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Ginger Sharp resides in New Jersey. For many years she worked in the information technology field. She has a love for traveling to other countries and is an avid supporter of animal welfare.

Her first book, “Lost Her,” made its debut in 2013 on Amazon which is followed by many other steamy adult romance novels.

Ginger Sharp

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Now, Read on to Find My Interview With This Exciting Author ~~~


What’s Your Next Release or WIP?

LOL, I’m actually sitting on five completed books and I just started another. The next release is Jaded But Secure, which has been done for over a year. I have an extra set of eyes going through the edits for me. The others are Meek Beauty, Marked Beauty, Marred Beauty and Naked Disclosure. Naked Disclosure is a book that my husband titled for me.

Which Novel Do You Consider Your Masterpiece?

I would have to say Must Wait (Pedro’s Story). This book was read by a famous male model (Pedro Soltz) and then he started pushing my book for me. The book is currently going through translation into Portugese and Spanish since many people have been requesting it. Must Wait is an emotional roller coaster with many different plot twists.

Have You Ever Introduced a Virgin to Sex? Explain/Describe as vaguely as you want.

Yes, both fictionally and in real life. You all are going to hate me for saying this, but a guy virgin in real life is not worth you taking off your clothes. They just explode way too quickly and then want to nap.

I think I make it more exciting in my books since I have three books, Must Wait, Designed Addiction and Meek Beauty with virgin sex. Katie is Must Wait is just a dramatic bitch when she loses her virginity. Cali is Designed Addiction cries, but not because he hurt her.

Now Meek Beauty, well that is just a beautiful and perfect union of two virgins. Ramiro is a strict Catholic and Lily was raised by a single father, who never let her out of his sight. The couple has been kind of freaky with their sexual play life since the beginning of their dating. Ramiro is fascinated by female ejaculation (squirting for those who don’t know, lol) by clitoris stimulation only and Lily sure loves to put her mouth on everything and anything.

Wine, Liquor, or Beer – Why and Which Brands?

I love red, dry wines. I have to say the Cabernet Franc is my favorite from Pladigo’s Winery in New Jersey. In book 3 of my Jaded series, Jaded But Secure, there’s a wine called Pole Dancer that wins the gold medal at the Worlds completion in France. Well, that wine has come to life and will soon be released to the public this October 2015. It is a dessert wine that is 17% alcohol. If you have any interest in purchasing, you can FB message me directly or if you are in the Baltimore area for the Baltimore Book Festival, September 25-27. You can stop by my tent for a raffle ticket to win a Pole Dancer Wine Basket.

Who’s Your Celebrity Crush/s?

I would have to say Rubén Cortada. I just love him and he’s so darn sexy. I am sad because I can’t watch El Príncipe since my cable network cancelled the Telecino channel. Here is a small clip of one of his older movies…. The one clean sex scene is hot and he can throw me on the table any time he wants.

Biggest Turn-On / Turn-Off / Both?

LOL, okay, I’m going to be really gross here with my biggest turn-off. You’re foreplaying. Your man gets out of bed to go to the bathroom. As you lay in bed, waiting for him to return, you hear him going #3. The sounds are enough to make you run out of the bedroom and go outside to sort the stinky garbage. You’re not touching me after that!

What’s The Hardest Thing For You While Writing?

I hope I’ve interpreted this question correctly. Sleep is the hardest thing for me while writing. My brain is going a million miles a minute with new information and plot twists that I can’t sleep. I am not one of those who can stare at the ceiling, so I get up and go write. I know that I am not the only one out there with this issue, since I always meet up with John Tucker on messenger at two o’clock in the morning, LOL. (Interviewer’s Note — The usual subjects we share are sexy gossip, evil gossip, and how close to death her coydog is. A Coydog is half dog/half coyote.)

Everybody Cheats – Yes or No – Why?

No, I do not believe that everyone cheats. My rules are clear. How much do you value your life, because my crossbow is ready to go. You put the fear into them from the beginning and you’ll be just fine.

How Forthcoming Are You at Admitting You’re an Erotica Writer to Strangers?

In the beginning I was quite shy about it and keeping it quite within my community. Now I could care less and this was after an incident with a crazy CCD teacher who lives two blocks over from my house. She posted some vile things about me on FB and my neighbors stepped up and defended me. So, this CCD Teacher must have read Stalemate, because I used my real name in that book. I guess she’s going to hell too for reading erotica! The funniest thing is that my councilman has invited me to ‘Meet the Author’ at our township festival day and he knows exactly what I write since he’s read four of my books. Isn’t that just awesome?

How Old Were You When You Saw Your First Example of Porn – Tell Us?

LOL, well I have three older brothers. So, growing up as a child there was always a Playboy or Penthouse in the bathroom closet. It had to be the early 80s when someone left a tape in the beta player. For me, maybe that was second grade.

Thanks for a Fascinating Conversation, Ginger! Now, Let’s Check Out a Few of Her Novels ~~~~





BLURB — A curse, as he calls his life. Tragic loss left Pedro Araya alone to raise his only infant son. He must focus on raising his son properly and run his family farm in Costa Rica. He cannot expose his son to Katie the sultry unyielding vixen that has him falling in love. Pedro understood that he could not have it all. He was meant to be alone and must remain inexperienced in love.

Katie is ruthless in pursuing the wholesome farmer. She gets what she wants and if she doesn’t, she will unleash with her wicked temper.

Pedro knows that she is all wrong for him. He is a simple man and he is no match for the spoiled naughty Katie and her scandalous famous family.






BLURB — Tony Verducci is a single father with a brooding Jersey-sized chip on his shoulder about life, love, and women. Cassi York is a trusting California Girl who expects the best out of everyone and is slowly becoming disillusioned about romance and men.

When these two lost neighbors meet, sparks fly, tempers flare, and both learn to deal with the baggage in their mutual lives. Stalemate is a modern day story about how opposites attract regardless of their rocky pasts and present situations.

Can Tony and Cassi prove that love can always find a way, or will they lose each other in the rough waters of New Jersey.







BLURB — New Zealand heir, Parker Nevil receives much pressure from his parents to settling down. He’s only twenty-five year old and has plenty of time for love and a family, but does he?

Parker meets a woman whose image he can’t clear from his head. Her stunning American red-haired beauty with a take charge attitude. He instantly falls for Vikki as he is trying to act respectable to get Vikki to commit to him.

Distance family member feels that the American woman is no good for him and plot to destroy their relationship.







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