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We’re gearing up for the Damn, That’s Hot Erotica 4 event on Facebook from January 11th to the 17th with this series of Provocative Interviews with every participating author. In these blog posts you’ll learn about the writers, their naughty offerings, and read their responses to offbeat questions that display their wit, outrageousness, and the sexy imagination that befits a person who deals with the steamier side of Literature.

Reed James Banner 2 REED JAMES


Reed James is a thirty year-old guy living in Tacoma, WA. “I love to write, I find it freeing to immerse myself in a world and tell its stories and then share them with others.” He’s been writing naughty stories since high school, furiously polishing his craft, and finally feels ready to share his fantasies with the world.

“I love writing about women who want to be a little (or a lot) naughty, people expressing their love for each other as physically and kinkily as possible, and women loving other women. Whether it’s a virgin experiencing her/his first time or a long-term couple exploring the bounds of their relationships, it will be a hot, erotic story!”

For his day job Reed drives a para-transit shuttle, helping the disabled and senior citizens get around town. “It can be both a rewarding and stressful job in turns. And sometimes sad.”

So check out his works, the Naughty Wives Series and Seducing Straight Women series and the erotic-supernatural thriller My Fallen Angel.


Which one of your fictional characters would you like to do the nasty with?

RJ — Boy, that’s a tough one. So many hot women I write about. Mary Glassner from The Devil’s Pact. She’s a redheaded goddess. Though Aaliyah from The Battered Lamp is a close second.

What was your first Erotica book?

RJ — The Devil’s Pact Chapter 1: The Barista on sex sites, later rewritten and expanded as the novella The Devil’s Pact Part 1: Slave of Love

Who’s your most exciting character and who would play them in the movie?

RJ — Gunnar from the Mortal Champion. By the end, the guy is leading the attack on the Winter Court of Faerie. Chris Hemsworth to play him.

Fill in the blank — Leather____Choker: Gold___Ring: Silver ___Stars

In 20 Years You’ll Be…

RJ — I’ll be hoping to survive the collapse of western civilization and the inevitable, massive economic collapse as the US, and every other country in the world, racks up their national debt. Until then, I’m going to write.

Which Naughty Historical/Literary Person/Character would you most like to have dinner with?

RJ — Catherine the Great, Tsarina of Russia. I want to know if that horse thing is true (probably not). But, beside the point, she went from being a German Princess of one of the smallest nations of Europe (Germany back then was a collection of dozens of princedoms, bishoprics, and merchant republics loosely allied underneath the Holy Roman Empire, what we think of as Modern Germany only arose in the 1800 hundreds) to ruling the Russian Empire after getting rid of her weak-willed and childish husband.

A Great Erotica Novel Must Have what Three Things?

RJ — Hot, kinky sex of as many varieties as possible, characters having sex that you care about, and a plot that works in the kinky sex to drive forward the narrative.

Which are the most interesting characters in a book – Heroes/Heroines or Villains and why?

RJ — I’ve read stories where the heroes are the most interesting and stories where the villains are. It’s really up to the writer and how he develops them.

Give a shout-out to your most valued Fan, Helper, or Mentor and why?

RJ — When I was writing stories on a free sight, a man called Master Ken educated me greatly on grammar by editing my works and pointing out all the stupid mistakes I was making. There is a marked rise in the quality of my work.

Who’s Your Favorite Porn Star and Why?

RJ — It used to be Jordan Capri for a long time, because of your youthful figure and energetic attitude, but Jeff Milton (yes, that is a woman, Europeans) has this beguiling face. Honorable mentions to Ariel Piperfawn (my favorite redhead), Lola, and Mia Solis.

What Genre of Erotica are you most hesitant to write about and why?

RJ — There are some extreme genres you’ll find on free sex sites: Snuff, Scatology, Torture, Cannibalism, Necrophilia. There is nothing that Amazon will allow me to publish I would have a problem writing.

What is your favorite ‘Banned’ book and why?

RJ — The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (which absolutely shocked me to see it on a list of banned books in America). I am a Fantasy nerd at heart. Under my real name, I write Fantasy and Tolkein was my gateway drug into the genre.

What’s the least favorite word used in Erotica and why?

RJ — Shithole. I do not want to read about someone fucking someone’s shithole.

What couple gets your vote for having the sexiest love scene in a movie and why?

RJ — I don’t think I’ve watched a movie and went damn, hot sex scene. Maybe I’ve watched too much porn as a youngster and movies were just so tame.

Where is one place you would never consider having sex at and why?

RJ — Anywhere public. (Though I love writing about it)

What Tame Literary Classic would you love to turn into a Hot Piece of Erotica?

RJ — Why Classic literature other than the open source? All the ones I read have far too many men to women ratio for that to be attractive to me. The easiest one is Alice and Wonderland or the Wizard of Oz, but those have been done to death. Now the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan is one I could get behind. Lots of bad-ass women, very little sex (considering it spans 14 books) and the main character has three girlfriends (blonde, brunette, and a redhead) and never has one menage with them, let alone all three (all three women are totally best friends and cool with it). It’s ripe with polygamous marriage (among the Aiel), the Sea Folk where their women go topless or even naked out at sea, mixed gender bathing among the Borderlanders (much to the shock of our puritanical main characters), an entire order of female mages (where there is already some implied lesbian “pillow friends” among otherwise heterosexual women), and more.



“I drift from town to town, plucking maiden’s cherries, cuckolding men’s wives, and pocketing their choicest treasures.”

Isthia, a futa thief has her sights set on a new prize, a fist-sized ruby hanging between Princess Contessa’s generous bosom! But Isthia can’t help but plunder the other treasures the newly-married princess possesses. Contessa heaves in delight as Isthia takes her hard with her throbbing, futa passion! But when they’re interrupted, Isthia’s theft is uncovered and she flees into the mountains.

Hiding in a cave, Isthia discovers a startling sight, a sexy, scaly, green dragon that’s hungry for the passion throbbing in Isthia’s pants!



The World of Faerie teeters on the edge of war. Mab, Queen of Air and Darkness, threatens the balance between Summer and Winter. Both courts of the Fey seek the Mortal Champion to win to their cause.

It falls on the slender shoulders of Maeve to find and win the Mortal Champion’s heart. The young Pixie is shocked by Queen Titania’s choice. Doubt in her heart, Maeve heads to the Mortal World. But Queen Mab has sent her own servant to hunt the Mortal Champion and bind him to Winter.

On a small college campus, Gunnar is oblivious to the destiny woven before him.



A young man discovers he is a werewolf!

Connor had no idea he was a werewolf until he woke up. The world felt different. Every woman he meets notices the difference. On his date with his innocent girlfriend Nadra, the moon rises and everything changes. Connor becomes the wolf.

As he prowls the woods, he catches the scent of Savannah, another werewolf. She can’t help but submit to Connor’s throbbing passion! Reverting to their human forms, Connor takes his new werewolf mate hard! Savannah loses her innocence and joins the werewolf’s harem!

Dalia, a succubus, prowls Connor’s college, and she’s not happy to have competition.



Things get hot when roleplay goes wrong!

Frank and Evie had been married for thirteen years, but their sex life has grown stale. Looking to spice things up, Evie suggest they use some roleplay to make things more interesting.

Evie’s always had a fascination with ‘ladies of the night’ and dresses up in her sluttiest outfit and waits on a busy street corner so her husband can pick her up and they can have a little naughty fun together.

They didn’t count on getting caught by a Black cop! Frank learns just how naughty his wife really is as she submits to the cops domination. Evie is willing to do anything to stay out of jail!

This hot, interracial, cuckolding erotica is not for the faint at heart!



Twitter — https://twitter.com/NLPublications

Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/reed.james.9231

Blog — http://blog.naughtyladiespublications.com/wp

Amazon — http://www.amazon.com/Reed-James/e/B00J9JHBGY/


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