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Imy Santiago studied Criminal Justice and Psychology at Universidad Metropolitana, and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2011. As a Summa cum Laude graduate, she is the recipient of the University President medal for excellence in academic achievement. She lives on Long Island with her daughter. Currently, she spends her days nose-deep in her iPad writing new stories she hopes to publish in the near future. chasing Reese. is her first novel. When she’s not writing, you will find her chasing her family around with a smile, determined to make her dreams come.


Imy Santiago

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Now, read on for my Provocative Q&A Session with Imy.


So, What’s Your Next Release or WIP?

I am currently juggling several WIPs (saving Reese.,We Met on a Train, and King’s Reign). It’s just a matter of which project is completed and edited first. The way things are shaping up, it is safe to say it will be “King’s Reign” which is a Sports Romance with mature elements. I’m really excited about this release, and can’t wait to share it with the world.

Which Novel Do You Consider Your Masterpiece?

I can’t answer this question without resorting to the feedback of both peers and readers. While I only have two published titles available, everyone agrees “chasing Reese. a SAFELIGHT novel vol.1” is my most successful novel to date. It also happens to be my debut novel. It will always hold a sacred place in my heart. I poured so much emotion into that book that I found myself weeping, sighing, laughing, and more often than not “hot”. chasing Reese. taught me so much about life, love, and how to transition a screenplay (SAFELIGHT) into novel format. It paved the way for finding Reese., and all of my subsequent work has been inspired by that first book.

What Kind of Sex Scene is the Hardest for You to Write?

Sex in general, I’m afraid. I can write snappy dialogue and prose until I’m blue in the face, but give me a sex scene and I’m stuck on it for days. I’ve found that if I step away and practice what I see happening in my head it flows easier from thought to fingers on my keyboard.

Wine, Liquor, or Beer – Why and Which Brands?

I’m a beer girl. I had this very (un)fortunate streaking incident when I was twenty one all thanks to Bacardi Limon. Since then I’ve embraced beer which doesn’t release the streaking tendencies. I love dark, bitter beers. My favorite brand is Samuel Adams, and my go-to-beer of choice is Noble Pils. When I’m writing, eighty-five percent of the time I have a brewski beside me on my workstation.

Who’s Your Celebrity Crush/s?

I have a weird obsession with British celebrities. David Gandy, Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Fassbender… The list goes on and on. It’s not the accent that draws my attention, and while they are all men with striking features, I admire them because of their individual talents in the realm of acting. It’s been a life-long dream to meet these Gentlemen of Great Britain. Who knows? Maybe one day I will. *laughs*

Which Writing Related Event Do You remember Fondly?

I always remember the first time I wrote something. It was a poem that was eventually published in the church bulletin (my dad is a pastor). I don’t have many memories of my father ever being proud of me; he is a stern man, but I do recall him smiling when he read my first ever poem. The second time was when my daughter was born, and the third was my daughter’s first day of school. I wept like the world was ending.

Biggest Turn-On / Turn-Off / Both?

I love a man with a sense of humor that encompasses witty sarcasm with belly/piss my panties laughter. To me it isn’t about looks or material things. I love a man who is sure of himself and what he’s capable of. I dislike dishonest people, and to me, that is the biggest turn-off there is.

What’s The Hardest Thing For You While Writing?

I think most writers can relate to this. Leave re-reads, and edits of edits of already edited material behind to focus on the story pouring onto the page. *laughs* I always have to remind myself the story needs to be completed, and there will be ample time to deconstruct and reconstruct the manuscript during the editing phase. I’m a perfectionist, and I made a ton of mistakes, did things out of order with chasing Reese. I always promised myself to improve with each book, and so far, I have. It’s a struggle, though.

Everybody Cheats – Yes or No – Why?

There are cheaters, and there are those who are cheated on. This might make me sound like a goody-two-shoes, but I’ve never cheated in any of my relationships. I have a one-track mind kind of personality I have, however, been cheated on… repeatedly. So yes, I think it’s safe to say that everyone cheats, but not necessarily in relationships alone. If I cheat it’s with food because who can resist chocolate cake when it’s taunting you on the kitchen counter. I’ll go down on it like a thirsty lesbian.

Have You Ever Been in a Situation Where You Contemplated Your Mortality?

Multiple times. I’ve been on the verge of death several times, and I was there when my brother passed away. Death changes a person; for some in a positive, and for others it just triggers destructive behavior. Thankfully I’m still alive, and I’m still breathing. That in itself is a blessing.

How Forthcoming Are You at Admitting You’re an Erotica Writer to Strangers?

I’m not going to lie. I’m shy as hell about it. My father asked me what my books were about, and having the respect that I have for all things religious, I just said it was a love story. I think I’ve been more open about in the past couple of months, but I still blush when asked.

Create a New Curse Word / Erotic Term and It’s Definition.

In chasing Reese. I utilized the word “cuntabulous”. While certain websites define it as: “a woman who possesses a fabulous cunt (vagina),” in my book I redefined it as an insult, in a non-sexual way. To me, cuntabulous is a woman who possesses features that would make her appear fabulous, but her narcissistic and downright catty ways make her a cunt.

Thanks for a lively interview!!!

Now, lets take a Peek at A Few of Her Novels ~~~





BLURB — Loss brings love…
Everything in life is not permanent but it was perfect. Catalina Pardo had a career in journalism most people could only dream of, a hot, sexy fiancé to call her own and a brilliant future ahead of her. When tragedy struck, the life she once knew fell apart. Four years later, traumatized by the events that ultimately changed her existence, Catalina sets herself on a punishing work schedule, preventing herself from facing the demons of her grief-stricken past. Emotionally shut down, she’s alive but not living because everyone she ever loved leaves her.

Fate intervenes in Catalina’s life in the form of a last minute assignment to a snowy mountain lodge in Whistler, B.C. Sent there to cover the life of the infamous Jackson Reese; an Olympic Snowboarding Champion, she is faced with many challenges bringing to surface the raw emotions of her past. Compelled to work alongside Stryder Martynus, an award winning photographer brought in to document the Reese press tour, tensions and denial run high forcing Catalina to accept the past and face the present with zero regrets.



AMAZON: http://getbook.at/chasingReese

B&N: http://bit.ly/1CItWom

iTUNES: http://apple.co/1VaBnwZ

KOBO: http://bit.ly/1O6cCg4





BLURB — Hope Breeds Life…
Sometimes destiny and fate have a weird way of reminding us of our inescapable vulnerability, but more importantly our inexorable humanity. Life is fleeting, and what little time we have left in this world, we must make do with what we have, and cherish those whom we love by our side.

Fresh back from the Jackson Reese Press Tour, sports journalist Catalina Pardo rushes back to British Columbia after receiving unexpected and distressing news. With the help of award winning photographer Stryder Martynus, Catalina is determined to prevent the news of tragedy and heartbreak from governing her life again. 

Together they will embark on a new journey of introspection to overcome the ghosts and raw emotions of their pasts−on a long and unpredictable road full of complicated circumstances−to find healing, hope and salvation.

The smallest of gifts−like a friendship bracelet−have the power to save your life, and unlike fairy tales, happy endings are seldom guaranteed…



AMAZON: http://getbook.at/findingReese

B&N: http://bit.ly/1BDBq8O

iTUNES: http://apple.co/1HDsPpj 

KOBO: http://bit.ly/1V3ZvBu 

TRAILER FOR CHASING REESE — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRizWBL2wJM




Website http://www.imysantiago.com
Facebook @SAFELIGHTauthor
Twitter @legalimy
Google+ ImySantiagolegalimy
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Pinterest @legalimy
email Imy.Santiago@gmail.com

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