A Conversation with Erotica Newcomer — Jennifer Rose


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Jennifer Rose is one of the Featured Writers of the Damn, That’s Hot!! Erotica Mega Author Event on March 19-22.

Here’s her Amazon Bio —-  Jennifer Rose lives the glamorous life in Canada working as a part-time office clerk/manager. A mother of three grown boys, she decided to give up cleaning, cooking and day to day household chores in favor of sitting with a favorite beverage, be it coffee or wine and her trusty laptop, after a friend and author convinced her that she had what it took to write romance novels, so she took a creative writing course and finally started writing.

Keep Reading for my Exclusive Interview with this Exciting Writer and Erotica Newcomer!!


Thanks for dropping by, Jennifer. First question for you — What’s your latest release, and what’s your plans for 2015???

If Not For You, an M/F standalone novel that takes place on an ocean liner. I created it with countdown chapters instead of the norm, I won’t say much more so I don’t give too much away but it’s certainly different. For 2015? I have at least three novels in the works so far, and yes I do write more than one at a time. I have another erotic M/M novel coming out I’m aiming to release it in May and I plan on writing more. I enjoy writing both M/F and M/M genres. I guess you could say all my plans for 2015 involve writing, writing and more writing.

Going into the March ‘Damn, That’s Hot Erotica Event’ do you have any goals during and after your participation?

I’m hoping to grab onto a new fan base, not that I don’t love the ones I have, I’d just love more. Of course I’d love to see my books sell, hell that’s what it’s all about after all, but I want to reach my fans, earn new ones and find out from them what they want to see from me next. I write to entertain people, without an audience what would I have? I write for my fans!

When you write a sex scene, how much of your actual sex life do you put into it?

I wouldn’t say that my actual sex life plays a big part in my writing — maybe 10%? It’s more my personal fantasies that I’m putting out there. Life experience is all fine and dandy, but if I wrote a novel about my actual sex life it certainly wouldn’t be a best seller. LOL. Fantasy is a huge part of fiction, my fiction. I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want a hunky alpha-male to desire only you, to lust after you and fuck her brains out in ways you never imagined? But in reality do you think it’s honestly going to happen? That’s why book boyfriends are the best! 😉

Have you ever encountered any hate or bias about your hobby/profession from people in your real life or Facebook life — and how did you handle it?

My colleagues at work were shocked when I came out. (Laughs) That sounded wrong. When they found out I wrote a book they were all supportive, when they found out it was erotic romance the eyebrows raised and the giggling ensued. They called me things like dirty-bird and perverted, told me it was hard to look me in the face anymore, but they bought my books anyway and the feedback was great. I laugh along with them because if you knew me, you’d be shocked too.

Would you say your sex life has improved since you started writing erotica and, if so, how?

Now that the question is out there and I think about it…yes I suppose it has. I’m more adventurous, willing to try new things and I pay more attention to my senses and my partners’ reaction, emotions, sounds etc. There are things I’d be willing to try now that five years ago I would have never even fantasized about.

Last Question — You’re in a bookstore, open up a novel, and a Genie appears. He promises to make your next book a bestseller but you’d have to lose one of your five senses for a year – sight, sound, touch, taste, or smell. Which would it be and why?

*Taste, I could lose a lot of weight in one year if I lost the ability to taste. LOL. The other senses I could not do without. I need sight because I’m an observer, I watch people and many times I use what I see in my writing, besides you can’t get a lot from a porn scene if you can’t see it! hahaha. Touch involves human contact without it sex would just be an act. A smell can bring with it memories of hot sexual experiences, create new ones and tempt you into making more. The sound of moans and groans, panting and breathless sex-capades, need I say more?

Thanks for a wonderfully honest interview, Jennifer. I wish you all the luck in your career!!!

Now, let’s check out her novels and links ~~~~~~





SYNOPSIS — Nearly three years ago, Eden Fox ran from the only man she cared for because of an abusive relationship, to start anew in Boston. Confident, strong and determined to make it on her own terms, no man would stand in her way. Never would she allow a man to mistreat her again. Will Eden’s strength of mind alone keep her violent past just that, in her past or will she be forever haunted by the memories.
Solely career driven and working her way up the ladder in a predominately male firm, Eden finally earns the executive position she has sacrificed all for. Her personal needs and wants tightly pushed to the side. But along with the winning bid that earned her this prestigious position, comes Chase.
Chase Dean, CEO of ‘Dean Construction Enterprises’. Tall dark and completely alpha-male, he sets his sights on Eden. What Chase wants Chase must have.
After turning her back on a personal life for so long, will she be able to hold to her strict ‘No Mixing Business with Pleasure’ rule? Or will Chase challenge that rule, when one crazy night of passion at ‘Pulse’ Night Club threatens to turn her world upside down.

**This book is meant for readers ages 17+ due to graphic sexual M/F content and adult situations.
This is book #1 in a ‘series’ but does not end on a cliff hanger, each book in the series can be read as a stand alone.



HOT AND STEAMY February 18, 2015

By Mark Scurlock Format:Kindle Edition

Good story about an abused woman who escapes to make a new life for herself. Damaged by the past she swears off relationships focusing on living life on her terms. That is when dashing Chase enters the picture. He’s determined to make Eden his no matter the cost. If you like your stories hot and steamy this is the book for you.


BUY LINK — http://www.amazon.com/Edens-Pleasure-Pulse-Book-1-ebook/dp/B00NH0L7FW/ref=la_B00NHV3YE8_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1425586490&sr=1-1





SYNOPSIS — Someone wants vengeance and will stop at nothing until he gets it.
Until Mikala Santino closes the doors to Pulse Night Club permanently, her life will remain an endless cycle of threats and terror, he’ll see to it.
But unlike your average damsel in distress, Mikala has a tough as nails take no crap attitude, she’s not about to crumble and won’t go down without a fight. That is, until Mason Reed returns to throw in the proverbial wrench and flip her world completely upside down.
Once the love of her life, the man she thought was her always, Mason has returned after abandoning her for eight long, lonely months. He’s come back to rescue her, like an unwanted knight in shining armor and Mikala’s not happy at all. Her walls have been carefully erected, Mason cautiously blocked from her thoughts, but she fears it will take more willpower than she can manage to resist him.
Mason isn’t one to take ‘buzz off’ for an answer. Well aware of the mistake he made by walking out of Mikala’s life all those months ago, he is going to do what it takes to get her back, even if it takes a lifetime. He’s a man on a mission, a mission to help her and break down her walls while he’s at it. Mason’s determined to rebuild what they had…once upon a time.

Not recommended to the faint at heart, anyone not into hot love scenes and dirty talk, walk away now because this novel contains adult content, filthy language and explicit sexual content. Enjoy!


BUY LINK — http://www.amazon.com/Mikalas-Passion-Pulse-Book-2-ebook/dp/B00PR5FOO0/ref=la_B00NHV3YE8_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1425586490&sr=1-2




Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Author-Jennifer-Rose/231674010318730?ref=hl

Website: http://jenniferroseauthor.wix.com/jennifer-rose

Tsu: https://www.tsu.co/JenniferRose62

Amazon author page: http://www.amazon.com/Jennifer-Rose/e/B00NHV3YE8/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1425485246&sr=1-2-ent

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JenniferRose62

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/jroseauthor/


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