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EliseCovert Elise Covert

Elise has two Erotica novels to her credit and is poised to become an up-and-coming writer in the Erotica Genre. She’s a featured Author in the Sirens SINSational Summer Showcase (August 5th — 9th) and will certainly wow you with her saucy talent.

Elise Covert SSSS

Now, Check Out My Interview With Elise.

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When did you know you wanted to write erotica?

It was a gradual realization. Once I was an adult and started writing longer pieces, all of my work had a very distinct sexuality to it. I was mainly writing in the horror/thriller genre and while it definitely wasn’t erotic, there were strong sexual themes. I switched to romance about two years ago specifically to give myself a challenge: I wanted to write the romance novel that I wanted to read, exploring the emotions that are involved when love and lust are so tightly entangled. At that point, I gave myself permission to use all the dirty words that weren’t in my earlier works. Thus, an erotic romance writer was born.

Have you always been a sexual person, or grew that way later in life?

I have always been a sensual person. The senses and the way I respond to them emotionally have always been a central part of my experience. Even in my dreams, all of my senses are involved: smell, hearing, taste. I think that sensuality led me to be a very sexual person once I was old enough to want that.

Who’s your Favorite character from your novels, why, and from what book?

Oh, gosh, I love them all, even the ones that I should hate! I get ideas all the time to write spin-off books about secondary characters I’ve done, simply because I want to spend more time with them. I enjoyed writing the Meredith character from my Renegade books: smart, sassy, and ran off with the bad boy. But I really identify with Nicole in my Circles books, the woman exploring all facets of herself, hesitant and yet willing to take a risk.

Are there any erotic genres you don’t plan writing in and why?

At this stage, the romance is more important to me than just the erotica, so I’m sticking to pretty much M/F erotic romance, or at least the stories in my head waiting to be typed are all that. There might be a little M/F/F at some points, not sure yet. But my fascination lies with the romance and power play in D/s relationships.

Have you learned anything about yourself since you’ve been writing?

Definitely. As my characters explore, I’m exploring these same thoughts. As I’ve grown older, I’ve become more aware and comfortable with myself and my own sexual nature. Writing, whether you are blogging or writing fiction, is exploration of thought.

What’s your short term and long term goals as a writer?

Short term: survive the summer and start writing the next book (the third Renegades novella). Long term: keep writing until I die or lose my mind. The stories come to me faster than I can write them.

Fifty Shades of Gray – Hate it / Love It – Why?

I read all three. They weren’t my favorite books by any means and I didn’t identify with the female or have any attraction to the male. I read them for the phenomenon that they were, analyzing them as I went. What worked? What didn’t? Why are they so popular? How can I make that much money with my books?

What’s your WIP or Next Release?

My next book is coming out July 29 (yikes! so soon!) Broken Circles, the second book in the Circles trilogy.

Reveal something that gets you in the mood and elaborate – if possible.

A hotel room. I love staying in hotels, there is something so sexy about that. No neighbors you care about offending with your screams, no worries about marking up the furniture with the handcuffs, that desk, the ottoman, that straight back chair. A hotel room is like a stage set for sex.

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Now, Let’s Check Out Her Body of Work ~~~~

EC 2    Linked Circles

SYNOPSIS — Nicole Simmons had a great life, a life most women would envy: a fantastic job at a non-profit foundation, a sexy considerate lover with no strings attached, fun friends and a bright future. And then Nic met Jack LaTour. With charm and an animal magnetism she can’t resist, Jack draws Nic into his highly erotic world. He seduces her, commands her, and presents her with his bracelet, his claim on her. Nic slowly gives Jack her trust and Jack gradually deepens his emotional commitment to her. But as the eroticism around them blooms, Nic begins to realize just how decadent a life Jack has led. Is this a world she wants to enter? And can Jack keep her safe if she does?


EC 1   Broken Circles


Nicole Simmons returns to Seattle with scarred wrists and a scarred heart, her disastrous relationship with Jack LaTour over. The door seems closed on both her love for him and her exploration of his kinky world.

But Nic can’t forget those feelings, those sensations, her incredible peek into that world of such pleasures. Her mind in a whirl, she turns to the only resource she can think of: the director of the Lush Life club, the expert of kink.

Dr. Peter Hall offers Nic lessons in all the seductive arts to which she is drawn, to act as her mentor as she learns. But she isn’t his only student. It seems Nic’s journey with Jack isn’t over yet. How far is she willing to go this time?


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