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Kat Barrett lives in her small Connecticut home with her husband of many years. She spends much of her time in artistic pursuits, writing or doing artwork. While she’s also involved with Basenji rescue, Kat loves all animals and tries to help them out whenever she can. Her dogs Taz, Ashle, and Chipper although gone now, will always hold a place in her heart.
She is grateful for her family, friends, and her fans, and wishes to thank them all for their support. Find out more information about Kat and her books on

Kat Barrett

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Now, Check Out My Interview With This Interesting Eroticist


What’s Your Next Release or WIP?

I currently have quite a few books that will be released over the coming months. I believe it will be one in the Wild Angel’s Series, but that is subject to change because I’m working on a new, intense romance with two, twin blond aliens. One who is a shipping head and the other who lives out in the wilds.

Have You Ever Introduced a Virgin to Sex? Explain/Describe as vaguely as you want.

Okay…Are you asking in the books or real life? I would have to say yes to both questions. Off the top of my head, in book 2 of the Wild Angel’s series, the heroine is a virgin. In real life, I was nineteen and he was a seventeen year old, six foot tall Cherokee Indian with long, wavy black hair and hot as hell. Obviously I had no way to prove he was a virgin, but he claimed to be and acted like it the first few times. Oh to be young again.

Wine, Liquor, or Beer – Why and Which Brands?

Angry Orchard hard cider because I can’t have gluten and I like it. Moscato wine too. I like wine really sweet and mixed with sparkling water. I like black cherry cheesecake jello shots with black cherry vodka. I don’t drink much, but they are so easy to eat.

Who’s Your Celebrity Crush/s?

Kit Harrington, Viggo Mortensen and Travis Fimmel These three men have created some very interesting day dreams. Sighhhh

What’s the Last Question You Asked Google or Equivalent?

Not exactly anything sexy. It was how fast do Turkeys grow? I’ve been known to google things for books though. The ones that come to mind are, Can a woman have twins with two fathers, what’s the record for a man keeping his dick hard, or a woman having multiple orgasms in a single night, which led me to world’s longest recorded penis. 13.5 inches. Impressive.

Have You Ever Written Anything You Wouldn’t Do In Real Life?

Have sex standing on my head with the man standing between the V of my legs. I’m not as young as I used to be.

Biggest Turn-On / Turn-Off / Both?

The easiest ways to turn me on or off are the things you do when we are not in bed. Turn me on…Hold my hand, brush my hair, rub my back during the day, little touches mean a lot. Turn me off… be an ass during the day and then expect me to be hot and ready to jump into bed at night. Not happening.

Have You Ever Been in a Situation Where You Contemplated Your Mortality?

Yes, before having a crushed disk in my neck/spine removed and replaced. I knew it was a long, risky surgery, but I had no choice. Of course finding out the morning after that the damage was far worse than they anticipated and it was a miracle I was still able to walk was terrifying also.

How Forthcoming Are You at Admitting You’re an Erotica Writer to Strangers?

Very. I love shock value. You get some interesting looks when you say Erotic romance. “Do you mean like X-rated stuff?” “Yes, pretty much.”

Create a New Curse Word / Erotic Term and It’s Definition.

Curse word Shellfish – A person who is so selfish that they live in their own little shell with no regard for those around them. The only thing that comes to mind for Erotica is something from the book I’m working on. Linking Rod – An alien dick that, while flaccid, is a thin rod. It is covered with tiny rings that act as suction cups. When the circumference of the rod swells to fit the available space, the rings link/adhere to the inside of their partner.

How Old Were You When You Saw Your First Example of Porn – Tell Us?

Maybe Ten. I was looking for my Christmas presents and came across my father’s Playboy collection. Of course I was a naive little farm girl and was stunned that women posed naked or had bodies like that.

Kat, Thanks for A Stimulating Interview ! 

Now, Read on to Take a Peek at a Few of Kat’s Novels ~~~



FAIRE’S DESTINY  Kat barrett 3


SYNOPSIS —  Four days after her husband’s funeral, Faire Caris is a woman tortured by grief, and the decisions she must make for the future of herself and her two twenty year old children. Depressed and considering suicide, she is stunned when a lover from her past appears at her door.

Jeygo offers her an escape from her life, and in her desperation, Faire unwittingly agrees.

Jeygo is an alter-breed of human known as Neoasta. He is strong hunter whose life was forever altered by the sudden death of his first mate and their unborn child. In his impatience to claim Faire as his mate, after waiting twenty years, he bites her and turns her into one of his kind. This decision has consequences that even he didn’t consider, and it throws Faire further into turmoil.

Now in an altered body, can Faire come to terms with her new life in a community of shifters? Can Faire accept Jeygo’s overwhelming love, and the admiring advances of his twin brothers, despite all the emotions of guilt in her heart, to fulfill her destiny?







SYNOPSIS —  Aria is faced with her first truly bratty child, one-year-old Starene, who is afraid of everything.

She is heart-heavy for Keir even years after his death, and guilty for not being more understanding with her daughter. Jace and Laniar are trying everything they know to make her happy, but Aria still feels as if her life is falling apart around her.

When Jasta is hit with a rare but deadly planet-wide storm called Ging’s fire, Aria and her men are plagued by death and tyranny. Aria finds herself trapped between impossible choices, threatening both her life and her love.

When her ex-lover and best friend Bolt tells her that his destiny has arrived, it serves to deepen her depression. His final request of her has ramifications that neither of them can imagine. Can she win the battle with the dark magic that has been cast upon her, or will she lose everything and follow the call of her heart to join Keir behind the barrier of death?







SYNOPSIS —  Ever Wilson is mourning the tragic death of her parents. Her boyfriend has walked out on her, and she had been left alone with no family to rely on. She is also secretly dealing with the changes in her body after being bitten by a werewolf named Carmen. Carmen, however, was killed before explaining to her what she would become.

Ever meets Mick Sten and finds herself under his tender holistic touch. When Mick flies down to help his father in Texas, Ever gets the flu. It is Mick’s twin brother Kris who comes to her rescue. Kris nurses her back to health, and Ever finds that she cares about the two men equally. She also discovers that they are werewolves, and that she is in danger because she now possesses Carmen’s genes.

When identical triplet Liam comes home from France, Ever finds herself entangled in the center of their family pack.








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