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Writing professionally since 2008, LeTeisha has spanned from Fantasy to Interracial Romance on her road to getting the jumping characters out of her head. Most days she’s pretty color blind, unless it’s a great shade of red (then she can’t ignore it). Other times she’s plotting her next twenty books and then remembering that the computer can’t read her thoughts and doesn’t type at lightning speed. Either way, she just can’t seem to get enough of quill to paper…or keyboard strokes, apparently.

LeTeisha Newton

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Now, Read My Lively Talk with this Wonderful Writer ~~~



What’s Your Next Release or WIP?

Currently my next release is Sin’s Pleasure. That’s the start of my Happily Never Happened Series. In these series of tales, romance didn’t happen well the first time around. As a matter of fact, Prince Charming is a complete asshole and Fairy Grandmothers are nothing but raggedy witches in pretty clothing. Cinderella decides to drop the name and just become Sin: a woman who is tempting, sexy, and built to make any man’s wildest dreams come true. She and her fellow Princesses of Elsia create Fantasy Ave, where it’s always a good ride. It’s just a little…troublesome that Tobias and Zuriah want to do such deliciously naughty things with her body, and each other. Hmmm, she’ll enjoy watching, and participating, but love is out of the questions…Or is it?

What Kind of Sex Scene is the Hardest for You to Write?

That’s a harder questions than I thought it would be. Simply put, nice sex. I don’t like it. I just can’t. I hate pretty mounds of rippling flesh, and turgid peaks of wanton pleasure. Blech. Give me stiff cocks in throbbing, slick pussies, with my hero, or heroine for that matter, pulling hair and biting to keep from screaming. I need it rough and dirty, slick and hot. So, yeah, sweet romance is hard for me. The story is a must, the emotions, and the need, but I have to show what a conflagration of those desires truly produces or I’m stuck.

Wine, Liquor, or Beer – Why and Which Brands?

Hmmm, I’m a bit of a Liquor and Wine girl, but especially the vino. There’s something about a crisp sweet white coating the tongue and sliding down your throat. Something about the light foggy cloud that seduces your mind, and the tingle through your limbs. Wine does that to me. I tend to have a glass or two when I’m writing in the evening; add some music and I’m in heaven.

For my brands I’m eclectic and not overly selective. I love Bogle and Clos Du Bois, but I’m a girl that can pick up a bottle of Barefoot and be just as happy. It’s about the taste and the experience for me.

Ever Written Anything You Wouldn’t Do In Real Life?

None. Here’s the thing, life is about living, and love is about loving. It doesn’t matter who, what, or how (outside of somethings that most publishers won’t accept in their books—get the hint?) So, when I write my characters, it’s usually things that I have, will, or would like to do. I’m a Switch, so I can play Dom and sub, I love watching men on men action, and sex is supposed to be FUN! Outside of ripping apart a body and eating the entrails, which usually is reserved for my paranormal tales—and it’s a sad thing I’m not one—there’s not too much I write that I wouldn’t do.

Biggest Turn-On / Turn-Off / Both?

A stupid hero or heroine who’s selfish. So not only are you a waste of perfectly good flesh, you are also a waste of my time. Now, we’re erotica/erotic romance writers, so we write about the nitty gritty, and that means the men have to be hotter than Hell, and our women need to be sweeter than Heaven with Hell wrapped in. They don’t need to be egotistical assholes who don’t know how to use their cocks or Primadonna twits who can’t perform proper kegels. Yeah I said it. Keep those damn characters away from me and we’ll be fine!

What’s The Hardest Thing For You While Writing?

Interruptions. For me, when I’m in the flow of writing, I can’t be disturbed. It can throw me off my train of thought and I find it hard to get back on track. That’s actually the hardest thing. If I can write without a bunch of distractions for a few hours I can get quite of bit done.

How Forthcoming Are You at Admitting You’re an Erotica Writer to Strangers?

Extremely, and why the hell not? I’ve got a dream job satisfying women and men of the world. I’m there in their bedrooms, driving them to touch themselves with my words and cry out in ecstasy when they hit that sweet spot. I’m the one with characters they can’t let go of, and want to see more of. I’m the weaver of their fantasies and hottest desires. I really can care less about harsh words, or the silly questions about how I do my research. I’m the creator of lusty words full of love and the sticky taste of come and satisfaction. Don’t you want my job?

You Have One Hour For Sex. In What Increments Do You Split the 60 Minutes Into Foreplay, Actual Sex, and Post-Coital Bonding/Afterglow?

Screw the afterglow! Give me about 10 minutes of touching and then let me ride you until I’m mind blown. I can enjoy my afterglow while I’m rushing back to work or heading back into the meeting smiling at everyone with a ‘cat just ate the cream’ smile. That would be just as fun. Sex is my lifesblood and I’m going to give it what it deserves, my full attention.

Create a New Curse Word / Erotic Term and its Definition.

Witchslick – It means to have a pussy that can ensnare a man with just one taste, to make him your own.It’s use in a sentence – “Stay away from her, she’s got a witchslick!”

How Old Were You When You Saw Your First Example of Porn – Tell Us?

Oh man, I think I was twelve. My brothers had this cartoon they were all talking about and being all secret and I didn’t like it. So I took my little self downstairs one day when everyone but one brother was gone. I’m the youngest you see, and he was 6 years older and outside in the back seeing his girlfriend. I put the tape in and pressed play. It was Curse of the Overfiend. If you have never been introduced to hentai, then it would be an eye-opener to see this one. I’m watching a woman sucking on one long, wiggling penis, while another is in her pussy, and another in her ass. And the monster that held her was massive. I didn’t know what I was watching, and then my brother runs in screaming his head off because I’d forgotten to turn the volume down! I finished that movie anyway a week later, making sure to mute it this time and I’ve been a fan of hentai, and a slew of other anime since!

Thanks for an Entertaining Interview, LeTeisha!! Now, Let’s Check Out Her Hot Pieces of Erotica ~~~~





BLURB — Isabella Thomas has a problem that she can’t take care of. Her brother is a compulsive gambler that can’t say no to the rush of another big win—despite Isabella’s losses from bailing him out.

This time, Isabella has no house, car, or funds to give up for collateral and her only option is Elijio Vargas, the Beast of the Darkness, a man cursed to walk in the daylight as a wolf. The Beast chooses to save her brother—under one condition: Nate’s debt is now Isabella’s, and the new deal is for her body.

Isabella can’t stop herself from giving in to Elijio, and he can’t stop himself from remembering that he does have a heart, and she’s quickly stealing it. Will Isabella be saved, or will Elijio have to show just how much of a beast he can be?


BUY LINK — http://www.amazon.com/Bellas-Beast-Naughty-Fairy-Tales-ebook/dp/B011CF6LKO/ref=la_B006P9BM5C_1_10?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1441670106&sr=1-10





BLURB — Theana ran from Seurri City, home of the wolf shifters now public to humans, to escape a mating with her childhood friend. She wasn’t in the mood for a mate, or the trappings of politics. Then she meets Rafael, alpha of the strongest pack in Seurri, and his beta, Gregori. Suddenly she can’t catch her breath, or keep control of her emotions.

Rafael and Gregori refuse to let Theana get her own way, or deny the love they could share. Perhaps two men for their feisty mate are definitely better than one. Now to stall the would-be childhood suitor, and stop an all out war between the packs—but love is worth fighting for.


BUY LINK — http://www.amazon.com/Conquering-Theana-Book-1-ebook/dp/B00J4YMCUO/ref=la_B006P9BM5C_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1441670106&sr=1-1





BLURB — Caged Heart:
Teric is to be king once his father steps down from the throne. Only a mated pair can rule, and his Heat, the mating burn of royalty, is upon him. Hundreds of woman have been paraded in front of him to see if they are the mate his body seeks. None have been. As the mate continues not to be found, his agitation, and desire, grow. Without her he will go crazy, and he could not keep the kingdom within his family. As a warrior Teric never meant to be king, never wanted it. But with his kingdom in the balance he cannot afford to waiver.

In desperation, his father sends for a pleasure slave to agitate his want enough to send out his mating call over the lands. Upon seeing her, however, Teric wants nothing but her. Treasure and the Tribunal of souls be dammed, he will have her.

Melt Me:

An old, obscure law has bound Oron to make before his Kingdom of Basque is taken away. He knows the feat is nearly impossible when he is soul-bonded to his spirit brother Talmoc. To mate, his friend will have to mate with the new queen as well. To add to the problems, the woman much be human, a requirement that the Senatorian is counting on them failing at. Mermen, for humans, aren’t exactly the norm or even believed to be existing.

Anya is a corporate woman who has complete control over herself and her destiny. No man has ever been able to tame her, and she’s never really given them the chance. Why should she? They are, more often than not, not worth her time in the first place. What she needs is a king among men, someone who can give her both strength and softness. It just so happens, in her case, that fate has chosen two men to fit the bill.


BUY LINK — http://www.amazon.com/Shifter-Heat-Anthology-LeTeisha-Newton-ebook/dp/B008EX6EY6/ref=la_B006P9BM5C_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1441670106&sr=1-2










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