not write in the erotic genre (maybe this is why I trust his opinion) he has taken the time to read my entire body of work thus far. Also, if you have not read him yet I would like to recommend his first novel “Asian Haze”.

Who’s Your Favorite Porn Star and Why?

JD — Honestly I do not have one as I prefer to watch amateur homemade porn videos. I’m drawn to the genuine pure emotions that are shown in these videos. I also love the appeal of the stripped down, raw carnal act sans the cinematic lighting, camera angles and dubbed voice audio (fake moans) and porn music tracks. You know when a woman is getting fucked well, there is no faking it on her face, in her body language or her guttural moans of pleasure that fill the room.

What Genre of Erotica are you most hesitant to write about and why?

JD — If I’m understanding this correctly you are asking about a sub-genre of erotica I would be hesitant to write. So having said that as my caveat I would say my absolute taboo in erotic writing would be anything involving incest. Consensual or not I feel it to be morally wrong and I would never write in that genre. To clarify that would be blood or half relations and not step-relations through a marriage.

What is your favorite ‘Banned’ book and why? What is your favorite ‘Banned’ book and why?

JD — The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger.   I first read “The Catcher in the Rye”, when I was 19. It wasn’t required reading in school, but I had heard so much about it, I felt a need to understand the story and its meaning. Holden Caulfield is the ultimate anti-hero. He is searching for honestly amongst a world full of perceived “phonies” and hypocrites. The only person in which he can find this much needed honesty is his little sister, Phoebe. Everyone else has let him down.

As a young author I was confused and frustrated with my place in the world, clinging to my idealism as it slipped through my fingers. So in a way, I related to Holden more than I would have liked. Thankfully now I can look back on that time, and feel a certain amount of contentment knowing that I managed to find a way to remain true to myself while eventually adapting to an adult world.

What is the least favorite word you’ve seen in Erotica and why?

JD — Growl or growling dialog while having sex. I don’t get the descriptive use of this word to describe a sound made during sex. To me there a guttural moans, screams of ecstasy, purring in the throes of passion, cooing in a lovers’ ear or a lone exhale of a weighted breath carrying my lover’s name. I can even understand a Tony the Tiger “Grrr” to show a playful stamp of approval of a lover’s sexual caress. What I’m trying to say is, I’m never growling my lover’s name or for that matter a full sentence while fucking so I don’t find it believable. If I were to use growl or growling as a descriptive term it would be to deliver angry or combative dialog in a story. Maybe it’s just me? I’m sorry if someone is reading this and has used it as a descriptive deliverance of dialog in a sex scene they have written. My intentions were not to offend or place your writing on a different level than mine. This is clearly a “me thing” as I have a hang up on the use of this word in erotica.

Who was your first erotica novel dedicated to and why?

JD — I dedicated my first book to my then boyfriend now fiancé. He believed in me and pushed me to do something I didn’t think I could do. He is always supportive of me and has given the confidence to be able to go through life taking on new challenges without fear. There is not a word in my following dedication that I do not regret.

Dedication:  This work is dedicated to my soulmate. You are the true inspiration to me in my life. You have given me happiness and have shown me true unconditional love that I never knew possible in a relationship. Not only are you my best friend, lover and confidant; you are also my lifeblood and driving force and without you I am nothing.

Have you ever incorporated humor into a sex scene and, if not, would you be willing to try it?

JD — I have not used humor in a sex scene; while I’m not opposed to it, it hasn’t been an option in my writing yet. I think when it happens it will be in my erotic series “The Chronicles of V” as I could easily see that emotion transpiring between Veronica and Mitch. Humor in the bedroom is a natural emotion, and I love when my guy makes me laugh with his corniness and jokes. Often times before foreplay we lay cuddling while we talk and laugh, and I view those as some of our most cherished moments spent together.

What couple gets your vote for having the sexiest love scene in a movie and why?

JD — And the sexiest love scene goes to… Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman in “Eyes Wide Shut” because of their real life relationship brought onto the silver screen; it made for very believable sex. Although, Ryan Gosling & Michelle Williams in “Blue Valentine” run a close second for me. I loved the raw chemistry between them in such a tragic love. I have to admit I always get a little wet watching Ryan Gosling pull down Michelle Williams’ underwear for the oral sex scene.

Where is one place you would never consider having sex at and why?

JD — Public Restroom. I don’t care if it is a Four Seasons or a local dive bar; there is no way you would ever find me getting it on in one. I have mild germ issues.

On an average day you would most likely be wearing cotton panties, a thong, or going commando?

  • Corporate 9-5 M-F me = cotton panties
  • Date Night = V thong / lace panties (crotchless if he’s been good) / commando (If he has been a doll)
  • Weekends are for Jeans or Yoga Pants = cotton panties / commando

What medieval torture method would you love to use on a confirmed Facebook Troll?

JD — Hot irons to the eyes? Not sure if that was a thing, but that would stop them from reporting what they don’t like to see. 😉

What Tame Literary Classic would you love to turn into a Hot Piece of Erotica?

JD — Wuthering Heights. I have always loved that tragic love story. It breaks my heart every time I read it. Maybe an erotic rewrite would do it justice.



JD Welsch 1


Meet Veronica Aisling Finn, a sultry, fiery, passionate, licentious Irish/American woman, and follow her as she learns about herself, love, life, sex and relationships in this rousing new erotic romance series! She is a woman who is not afraid to speak her mind, verbally or physically, as she demands respect from her sexual partners and others around her.

A mutual friend sets Veronica up on a blind date that months later transpires into a dinner party invitation. Mitchell Thomas, a profiting local business owner, is celebrating his company’s fifth anniversary with a private, catered, dinner party at his home. Surrounding himself with meaningful people in his life, he looks to celebrate his good fortune with them. Veronica Finn has been on his mind since meeting her five months ago. Mitch seizes the opportunity to see her again, with an invite to be his date for this special evening. Veronica arrives to find a beautiful home and a doting dinner date that just might not be all that he seems to be, as his checkered past presents hurdles in their budding relationship.


JD Welsch 2


Veronica and her female band mates prepare for the band’s debut with a dress rehearsal at her loft. Her new boy toy Mitch is introduced to the band and quickly discovers that these girls aren’t shy about what they want or what they desire. Unexpectedly, Veronica finds that answering to her lust and cravings might just lead to more than a broken guitar string.


JD Welsch 3


Mitch Thomas books a three day vacation in Cabo San Lucas, MX for Veronica’s birthday. By day they enjoy ocean front views, tropical drinks, and romantic afternoons. By night they are thrown into the local cantina night life filled with uninhibited people on vacation, tequila, cerveza, and drunken choices. Will the couple find more than just sand in their bed?

Clouded judgments, lustful thoughts, old habits and under lying turmoil turn the third book in this series, “Casitas, Cantinas y Playas” into another event filled, erotic, roller coaster of sex, new emotions, and old habits.


JD Welsch 4


Veronica and Mitch try to reconnect after their ill-fated Mexico vacation that tore their relationship apart. New foundations have been laid in the relationship, as they look to forge a stronger bond. Along the way, the couple reveal well kept secrets hidden in their pasts, as they try to resurrect their love from the ashes of infidelity. Best intentions are made on Mitch’s part as he tries to strengthen the bonds of their trust with an extravagant purchase. Will the contents of Mitch’s mysterious box be the quick Band-aid fix to past relationship issues, or will Veronica painfully tear it from the still open wound of betrayal?

Bondage, lust and love, old sexual fantasies, and new sexual experiences turn the fourth book in this series, “Double Down” into another event filled erotic, roller coaster of sex, deep passion and fiery emotions.


2 thoughts on “Damn, That’s Hot Erotica 4 Featured Author — JD Welsch

  1. Trevor Matthews

    JD Ina very short time has become a dear friend. I love how this woman’s mind works it reminds me of another dear woman that was once in my life. JD has class, sass and is one sexy ass woman! Her fiancé is one lucky man!! Bet wishes to her and him and they get ready for the next chapter in their lives together!! You rock Girl!!!💋❤️


    First, let me thank JD for the shout out in the interview. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know her over the last few months, both through her Facebook posts and from reading her work. She is indeed sexy as hell, classy, funny, and sweet. A great combination. And she is going to be successful in the erotic fiction genre because she has the talent, the erotic imagination, and the drive to succeed. Her sex appeal doesn’t hurt, either. I want all her dreams to come true, and I hope to be reading her work into my golden years, which, being at 50 presently, are not far off! lol

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