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We’re gearing up for the Damn, That’s Hot Erotica 4 event on Facebook from January 11th to the 17th with this series of Provocative Interviews with every participating author. In these blog posts you’ll learn about the writers, their naughty offerings, and read their responses to offbeat questions that display their wit, outrageousness, and the sexy imagination that befits a person who deals with the steamier side of Literature.


Lorraine Loveit Banner 2   LORRAINE LOVEIT


Even though Ms Loveit has a very busy life (wife, mother and secretary) she still manages to devote time to her passion for writing, and of course, reading.

Ms Loveit’s current story came to her in a dream and it just grew from there. It is an erotic relationship theme with bdsm elements. She started writing it just to “get it out of my head.”

Lorraine has many more stories “in her head” just waiting for her to finish her current series. She also intends writing more short erotic stories.

She lives in the south west of Western Australia. When on holidays enjoys camping with her family and two dogs; always making sure she has plenty of reading material and, since she started writing, her laptop is the first thing packed.


Which one of your fictional characters would you like to do the nasty with?
LL — Definitely Jason. Why? Because he only dominates in the bedroom with one of his duties seeing that his sub is “sexually pleasured in every conceivable way”.

What was your first Erotica book and what was the toughest thing about writing it?

LL — The sex scenes. I wanted them erotic enough to whet the reader’s appetite but I didn’t want them to sound too clinical. I hope that I’ve achieved the happy medium I was looking for.

Who’s your most exciting character and who would play them in the movie?

LL — Brendon of course, because he has so many layers and throughout the series more of his personality is revealed. I would have to say I would LOVE to see Ian Somerhalder play Brendon – he has that same brooding look I picture in Brendon plus he has his blue eyes.

In 20 Years You’ll be…… 

LL — I’ll be still writing and as well as erotic romance, I will be writing regency ‘bodice-rippers’ – one of my favourite genres.

Which are the most interesting characters in a book – Heroes/Heroines or Villains and why?
LL — Villains for sure because without them there are no heroes or heroines – it’s just a love story or a story about people’s lives. You can’t even have suspense or mystery novels without villains.

Give a shout-out to your most valued Fan, Helper, or Mentor and why?

LL — I have two – firstly, my PA Anna Burr. She has helped me immensely with getting my name and my work out there. And my beta reader Chelle Thomson, she is awesome. I send her my writing, chapter by chapter and she gives me guidance / encouragement when I need it most.

What’s your least favorite word in most Erotica and why?

LL — Penis. There are soo many other words for it – I’m sure a few have popped into the heads of people who are reading this, am I right or not?

Who was your first erotica novel dedicated to and why?

LL — To my family and those supportive friends who kept me writing. To my family for putting up with me during the whole process and there are a few very special people who have encouraged me along the way.

Have you ever incorporated humor into a sex scene and, if not, would you be willing to try it?

LL — Yes I have – the female is restrained and blindfolded and the male is feeding her various items from each food group – they are all her least favourite foods – like bananas. Here’s an excerpt:

I had opened my mouth and was waiting. “Wider.”

After complying I felt the long rounded object enter my mouth and I almost gagged.

Just take one bite sweetheart.”

But when I had finished he instructed, “Open up… as wide as you can, it’s not going to fit otherwise.” I clamped my mouth shut and shook my head with determination. No way was I not going to eat a whole banana!

I heard his soft chuckle, obviously finding it funny that I was refusing to eat it. “Suzie, please trust me. Open your mouth.” His last three words sounded like an anguished plea and on that basis alone I capitulated.

Mmm.” Then my mouth was full not of banana, but of him.

On an average day you would most likely be wearing a (Women – cotton panties, thong, commando) (Man – boxers, tighty-whiteys, or commando)?

LL — Cotton panties because they are more comfortable, at night sometimes wear satin lace ones.


1ST QTR — START OF PLAY  Lorraine Loveit 3

BOOK ONE — Brendon is an AFL footballer who advertises on the internet for a submissive. Suzie, a secretary at Homicide Squad, is curious and answers his ad.

Theirs is a story plagued with anguish and subjugation, as they each struggle to find themselves; from the thrills of power play to the depths of self-degradation. They are both inexperienced in the roles they play and as this tragic relationship develops, Brendon and Suzie each realise they want more.

FREE ON AMAZON — http://www.amazon.com/Bounce-Down-Quarter-Quarters-Submission-ebook/dp/B00IPY2FU6/ref=la_B00IQ3TRAM_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1450326393&sr=1-4

Lorraine Loveit 1 2ND QTR — PAYING THE PENALTY

BOOK TWO — Brendon is an AFL footballer who advertises on the internet for a submissive. Suzie, a secretary at Homicide Squad, is curious and answers his ad.

With the start of the football season, their relationship is public and Suzie finds herself caught up in the whirlwind of attending games and associated functions, being part of a select group known as wags (wives and girlfriends).

Brendon makes even more demands of her, to prove her total commitment to him. Suzie comes under the notice of Leon Graham, a football fan, who becomes obsessed with her, to the point where Suzie’s police squad become involved.


3RD QTR — HARD BALL  lorraine loveit 4

BOOK THREE — Brendon is an AFL footballer who advertises on the internet for a submissive. Suzie, a secretary at Homicide Squad, is curious and answers his ad.

Despite the arrest of Suzie’s stalker, he continues to be a problem for everyone. To further complicate their relationship, Suzie’s ex-boyfriend is still in the picture, along with a newcomer who has set his sights on her, much to Brendon’s displeasure.

This novel is part of the Playing the Game: 4 Quarters of Submission series.
Please note: Hard Ball does end in a cliff-hanger, but there will be an excerpt from the fourth book “Full Time” included.


Lorraine Loveit 7  4TH QTR — FULL TIME

BOOK FOUR — Brendon is an AFL footballer who advertises on the internet for a submissive. Suzie, a secretary at Homicide Squad, is curious and answers his ad.

Brendon’s jealousy reaches critical level resulting in Suzie walking out on him and into the arms of Jason, her police ex-boyfriend for both emotional support and protection against her stalker who is still making life uncomfortable for her, despite the best efforts of her co-workers at Homicide Squad.

Brendon is desperate to get Suzie back, even promising to treat her better and to curb his jealousy.

Note: This book does end in a cliff hanger but there will be the beginning of the following book included.



BOOK FIVE — Brendon is an AFL footballer who advertises on the internet for a submissive. Suzie, a secretary at Homicide Squad, is curious and answers his ad.

Suzie has left Brendon for the last time, again running straight back to Jason. But this time Jason wants to be more than just a friend – he wants to be her Dom! Time On sees Brendon go to extreme lengths to sway Suzie from being with Jason. In addition, due to the restraining order Leon Graham switches his attention to Suzie’s friend, as another way of reaching her.



BOOK SIX — Brendon is an AFL footballer who advertises on the internet for a submissive. Suzie, a secretary at Homicide Squad, is curious and answers his ad.

Now that Suzie has made her choice will she live happily ever after, or will her nemesis Leon Graham have other ideas? The Answers will be revealed in the final installment of the Paying the Game series.



Facebook :  http://on.fb.me/1FLE3tN

Blog :  https://lorraineloveit.wordpress.com

Twitter :  https://twitter.com/LoveitLorraine

Amazon Author Page : http://www.amazon.com/Lorraine-Loveit/e/B00IQ3TRAM

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