Meet McKayla Schutt — Author of Howlingly Good Erotica



McKayla loves to write books about sexy werewolves. She is a stay at home mom of two in the state of Wyoming. Born in California, she misses the hot weather all of the time. Her goals for the year are to publish all three books in the Imprinted Series and to work on two books for next year. Currently she has an anthology piece about a super hero who can read minds, the book title is Secret Identities Volume One. A Christmas themed book about a werewolf lawyer and an assistant. Last one she published is book one of her Imprinted series about a woman who falls for a werewolf.

McKayla is also one of the Featured Authors of the SINsational Sirens Showcase on Facebook from August 5th to the 9th. Be sure to drop by and see her, along with 20 other Erotica Authors During the 5-Day Event. (2)McKayla Schutt SSS

Now, Read on for the Interview I Conducted with McKayla Schutt!!!

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When did you know you wanted to write erotica?

I was always into writing romance and I think the erotica side brings more heat to the romance.

Who’s your Favorite character from your novels, why, and from what book?

I’m currently finishing up my newest book but my favorite character in it is Scarlett. She’s a head strong woman that doesn’t take crap from anyone. Kindra has some of these qualities in the Imprinted Series but Scarlet shows it a little bit more.

Do you think writing erotica makes you a target on Facebook from unsavory people?

So far I haven’t had any problems with people on Facebook. But some people can be very rude when it comes to certain topics.

Are there any erotic genres you don’t plan writing in and why?

Horror is just not my genre. I won’t ever do it since I hate reading it, I scare myself when I write it so it is not a good combination.

Have you learned anything about yourself since you’ve been writing?

I’ve learned that I can actually finish a story. It wasn’t until recently that I completed a story that caused me so many problems while I planned it out. I needed to let the characters tell their story.

What’s your short term and long term goals as a writer?

Long term is to get a few more books out. Short term goals would be to sell more books. My sales aren’t the greatest and it makes me sad some days.

Fifty Shades of Gray – hate it / Love It – why?

I’m neutral about it. I like the story but some of the writing is hard to get through. I think the scenes the writer spent the most time on were the erotic parts. A few scenes are a bit choppy.

What’s your WIP / next release?

My current WIP doesn’t have a title yet. It has three main characters, Scarlet, Oscar and Rift. After that, my next release is going to be the last book in the Imprinted Series- Imprinted: The War.

You open a book and a Genie appears. He offers to make one of your novels a National Bestseller but a Celebrity or Politician has to die. What would you do / say?

Oh hard choice . . . Morally I would have to pass but, if I had to make a choice, I’d have the leader of North Korea killed.

Thanks for your time and good luck during the SINsational Event. Now, let’s take a peek at several of McKayla’s novels.

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SYNOPSIS — One woman on a mission to have fun. One werewolf determined to get out of his brother’s shadow.
When Kelly goes to Judden’s house for a party she didn’t expect to imprint with a sexy werewolf. She needs to make the choice to listen to her body and stay with Judden, or go back to California leaving him behind.


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SYNOPSIS — In the Second installment of the Imprinted series Kindra has to decide if she is going to stay a human, or change into a werewolf. Judden is ready to help her adjust to the pack life — no matter what her choice.


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The final installment of the Imprinted Series is Available for Pre-Order and will be Available on August 7th.

SYNOPSIS — A new alpha takes over after death strikes the family. Kindra starts to settle into her new role while Judden is faced with tough choices with his pack now at war with Casper.


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