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Elaine Barris is an up-and-coming author in the erotica genre, focusing her efforts on the paranormal category with Vampires.

Elaine Barris

Elaine Barris is also a Featured Author in the Upcoming FaceBook Naughtiness known as Damn, That’s Hot Erotica 3.  Be sure to drop by from October 6-12 and have some Sexy Fun with her and 27 Erotica Writers.

Now, Check Out My Interview With This Saucy Eroticist ~~~


What’s Your Next Release or WIP?

My next series is about Zane. He’s a sexy and nasty vampire who fucks his woman, London, up down and sideways to make sure she stays where she’s supposed to be… with him.

Which Novel Do You Consider Your Masterpiece?

My latest release, Evangeline, is my best work to date. It’s got spice in all the right spots, but it will also emotionally wreck you. She’s the companion novel to my Master For Tonight Duet.

What Kind of Sex Scene is the Hardest for You to Write?

I don’t have any issues writing sex. I’ve written rough sex, loving sex… I’m a very reserved person in real life, but I can get raw and dirty when I write.

Wine, Liquor, or Beer – Why and Which Brands?

I’m a wine-ho. I like Barefoot cabernet. Good flavor, cheap price.

Which Memory Do You remember Fondly – First Time, Second Time, or Last Time?

The most recent time with the man I love and have been married to for over 20 years.

Viagra / Female Viagra – Yes or No and Why?

Why not? Keep the heat going as long as you can!

Have You Ever Written Anything You Wouldn’t Do In Real Life?

Depends on who it was with. I really don’t have any interest in getting beaten with a horse whip though. No thanks.

What’s The Hardest Thing For You While Writing?

Finding the time. I multi-task like nobody else.

Everybody Cheats – Yes or No – Why?

I don’t agree with it, but I understand why it happens. Is it a turnoff when I’m reading a book, depends on the situation.

Have You Ever Been in a Situation Where You Contemplated Your Mortality?

I think about my mortality every single day. Don’t you?

How Forthcoming Are You at Admitting You’re an Erotica Writer to Strangers?

I’ll tell anybody that wants to know except people I work with.

You Have One Hour For Sex. In What Increments Do You Split the 60 Minutes Into Foreplay, Actual Sex, and Post-Coital Bonding/Afterglow?

40 minutes foreplay, 10 minutes sex, 10 minutes post


Thanks, Elaine. That Interview Had Some ‘Bite’ In It.

Now, Read on and Discover her Three Sinfully Decadent Novels ~~~



Elaine Barris 3  EVANGELINE


SYNOPSIS —  “I know what you think of me. I know the names you’ve called me. Psycho. Insane. Demented. And worse… so much worse. But you don’t know me. You don’t know anything about me. All you know is what Julian told you. You don’t know the extent of my tragedies.” – Evangeline

After being left to die in the rays of the morning light, Evangeline is rescued by her Maker. Troubled, and facing demons of his own, he demands that she reconcile her torrid history and justify his saving her. Angry and terrified, but not alone, she unfurls her secrets for the ultimate judgement.

After centuries of anguish, what would you become? Would you be an angel? Does Evangeline deserve to burn?

Evangeline is a companion to the Master For Tonight duet. It can be read as a standalone, but it is not recommended, because throughout the book, references are made to scenes and characters from the Master For Tonight novels


BUY LINK —  http://www.amazon.com/Evangeline-Master-Tonight-Companion-Novel-ebook/dp/B0143XMMYG/ref=la_B00MZE0EBE_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1442120781&sr=1-3





SYNOPSIS —  While feeding in the slums of the city, he is interrupted by a woman. Mesmerized, he extracts his fangs from his meal and follows her home. Instantly obsessed, he watches her nightly. Nights turn to months. His desire for her becomes overwhelming. Though fearing the wrath of a vicious Maker who turned him against his will, Julian decides to give Kate the most sensual night of her life, and then walk away.

Kate Collins is an average woman in her late-30’s, plagued by panic attacks. Sent home by her boss at the shelter, she prepares to have a night of relaxation…until her doorbell rings.

Julian Montfort is the most beautiful and masculine man she has ever seen. He exudes ‘maleness’ from his entire body—that certain quality some men have in their DNA that makes a woman recognize her femininity…her ‘womanness.’ That part of her that is soft, malleable, and made to accept him. Drawn to him despite his unconventional arrival, Kate must answer his question: “Can you allow yourself this indulgence? It’s just one night.”

Deeply sensual, Master for Tonight is a contemporary vampire romance which goes beyond the burning physical attraction between Julian and Kate, telling a tale of two people drawn together under incomprehensible circumstances, and their fight to be together against all odds.


BUY LINK ~~~  http://www.amazon.com/Master-Tonight-Elaine-Barris-ebook/dp/B00FS1287E/ref=la_B00MZE0EBE_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1442120781&sr=1-1



Elaine Barrris 2  MASTER FOR TONIGHT 2


SYNOPSIS —  After the abduction of his love, Kate Collins, Julian Montfort is desperate to have her back in his arms where she belongs and to destroy the monster responsible for her disappearance. With few leads, he enlists the help of his friend, ancient vampire and warrior, Reese Kelley.

With the demons of Evangeline’s past driving her to madness, she is determined to punish Kate for stealing Julian from her and to make him suffer for rejecting her, just as every man has done in her mortal and vampire lives. When supernatural forces collide with human emotions, who will survive?

Battling to endure this, her most harrowing ordeal since the night Julian’s Maker, Evangeline, nearly destroyed her, Kate must decide whether their love is worth the risk of fighting her captor or if she should give in in order to live.

As Kate contemplates that fateful night when Julian appeared on her porch, she must ask herself, “Was it worth opening my door?”


BUY LINK ~~~  http://www.amazon.com/Master-Tonight-II-Elaine-Barris-ebook/dp/B00NAJQ6FG/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8











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