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Suzette Rose Cauler has loved books (all types really) for as long as she can remember. As a child, she’d get lost in books for hours, using a flashlight to read under the covers long past bedtime. She read her first romance novel as a preteen and was immediately hooked by the swoon-worthy heroes and daring, spunky damsels. Though her reading tastes have definitely matured, Suzette continues to enjoy romance novels, especially those of the erotic, paranormal, fantasy, or historical variety. She writes almost as voraciously as she reads and typically falls head over heels in love with her heroes.

Though everyday types of romantic situations do appeal to her, stories that include adventure, intrigue, or danger have always made Suzette’s heart go pitter-patter. If they incorporate some science fiction too, she is even happier. You’ll find elements like these in most of her stories as well as strong heroines who can fight their own battles but sometimes enjoy letting someone else take the lead.

Suzette lives on the East Coast with five special people who help keep her spirit young and her imagination fresh.

Suzette Cauler

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Now, Check Out My Interview With This Spectacular Author


Hello, Suzette. Let’s Start Out With a Provocative Query. Have You Ever Introduced a Virgin to Sex? Explain/Describe as vaguely as you want.

No, but that could be fun. Someone to mold into the perfect lover. Preferably an older virgin who has lots of pent up sexual energy to work out.

What Kind of Sex Scene is the Hardest for You to Write?

Those kinky scenes involving more than three people can get a little crazy. You have to make sure everyone is occupied, happy and satisfied in the end.

Wine, Liquor, or Beer – Why and Which Brands?

I love beer, but I’m trying to work on my fitness *cries* So right now, there’s no beer for me. I’m all about the vodka.

Who’s Your Celebrity Crush/s?

Wow, there are just way too many for me to list here. My current top two are Joe Manganiello and Hugh Jackman. I’m so ready for that menage.

Which Memory Do You remember Fondly – First Time, Second Time, or Last Time?

Definitely the last time. I wish I’d known a little more for my first time. I could have offered some much needed instructions. LOL

What’s the Last Question You Asked Google or Equivalent?

How to make a woman squirt. It’s research! (Editors Note — Female Ejaculation.)

Ever Written Anything You Wouldn’t Do In Real Life?

Sure. I’d never do any of the shit my villains get up to. As for the sex, though, not so much. I’ll try anything once.

How Forthcoming Are You at Admitting You’re an Erotica Writer to Strangers?

I don’t just bring it up, but if there’s a reason to talk about it, such as we’re chatting about books or occupations, I’ll definitely mention it. When I’m out with my friends, though, they tell everyone, including the waiters and bartenders. That can get fun.

You Have One Hour For Sex. In What Increments Do You Split the 60 Minutes Into Foreplay, Actual Sex, and Post-Coital Bonding/Afterglow?

Ummm I’ll take 30 minutes of foreplay and another 29 of actual sex, please. 1 minute of bonding. I do love my cuddling, but since I’m short on time here…

Thanks for an Excellent Conversation, Suzette.

Now, Read On For A Peek at Several of Her Naughty Novels.





SYNOPSIS —  Hope Davis kicked her scumbag husband to the curb in hopes of starting a new life. Too bad she’s forgotten how to truly live. While on a trip to visit family, she meets brothers Adam and Levi Black, two gods among men, who save her from a vicious attack. Deciding to take a chance after years of playing it safe, Hope indulges in an incredible night of passion with the brothers before the two reveal a terrifying secret. Not only are they both wolf shifters, but she’s their fated mate. Fate outdid itself when it brought Hope to Adam and Levi. She’s perfect for them, and they’ll do anything to show her what real, lasting love feels like. But life is far from simple in the shifter territory of River’s Bend, and Hope is gun shy. Can they protect her from criminals hunting her and win her heart? Will Hope find the courage to love again?







SYNOPSIS —  Mikayla Lowell loves hard. When one of her best friends goes missing, she leaves the shifter community of River’s Bend to look for her in the big city. No good deed goes unpunished, though, and Mikayla is kidnapped by two men claiming to be her mates. Wolf shifters Jack Marrok and Hunter Lyall never expected to kidnap their own mate, but it’s the only way to protect her from a ruthless evil. Then comes the hard part. Not only do they have to convince Mikayla to trust them, but they also have to get her safely back to River’s Bend, a task she doesn’t make easy. Despite the powerful mating bond, things are not simple for the trio. Mikayla loves River’s Bend and intends to spend her life there, but Jack and Hunter vow never to live under an alpha’s rule again. Can love flourish despite their differences? Will a threat to River’s Bend destroy everything they hold dear anyway?







SYNOPSIS —  Wolf shifter Nikki Black never expected her love life to mean the difference between lasting peace and all-out war. Especially when her fated, Luke Andres, wants nothing to do with her. Forced to join to prevent bloodshed between their rival clans, Nikki and Luke enjoy a blistering night of passion before facing another complication – Luke’s brother is also Nikki’s destined mate. Mason Andres is passionate, loving, and sexy, and Nikki falls hard for him, thrilled that he feels the same. She wants the same love-match with Luke, but that’s the one thing Luke can’t risk giving her. Fighting destiny to keep his heart safe from the only woman who can claim it, Luke makes plans that could separate them for good. But when love and passion run soul-deep, fate can overturn even the best-laid plans. Will Luke admit his love for Nikki before it’s too late, or will his wounded heart destroy the trio’s shot at lasting happiness?













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