Laurell Emily Grey — How To Write About Sensuous Nymphs and Raging Hormones




Laurell is a stay at home Mom, wife, and good girl but, when she has time for herself, she loves to write sexy paranormal erotic stories! She creates worlds for readers to open up their minds, taking them places where some have only dreamed about. Steamy, hardcore and wickedly delicious stories that will leave the reader panting for more..
Laurell lives in Arkansas with her hubby and their four kids. They are her world and keep her going nonstop. She also loves rock music, knee high boots, mocha, and getting dolled up, even if it means going out to Walmart.

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Now, Read my Exclusive Interview With This Rising Star in The Erotica Genre ~~~


What’s Your Next Release and Which Novel Do You Consider Your Masterpiece?

I am a new author with only two published novels but, so far, I really think The Nymph’s Oath Book Three is my best book to date. This particular one is more darker with a touch of BDSM.

Wine, Liquor, or Beer – Why and Which Brands?

I like beer. Amber Bock and Shiner Bock. I also like Guinness, it’s dark and smooth.

What’s the last Sex-Related Question You Asked Google?

I was researching Eternity collars.They’re locking slave collars, bracelets and accessories. They’re usually associated with the BDSM crowd and feature a variety of unique designs and durable finishes.

What Kind Of Sex Scene Is Hardest For You To Write?

Actually F/F is the hardest for me to write. I think it’s because I lack the experience. But I have written a little bit of it in The Nymph’s Oath Book Two.

Have You Ever Introduced A Virgin To Sex?

I have. Twice.Those Unfortunately, those two secrets are Not for Public consumption. 🙂

Which Sexual Event Do You remember Fondly – First Time, Second Time, or Last Time?

All of the wild times with my husband, especially the ones in public. What a rush. We’re still a couple of freaks, I love it.

Biggest Turn-On / Turn-Off / Both?

The sound of a man moaning turns me on so much. My husband doesn’t usually do this, but the rare times he does, OMG, I melt. My main turn-off however is when he farts. Yes, it’s funny but damn. It kills the mood. LOL

Everybody Cheats – Yes or No – Why?

Sometimes. Humans are not perfect, this life is not perfect. Sadly, it happens.

How Forthcoming Are You at Admitting You’re an Erotica Writer to Strangers?

Oh not much at all. I live here in the south, and my family are overly conservative. So, to protect everyone I keep quiet. I have a pen name for a reason.

You Have One Hour For Sex. In What Increments Do You Split the 60 Minutes Into Foreplay, Actual Sex, and Post-Coital Bonding/Afterglow?

Hell just go with it, set a timer and go to work. Me and my hubby have 4 kids and when you are pushed for time, you can make anything happen. We’d be lucky to have a 60 minute session of foreplay and sex. Giggles.

How Old Were You When You Saw Your First Example of Porn – Tell Us?

Well, I was 12 or so and I swear I accidentally stumbled upon it.

Emily, Thanks for an Interesting Conversation!!
Now, Let’s take a Peek at her Two Published books ~~~



Laurell 1  The Nymph’s Oath (Book One)


SYNOPSIS —  The Nymph’s Oath, curse or blessing?

A yearly ritual where all nymph kind will go into heat, sending their sexual hormones into overdrive, but there’s a catch. If the females are not mated by the time they reach the age of thirty, they die tragically.

For years, Rose has been dreaming the same intimate dream with two men, only to wake up alone. Time is running out for her as the Oath quickly approaches, a death sentence reigning above her head.

Two men on a mission. Trent and Kraven are so close to finding their mate they can almost taste her. But will they be able to claim the woman that they were destined to be mated with?

Or will it all be in vain…







SYNOPSIS —   That damn woman. Zeus, the womanizing Greek God has a peculiar mission up his sleeve. Determined to convince a stubborn headed nymph to rethink her options but he can’t do it alone.
Jade, the high-spirited dancing nymph, finds herself on one hell of an assignment. And with the Oath so powerful, she will find herself locked into a mesmerizing trance as she dances erotically with her dragons.
Walter and Lynn, two of the sexiest bachelors on the island of Mana, and the owners of The Dragon’s Playground, never expected to settle down with a woman. And now that she’s here, the men can already feel their world crumbling down.
But there’s a darkness brewing underneath.
Another plan that’s left to be seen.
The true question is, how far will we allow our minds to expand? Will we open up our minds to see what is beyond the norm. Seeking the pleasures that we were all taught to be wrong.
Are they really wrong…







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