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Maia Dylan lives, loves and works in beautiful New Zealand. She married her best friend and they have two adorable, but stubborn children who obviously take after their father.

Maia’s career has featured a lot of travel, and she has filled her time at airports and in the air with books, books, and more books. Her love of erotic paranormal romance has seen her amass a huge library. She has been an avid reader and lover of ménage romances since she read her first book in this genre about three years ago.

In January of 2015, Maia submitted her first ever manuscript to Siren Publishing. She wasn’t at all confident that it would be accepted and in fact she was expecting a nicely worded email with a resounding no! Much to her surprise less than two weeks later she had an acceptance and a signed contract in hand and since then she hasn’t looked back.

Maia Dylan

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Now, Read on For My Interview With This Wonderful Writer ~



What’s Your Next release / WIP?

My next release is the sixth book in my Grey River series, and is titled Xanthe’s Choice. I’m super excited about this one because it was my very first M/M/F Menage and I loved writing it.

Wine, Liquor, or Beer — Why and Which Brands?

I have to admit to being partial to all three! In terms of wine, you cannot go past a Pinot Noir – the deeper the better. I prefer dark beer to lagers and anything with some heat to it, especially tequila or whiskey. So, I like it deeper, darker and with some heat     Editors Note — That’s What She Said. 🙂

Which Sexual Memory Do You Recall Fondly — First, Second, Or Last Time?

My first time, believe it or not! It was with a rugby player that I had been crushing on for a long damn time. He was hotter than hot, had muscles the likes of which I had never seen close up and personal like before, and we had one hell of a weekend!

What’s the Last Question You Asked Google or Equivalent?

Can a pearl g-string/thong make a woman orgasm? You’ll have to read my upcoming Grey River release for the answer to that question HeHeHe.

Have You Written Anything You Wouldn’t Do In Real Life?

As much as I would love to have the ability to, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to turn into a wolf or control the natural elements. But I won’t quite trying!! Sexually… hmmm… probably won’t be wearing a pearl string g-string any time soon. They look really fucking uncomfortable!

Have You Ever Been In A Situation Where You Contemplated Your Mortality?

My dad passed away on April 30th of this year after a five year battle with cancer and a stroke two weeks prior to his death. We were all there with him at the end, and although we had been told he only had weeks, it was a shock. The grieving process for a man that was my hero was definitely one that had me contemplating my own mortality.

What Food/Drink is Your Personal Aphrodisiac?

Oysters! Cliché, I know, but there you go. Oh, and they have to be New Zealand bluff oysters. My hubby has been known to head to Bluff to get me two dozen on the first day of the season. I always make sure I thank him properly that very evening 😉

Have You Ever Experimented With The Same Sex?

At University I French kissed a good friend of mine on a dare. She wasn’t a bad kisser! We’re still very close and our husbands are very keen for a reenactment.

Great Answers, Maia !!! Now, Continue on and Take a Look at Three of Maia Dylan’s Offerings ~~~




Newest Novel in the Grey River Series and Available Soon!!!





SYNOPSIS — Is it better to have loved and lost than never loved at all? For Ty and Trent Jamieson, the Grey River pack Alphas, they would say either would be preferable to both! They knew Faith was destined to be theirs from the moment they first came across her scent. Finding out that she was only 19 and studying put their grand mating plans to the back burner, at least for a couple of years. Problems only arose when she suddenly left them when they had finally decided to come clean about their feelings that they had kept hidden and claim her.They lost Faith and when Mother Nature steps in dramatically to give them an opportunity to get her back, things become very clear that perhaps her leaving was not all as it seemed. Can the brothers bring their fated triad together and protect their mate as it should have always been? Or are they destined to lose Faith forever?







SYNOPSIS — Fiona Aideen is a Fire Elemental who knows how to take care of herself just fine. It’s the two wolf shifters who claim she is their mate and the psychotic demon with a God complex hell bent on the destruction of earth she’s going to have some difficulty with.

Cole and Travis Winters are twins with a mission.  Convince their mate that she is exactly what they want and need, and that they can be the same for her.  They both know that getting Fiona to accept them both will be a challenge, but neither of them are willing to take no for an answer.  Not when the prize was so damn perfect for them and everything they had ever hoped for in a mate.

Can the three come together to solve her portion of the prophecy and bring them one step closer to victory, or will Fiona’s past and her fears stop them before they’ve even begun?







SYNOPSIS — Rowena Whitley had already survived her father’s betrayal and being held hostage by a killer. Could she face death a third time and survive again? When she suspected that her own personal nightmare was coming for her, Rowena left Dallas and headed to Grey River looking to start over. She counted on the fact that there would be no threat to her there, and she would have the opportunity to bring her dreams to life. What she hadn’t counted on was Wyatt, Luke, and Chase Greyson recognizing her as their fated mate the day she arrived. They were willing to take things slow until they found out she was in danger. Now they were determined to convince Rowena that they were her triple threat protectors, and to trust them to shield her from danger and to let them cherish her forever. All the while a maniac from her past is bearing down on them.









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