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Beauty-Male-Muscle-Body-Light-Shadow-006 FREY ORTEGA

I met Mr. Ortega at a Facebook event a few weeks ago and found him to be a charming and fascinating author. As you can tell from the picture above, he’s shy too. 🙂 He’s also an up-and-coming M/M Erotica writer for Siren Publishing and one of the Featured writers in the fast approaching Facebook happening – Damn, That’s Hot Erotica Mega-Author Event – March 19-23rd!!!

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Here’s his Amazon Bio —-  Frey Ortega writes erotic romance, primarily of the gay variety. He lives in what a friend affectionately calls “the south-easternmost part of Spain,” which is an archipelago called the Philippines. He’s a graduate of the Royal, Pontifical, and Catholic University in Manila, with a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology. Primarily, he works as a writer, a novelist, sometimes a video game journalist, and overall a homebody who spends way too much time on the internet.

He loves writing about people, especially people of all different shapes, sizes and backgrounds, falling in love. You might also find him playing video games from time to time! His favorite ones are MMORPGs, and role-playing games in general (and not just the ones in the bedroom.)

Now, read my entertaining conversation with Frey~~~



Hello, Frey!  Thanks for dropping by.  Grab a chair and let’s get this conversation rolling. First up, what’s your latest release, and what’s your plans for 2015???

Thank you, John. It’s great to be here. Okay, my latest release is called Lysander, the second book of the Lykaios series. It’s a continuation of Theron’s story, where the Hawthorne Hotel and Resort is being built on Lykaios Island. For 2015, I plan on releasing more books, and take one step closer to becoming an exclusive with my publisher!

Going into the March ‘Damn, That’s Hot Erotica Event’ do you have any goals during and after your participation?

Mostly just to have fun and make sure people get to know who I am and my work. I hope more people enjoy what I write. 🙂 Also, a whole lot more hot studs…

When you write a sex scene, how much of your actual sex life do you put into it?

None. I’m actually a virgin in real life, so most of the sex I put in my sex scenes are occasions of sex that I WANT to have in real life! There are so many hot scenes that I’m still thinking of writing so I guess I’m putting in all the types of sex I want to have into my books…  (Editor’s Note — That admission alone should compel you to check out his work.  🙂  )

Have you ever encountered any hate or bias about your hobby/profession from people in your real life or Facebook life — and how did you handle it?

Actually, people from real life have been very nice to me and supportive. Writing erotica is my current profession and they all don’t seem to think much of it, in a sense that they don’t pester me or try to make me feel any lesser. Some don’t understand, but only because they think getting into an 8-to-5 job is the end-all, be-all of work life. But I don’t mind. They don’t bug me about it. 😛

Last Question — You’re in a bookstore, open up a novel, and a Genie appears. He promises to make your next book a bestseller but you’d have to lose one of your five senses for a year – sight, vision, touch, taste, or smell.

I’d probably lose my sense of taste. If I did, I’d also start losing weight, which would be perfect. But I’d also probably be depressed for a bit… but I’d have that bestseller to make me happier!

Thanks so much for your time and I’ll see you at the upcoming event — Damn, That’s Hot Erotica March 19-23.  Now, here’s a few of Mr. Ortega’s works~~~~




(Into The New World Book One)


SYNOPSIS — [Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves. HEA] Ethan Thackeray is a 21-year-old who has his share of problems, like the fact that he gets attacked by a group of vicious gay-bashers coming out of a club. Enter Adam James, a werewolf alpha who just happened to be at the right place at the right time. After a night in the hospital, Ethan wakes to an introduction to his savior, and sparks fly. Adam feels something strong, pulling him towards Ethan in a way he can’t describe. The catch, however, is that humanity doesn’t know about the existence of supernatural beings, and after an eventual romantic tryst, Adam becomes 100% sure Ethan is his true mate: the mate fate intertwined into his life. With rogue shifters in his pack’s periphery and having to be honest to the person who completes him, Adam is distraught. Will Adam and Ethan find their happily ever after, or will Ethan have a rude awakening to the world of the supernatural? ** A Siren Erotic Romance

RANDOM REVIEW — A New World! February 21, 2015

By Amy M. Cintron Format:Kindle Edition Five Stars

This was the first book I ever read from Frey Ortega and I can tell you this won’t be the last. He has a unique writing voice and this story was so compelling. The way that things were described in the book made me feel like I was watching it through my eyes, which is what I love when reading. I want the story to pull me in, make me feel for the characters and their story, which is exactly what Rude Awakenings did for me. From when the book started I was so drawn to Ethan, he is not what you call a social person. Well at least with people other than his friends. He loves to dance and yeah so do I! On the way home from the club his is jumped and saved by enter in hot alpha wolf shifter Adam!!! SWOON!! Adam knows that Ethan is the one for him, but little does Ethan know that there is more to the world than just humans. Talk about a Rude Awakening, when Ethan finds out that his boyfriend is a wolf shifter and that humans are not the only being in the world, he runs scared. I found this part extremely compelling, had Ethan just accepted things as they were, I would have felt cheated. His emotions were true to his personality. Thankfully, it didn’t take long for Ethan to get some dang sense and return to his mate. I can’t say more or I will give away the entire story, but you don’t want to miss this! I can’t wait to get into the second book! Amazing Job Mr. Ortega.




Into The New World Book Two


SYNOPSIS — [Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, capture, sex in partially-shifted form, HEA] Jayce Barton’s life doesn’t need any more trouble than it already has: having a poor family and having them somewhat blame you for it was already trouble enough. To top it all off, Jayce gets kidnapped one night and finds himself in an unknown, ritzy apartment. Dmitri Marchetti is the son of one of the strongest vampire coven leaders in New York City. When his coven uncovers new intel on a human-supernatural trafficking ring right in their midst, their coven immediately acts. Jayce and Dmitri meet, and the sparks fly. The easygoing Dmitri finds renewed purpose: something he’s never felt before, and he finds it in Jayce. With the threat of a crazed madman looming above Jayce, Dmitri vows to protect the human. But even vampires have their limits – and it will take a lot of love, a lot of trust, and a hastily-put-together plan to save not only the man he was growing to love, but each other. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

RANDOM REVIEW — reviewed by redz world reviews March 4, 2015 By Redz VINE VOICE Format:Kindle Edition

I am loving Into the New World series by author Frey Ortega. In Irrevocably Intertwined we meet the vampires. I love a hot vampire and Dmitri fits the bill with spades. He is a strong alpha male. He has a kind heart, very fair in his dealings with others.
Jayce is used to getting the short end of the stick when it comes to life. He worries about a lot of things. He needs someone in his life to take some of the burdens away. Let his mind rest and catch up. He does get that in Dmitri
I really like the fast paced story. There are characters we know and love from the first story, and some new ones to fall in love with as well. I also like getting to know some of the politics and world building. The main story is there as well. I feel that this series is turning into a well rounded well thought out one that I keep wanting more from. I think Frey Ortega is now my new guilty pleasure for reading. I know this book will be on my keeper shelf, whenever I want to remember that love is worth fighting for I will drag this one out to read. Five Stars




Into The New World Book Three


SYNOPSIS — [Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, demons, HEA] Kai Huang is a romantic who dreams of finding the one, and living a happily-ever-after since being disowned by his parents. To top it off, Kai has been having strange, prophetic dreams, and all of them are about one man. One day he sees that man in the form of Darius at a party and he’s drawn like moth to a flame. Darius (or Artaxerxes, as he is called) is a demon whose latest mission was to make sure this madman of a vampire stayed alive, although he failed. Guarded and untrusting, Darius has never been in a relationship, so when fate decides to bring them together, Darius is shocked to find out that Kai is his mate. Not all is well, however, when Kai and his friends are attacked by a supernatural force during a party. While the answers they seek are uncertain, Kai’s dreams hold the key to solving the mystery, as well as changing his life forever. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

RANDOM REVIEW — Reviewed by Cocktails and Books, February 26, 2015 By Cocktails and Books “Shannon” This review is from: Passionate Premonition [Into the New World 3] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove) (Kindle Edition)

Passionate Premonition is the third book in the Into the New World series by Frey Ortega. While this book is part of a series, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone novel.

Kai Huang is a man who has been having strange dreams. His dreams feel almost real and include a man who face he does not get to see. Kai is also a romantic who wants to find the one man for the rest of his life.

Artaxerxes or as he is best known as Darius, is a demon whose last mission failed. He is on edge waiting to see the fallout from his failed mission. Darius realized Kai was his mate at first sight.

The connection between Kai and Darius is intense. Darius starts to fall in love with Kai once he realized he was his mate where Kai being human had no idea what mating means. The sex scenes were scorching.

I found this book well written with a unique plot. The main characters and the secondary characters were fascinating. While the ending was a little predictable, the journey the book takes the reader is gripping with several unanticipated twists and turns. I had a hard time putting this book down. The only down side of this book was the story line seemed rushed. Overall, this was a very wonderful book and I hope to see these characters again in the future.




Into The New World Book Four


SYNOPSIS — [Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, demons, shape-shifters, HEA] Micah Faraday is an incubus with a rough past, one that includes being held captive by not one, but two psychotic madmen, and having a rough time acclimating to believing he’s worth being loved, let alone being a person. Surviving day by day isn’t really living it, and one day Micah made the decision to die. Of course, until he makes the mistake of binding himself to the phoenix named Erik Anderson. Erik is exactly what Micah needs but doesn’t think he wants: grounded, stable, reliable, and he doesn’t know when to give up. He seeks to understand Micah and to help him through his pain, but he also has to contend with a world he’s not familiar with. In the midst of all of the chaos that surrounds them, Micah and Erik go on a journey of learning to trust and understanding that some of the worst choices we’ve made end up being the best ones after all. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

RANDOM REVIEW — reviewed by redz world reviews March 4, 2015 By Redz VINE VOICE Format:Kindle Edition

Heart’s Volition by Frey Ortega is the fourth book in the Into the New World series. This book is not a standalone novel. Needs to be read in order. I think though you will love the journey this series has taken as much as I have. I really have wanted Micah to have his story, and he does in this book. Can’t go wrong about a story with a naughty incubus in it. Micah had never intended to bind himself to anyone. He was actually getting tired of life all together. Then he binds himself to a man he finds steady, reliable, and everything he never thought he needed. Oh and he is a phoenix. Micah doesn’t want Erik to settle on him, when Micah feels so broken right now.
I like how they overcome their differences and learn that the other person really has something they need. They are stronger a couple than they ever were singly.
Both men are passionate and truly sweet people at heart. What keeps me coming back to this series and wanting more is that, and Frey Ortega’s humor. I really cannot get enough of it. I really get a sense of who the characters are and what they want out of life. Over all family feeling of the book really is nicely done.
When you want a story with great sex, lots of love, and unforgettable characters I really suggest picking this series up. I am very glad I have. FIVE STARS!!






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