Charming Cowboys, Romantic Circles, and The Imagination of Elise Covert


ELISE COVERT    EliseCovert


Elise Covert is the Seattle-based author of steamy romances. She’s also an up-and-coming eroticist who brings action and intrigue to her erotic offerings. When she’s not engulfed in her newest work Elise can be found lurking on Facebook, her Twitter, or at her website,

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Elise Covert is also a Featured Author in the Upcoming Facebook Sexapalooza Event — Damn, That’s Hot Erotica 3. Come by and see Elise and 27 other Writers from October 6th thru the 12th and Prepare for a Naughty Time.

Now, Get Comfortable and take a Gander at my Interview With This Eclectic Author ~~~


Elise, Tell Us About Your Next Release or WIP?

The third book in my Renegades novella series, Paris Renegade, is about to be released, so I guess my work in progress right now is just paying some attention to all of life’s details that I’ve neglected for the past month, things like bathing and eating (just kidding…maybe) Then I’ll be forging ahead with the last book in my Circles series.

Have You Ever Introduced a Virgin to Sex? Explain/Describe as vaguely as you want.

Not in real life, I’ve always been drawn to men more experienced than I. And I haven’t in my writing either. That’s actually something I should think about, thanks for the question!

Who’s Your Celebrity Crush/s?

Harrison Ford, specifically as Indiana Jones or perhaps as Han Solo. I fell in love with Indy in the first movie and every man I’ve met since is judged against that character. Unfair, I know.

Which Sexual Event Do You remember Fondly – First Time, Second Time, or Last Time?

I remember all of them fondly, for different reasons. The first time I was with a guy who was so sweet and considerate, the last time I was with a guy who knew not to be sweet although he was considerate. Thank you to both of them!

What’s the Last Sex-Related Question You Asked Google or Equivalent?

I asked for Google images of people having sex in the Paris Catacombs. Yeah. Really. And yes, there were pictures!

Viagra / Female Viagra – Yes or No and Why?

Yes, yes, yes! Why not? And if you get an erection lasting longer than four hours, call your doctor. Or call me.

What’s The Hardest Thing For You While Writing?

Distancing myself from the real world and putting myself in my fictional world. I can do it with intense concentration and no interruptions, but it can be exhausting. It’s almost like a deep meditative state.

Everybody Cheats – Yes or No – Why?

No. I have seen true love, where one has a soul mate, and I know it exists. However, it is rare and takes a lot of sacrifice and I don’t think it should be the overall goal. Love and lust are incredibly complicated.

Have You Ever Been in a Situation Where You Contemplated Your Mortality?

At first I misread this to say “contemplate your morality” and I was thinking “all the time!” Mortality? Yes, I have, but more as a contemplation of what it would do to the people who love and need me.

What Food/Drink is Your Personal Aphrodisiac?

My only aphrodisiac is the other person. Food or drink doesn’t come into play at all. It might be 6 in the morning, and having the right person in bed can always get me going.

Create a New Curse Word / Erotic Term and It’s Definition.

A friend of mine mentioned the word “intertwangle” which sounds to me like something I’d do with a cowboy.

How Old Were You When You Saw Your First Example of Porn – Tell Us?

Does Playboy count? I was a babysitter in someone’s home who had a badly hidden stash of Playboy magazines.

Elise, Thanks for a truly Humorous Interview!

For The rest of You, Read on For a peek At Elise’s Sexual Literary Offerings ~~~





SYNOPSIS —   Nicole Simmons returns to Seattle with scarred wrists and a scarred heart, her disastrous relationship with Jack LaTour over. The door seems closed on both her love for him and her exploration of his kinky world.

But Nic can’t forget those feelings, those sensations, her incredible peek into that world of such pleasures. Her mind in a whirl, she turns to the only resource she can think of: the director of the Lush Life club, the expert of kink.

Dr. Peter Hall offers Nic lessons in all the seductive arts to which she is drawn, to act as her mentor as she learns. But Nic isn’t his only student.

It seems Nic’s journey with Jack isn’t over yet. How far is she willing to go this time?







SYNOPSIS —  Nicole Simmons had a great life, a life most women would envy: a fantastic job at a non-profit foundation, a sexy considerate lover with no strings attached, fun friends and a bright future. And then Nic met Jack LaTour.

With charm and an animal magnetism she can’t resist, Jack draws Nic into his highly erotic world. He seduces her, commands her, and presents her with his bracelet, his claim on her.

Nic slowly gives Jack her trust and Jack gradually deepens his emotional commitment to her. But as the eroticism around them blooms, Nic begins to realize just how decadent a life Jack has led. Is this a world she wants to enter? And can Jack keep her safe if she does?







SYNOPSIS —  This is a novella-length book, around 25,000 words, and is second in the Renegade series.

Ren is back, that charming outlaw of the Northern Renegades MC with the dangerous smile and bewitching blue eyes. He wants Meredith for another week on the back of his motorcycle. In fact, he wants Meredith in every way he can have her. Last year, they spent spring break together on a joyful, perilous and unexpected erotic holiday. This year, Ren and Meredith find their emotional connection growing during their week on the road. Just as they think they might be able to make something real work between them, Ren’s outlaw lifestyle catches up with him and throws both he and Meredith into mortal danger. Even if their attraction could survive their personal complications, does it have a chance against Ren’s dangerous life?






Twitter: @ECovertWriter

Facebook: Elise Covert – Writer

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