An Interview With Suzette Cauler — Shape-Shifter Eroticist



Suzette Cauler has loved books (all types really) for as long as she can remember. As a child, she’d get lost in books for hours, using a flashlight to read under the covers long past bedtime. She read her first romance novel as a preteen and was immediately hooked by the swoon-worthy heroes and daring, spunky damsels. Though her reading tastes have definitely matured, Suzette continues to enjoy romance novels, especially those of the erotic, paranormal, fantasy, or historical variety. She writes almost as voraciously as she reads and typically falls head over heels in love with her heroes.

Though everyday types of romantic situations do appeal to her, stories that include adventure, intrigue, or danger have always made Suzette’s heart go pitter patter. If they incorporate some science fiction too, she is even happier. You’ll find elements like these in most of her stories as well as strong heroines who can fight their own battles but sometimes enjoy letting someone else take the lead.

Suzette is also a Featured Author During the SINsational Sirens Showcase going on from August 5th to the 9th on Facebook. (2) - Copy

Now, Let’s Read an Interview between Suzette and Yours Truly!!

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When did you know you wanted to write erotica?

Well, I’ve always loved romance novels, the naughtier, the better, and I’d read A LOT of sexy books. I’ve also been writing for many years, without ever actually trying to get published. I don’t honestly know what happened. One day I just said I need to try my hand at that, and Taking Chances was born. It took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (and even some wine) to get that first book ready to submit to publishers, but I have to say it was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life.

Who’s your Favorite character from your novels, why, and from what book?

I love all of my characters, but right now I’d have to say Luke from Nikki’s Fated is my favorite. He’s kind of an ass at first, but he’s really just misunderstood, and that gets to me. I have a thing for bad boys and underdogs.

Are there any erotic genres you don’t plan writing in and why?

Nope. I have all these stories floating around in my head, waiting to get their chance. Seriously, I can’t keep up. I have so much I want to dig into. I hope to try my hand at a bunch of different erotic genres eventually.

Have you learned anything about yourself since you’ve been writing?

Oh, I’ve learned loads. One thing is that I can easily get lost in my own head, and there are few things I’d rather do than put my stories down on paper. Also, now that I’ve started, I don’t think I can stop. Yeah, I’m addicted.

What’s your short term and long term goals as a writer?

Write more! Grow as a writer! That’s pretty much it, though I’d love to be able to focus on my fiction full time someday.

Have you ever considered making one of your male characters a short, chunky nerdy type guy?

I have actually. There’s someone out there for everyone, and I believe short, chunky, and nerdy can be sexy, especially when the guy really gets his woman. You know, when they have that mind connection going on. I think having an average guy as a hero can work. I haven’t done that yet, though, because when my male characters pop into my mind, they’re always built to make you want to drop your panties. Go figure.

What’s your WIP / next release?

I have three books in the works now. I’m working on the next book in my Dakota Laveaux Series (no title yet). It has sexy identical twin vampires in it. Then, I’m also working on the follow up to Avery and Her Wolf (no title yet). This one is all about her brother Ryder. And I’m trying to finish Book 3 of Gifted to the Alphas, which is actually a short.

You open a book and a Genie appears. He offers to make one of your novels a National Bestseller but a Celebrity or Politician has to die. What would you do / say?

Ummmm…no? See, I was all tempted until you said someone had to die. Seriously though, I want to feel proud when/if I have a book that becomes a national bestseller. If a genie makes it happen, it won’t be because I worked my ass off and people loved my book. No thanks. However, if a genie wants to make me win the lottery so I can quit my job and just write that bestselling novel, I’m all for it.

Thanks for the Entertaining Conversation, Suzette. Now, let’s check out some of her novels !!

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SYNOPSIS —– Avery Montgomery knows things no human should about the paranormal. That earns her the attention of the Midnight Pack and a visit from one of its wolves, Chase Randall. She’s intensely attracted to Chase but believes he’s an overzealous reporter or maybe even a crazed fan. Despite his repeated attempts to engage her, she does her best to stay away from him. When Chase is forced to spy on Avery for his alpha, he gets the surprise of his life. She’s his fated mate. He’s driven to claim her, but unfortunately, she wants nothing to do with him. Trying to get the information his pack needs, he inadvertently confirms her suspicions, and she breaks out the big guns to run him off. How can Chase claim his fated when she won’t even agree to a date? Can he reveal his true nature to her without endangering his pack? And if he can gain her trust, will he also win her love?


~~~~~~~~~ ❤  ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ❤  ~~~~~~~~~ ❤


SYNOPSIS — Wolf shifter Nikki Black never expected her love life to mean the difference between lasting peace and all-out war. Especially when her fated, Luke Andres, wants nothing to do with her. Forced to join to prevent bloodshed between their rival clans, Nikki and Luke enjoy a blistering night of passion before facing another complication – Luke’s brother is also Nikki’s destined mate. Mason Andres is passionate, loving, and sexy, and Nikki falls hard for him, thrilled that he feels the same. She wants the same love-match with Luke, but that’s the one thing Luke can’t risk giving her. Fighting destiny to keep his heart safe from the only woman who can claim it, Luke makes plans that could separate them for good. But when love and passion run soul-deep, fate can overturn even the best-laid plans. Will Luke admit his love for Nikki before it’s too late, or will his wounded heart destroy the trio’s shot at lasting happiness?


~~~~~~~~~~~ ❤  ~~~~~~~~~~~ ❤   ~~~~~~~~~~ ❤


SYNOPSIS — Rowena Harlow is a hunter sworn to protect humans by destroying the paranormal creatures who harm them. Kane Faelan is the alpha of a wolf pack who ends up on the wrong side of Rowena’s clan of hunters. When the two clash, Rowena has no problem taking him down. The problem is, she wants to take him home, too.

Fate must really have it in for Kane. Not only does he end up in an altercation with a beautiful but deadly hunter, but it turns out she’s his mate. He should hate her. He needs to hate her, but he can’t quite pull it off. She’s everything he’s ever wanted in a mate, except for the fact that she tries to kill him.

Rowena is a woman torn between duty and the kind of life she’s always wanted. The more she sees of Kane, the more he looks like just the man to heat up her nights. Their chemistry is undeniable, their situation impossible. Will Rowena find a way to fulfill her duty and follow her heart? Will Kane ever get enough of the hunter’s kiss?


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