Cree Storm — The Mistress of M/M Erotica


11250918_412309605622140_5622315692191268417_n  CREE STORM

Cree lives in Southern New Mexico. The only thing she loves more than reading about gorgeous men and love is writing about them. Spending time with her friends and family is also very important to her. When she’s not writing or spending time with the love of her life, you can find her contemplating the Oregon Mountains in her backyard with a nice hot cup of coffee and her laptop, or on Face book with her many friends.

“I get up in the morning and the first thing I do is make myself a BIG pot of coffee. Then I get out my laptop and go thru my Facebook posts. After that, I start writing. I try to write a little bit everyday. I would say I write between 2000-4000 words on the days I can focus. The days I’m not as motivated, I’m usually doing research for my books.

Cree is also a member of the SINsational Sirens Showcase team, starting August 5th and going on through the 9th. Drop by and see her, along with 20 other authors at the Facebook Erotic Event of the Summer. (2)Cree Storm SSSS

Now, let’s check out Judy Miracle of ‘Wicked Babes” and her enlightening interview with Cree !!!

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First off, where are you from, Cree?

Well, I’m a military brat and never really know how to answer that question. I traveled a lot when I was younger and the we kind of settled in Pennsylvania. However, after my grandmother passed, we moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico, where I lived for the next 30 years and now I have been in Canada since April. I’m really thinking of making this my home.

Tell us a little about yourself:

I have spent my life taking care of others. When my mom was diagnosed with cancer and my grandmother, who had a stroke, needed around the clock care, I gave up my teenage years and college education to do it – but that’s okay. I’ve never regretted what I did for them and, now that they are gone, I have more memories than most. I’ve worked for many people with disabilities over the years, wrote a bill for their welfare, and advocated with senators and representatives as well as the Governor of New Mexico to help support people with disabling medical conditions. I am also engaged to a wonderful man who is also my PA and we live at his home in Canada.

What are you currently working on?

I have a few projects going, but my newest is a self publish series called The Mating Games and the next to my Twelve Labors series (Deimos).

How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing most my life, but actual published writing…I just celebrated my one year anniversary.

What inspired you to write your first book?

In September of 2013 I became very ill. I thought I had the flu. When I finally realized the medical issue was really about my heart when my doctor removed 7.5 liters. of fluid from around my heart and lungs. Had I waited, I would have been dead within a few hours. As I recuperated in the hospital, I thought about how I’ve helped everyone but myself. I had always wanted to be a writer, so I retired from my longtime profession and started to write. The amazing thing is . . . my doctor had been all about WE NEED TO DO SURGERY NOW. After I began writing, he now says I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU DID, BUT THE MEDS ARE WORKING AND IT CAN WAIT.

Do you have a specific writing style?

I never know how to answer that question. LMAO. I mean I love humor and intrigue and I want my stories to be about the relationship and people coming together to make it work. I don’t like to write sex for sex’s sake. I hope I answered your question.

Would you change anything about any of your books?

I don’t believe I would…but who knows…it depends. When I write, I write what the characters tell me to, so if one of them said something else…maybe…but personally I don’t put out any book I would not want to read myself.

Do you travel to get ideas or research for your books?

I have been to many parts of New Mexico and I’ve used some of those areas in my books. I can’t help but use the places I go in my books. Often I see a location and a story starts to talk to me. For example, my fiancé took me to a place here in Canada called Chateau Montebello. The second my eyes took in the absolutely beautiful buildings, stories started screaming inside my head. I put it in my fourth MYSTIC book and it will be a specific location in the MYSTIC CANADA series I’m working on.

What are you currently reading?

Frey Ortega and I are really close and I adore the man. So I am finally getting to read his Hidden Lake series …I am just starting out with Safe and Sound

Name a book (or more than one) that has been release in 2015 that you cannot wait to read.

Well Sadly I have been writing so much that I have had very little time to read this year. I really need to catch up on my Stormy Glenn books…I have read every book she has written and I need to start making time to catch up.

Is there anything you find challenging about your writing?

Description. I don’t like to give much because I feel like that is one of the greatest things about reading…the ability to create a room in my mind as I read…well I like my readers to be able to do the same. So giving them enough as a start but not too much I ruin the opportunity is not always easy.

Favorite food?

Eggs…I mean I love eggs…fried, scrambled, boiled, poached…just make sure the white is cooked and I will eat that egg…I love the hell out of eggs. 😀

Favorite Color?

Green…I love how it reflects life…if a tree or grass are green they live…a plants stem or leaf…green to me represents living…and I find that beautiful.

what books have influenced your life the most? (If any)

Stormy Glenn is the reason I chose to write M/M and love reading this genre as well. Then there is John Grisham. His ability to create suspense and chaos is something I hope to be able to improve on as I continue writing.

All time favorite author?

Agatha Christie. This woman had the ability to write mysteries like no one else I’ve ever read. Her gift was amazing. I really, and I do mean really, want to be able to write mystery and intrigue like she did. To honestly not know who did it, until the very end is chilling and at the end you breath out WOW that was freaking amazing!

Many thanks to Judy Miracle and Cree Storm for teaming up for a spectacular Interview.  Now, let’s take a peek at a few of Cree’s Novels ~~~~~

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SYNOPSIS — Damien thought he was crazy when he went to sleep in 2015 and awoke in 1915.  As if that wasn’t enough, Damien has to grasp he is surrounded by wolf shifters and two of them are his mates.  Not knowing, if they follow through, everyone could die.

Alpha Asher, of East Capulet, has known that Alpha Asa, from West Capulet is his mate he could never have. Their packs have been at war for over 100 years.  Banished to this realm, as a result of their war, or so they thought.

When Damien has a meltdown, Asher calls Asa in to help him. They cannot resist the mating pull any longer and the three become one. A Magic spell takes effect  they did not know was written in the ancient logs the Elders hold and refuse to hand over.

Can the mates get what they need to save everyone or will they die trying to find out the secret?


~~~~~~~~~~~  ❤  ~~~~~~~~~~~  ❤  ~~~~~~~~~~~  ❤


SYNOPSIS — Hera and Aries have taken over Olympus. The other Gods have one chance to free Zeus, however in order to do so the other Gods must be willing to sacrifice their freedom for his. Twelve keys will release Zeus from Icarus and those keys are each a mate to the chosen ones, and the stones will lead the way. Each obstacle is a labor Hercules is all too familiar with. Can they succeed before their time runs out or are they all doomed? Hercules’s first labor was to slay the Nemean Lion. Drawn to a Cat Shifter village Hercules finds his panther mate, Micah. The Alpha has been promised strength and stamina in exchange for Micah’s death. Micah had accepted the fact he will die until he is saved by his mate. However, when Hercules’s life is threatened Micah willingly gives himself up to save his man. A war is about to begin and the question is, who will survive?


~~~~~~~~~~~~  ❤   ~~~~~~~~~~ ❤  ~~~~~~~~~~~ ❤


SYNOPSIS — Hera and Aries have taken over Olympus. The other Gods have one chance to free Zeus and take his rightful place. However, in order to do so the other Gods must be willing to sacrifice their freedom for his. Theseus’s labor is to capture the bull…but this is just crazy. Taurus is thrown for a loop when he is told he is the mate to a Greek God. Theseus is amazing and keeping his hands off the man is next to impossible. However, finding out that there are rules to mating with a constellation comes as a shock to everyone. They have three days to find Taurus’s replacement or he returns to the sky and Theseus will cease to exist.Can they do this while Phobos is hot on their tails, wreaking terror , to stop them from succeeding on their journey? Or will he succeed where others have failed and Taurus and Theseus be doomed?


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