Erotica’s Up-And-Coming (and Pinkest) Author — Sassie Lewis


SL Sassie Lewis


Sassie Lewis is one of the 15 authors who will be featured in the Damn, That’s Hot Erotica March Mega-Author Event on Facebook —  March 19th – 22nd.    

Until then, take a look at Sassie’s Amazon Bio ~~~

Sassie Lewis is a born and bred Australian. She lives on the outskirts of Brisbane Queensland, with her husband, two daughters, one son and a dog that hates having a bath.

She swears like a sailor, and blames her ability to over share personal matters – matters that fall into that TMI category – on a faulty brain to mouth filter. One that forgets to tell her “This isn’t appropriate dinner conversation.”

An avid reader since childhood. Sassie came across erotic romance in her mid-twenties, falling deeply and madly in lust with the genre instantly. And she’s had wet panties ever since.
With her somewhat skewed and unique view of the world, along with a little encouragement from her father, she thought what the heck! and penned her first erotic romance.
She hopes to drag you into the world she’s created, and leave you as breathless and wanting her fictional friends, as she did while writing them.

She’s Interesting, right??!!   Read on for my Interview with this Hot and Spicy Australian Writer ~~~~~



Hi Sassie!!  Thanks for dropping by my Man-Cave. Just clear off a chair and have a seat. Okay, here’s question number one — What’s your latest release, and tell us about your plans for 2015?

Thanks for having me, John. My latest release and debut novella is Throttle. A sinfully erotic romance, which has my reviewers lusting over my hero – Sin.

As for 2015, I have a busy year planned. I have a contemporary western erotic romance sitting with a publisher at the moment and is due to be released in May-June of this year. I have another two books I would like to get out by mid-year. I also have another me who writes smut — Vixen Von Fock. She is working on about eight short stories at the moment to be released at some point this year.

Going into the March ‘Damn, That’s Hot Erotica Event’ do you have any goals during and after your participation?

Yeah my goal would be to get all that finished, meet new friends, and sell some books — maybe world domination too (winks).

When you write a sex scene, how much of your actual sex life do you put into it?


A funny but oh so vague reply. 🙂  Alright, have you ever encountered any hate or bias about your hobby/profession from people in your real life or Facebook life — and how did you handle it?

No, not yet, but I’m sure it will happen one day. Handling it would be easy, but I’d actually have to give a shit about what non-erotica readers think of me.

Would you say your sex life has improved since you started writing erotica and, if so, how?

Lets just say I have sex on a daily basis.

(Editors note — Sassie is apparently a master of the hot but totally vague reply. Be sure to attend the event and I’ll see if I can get some deet’s about the queries.  😀 )

Okay, the last question for you, Sassie, and it’s a doozy!!! You’re in a bookstore, open up a novel, and a Genie appears. He promises to make your next book a bestseller but you’d have to lose one of your five senses for a year – sight, vision, touch, taste, or smell. Which would you pick?

None I’d just ask him to ‘do’ me and then put him back in his bottle…I also just want my books to be loved, yeah it would be great to hit bestseller but I need to get there because y’all loved what I do.

Thanks so much for coming to the interview!!!

Now, check out her featured book Throttle, and like/join/follow her links at the end!!



SL 1 Throttle


No Surrender… Sin is a man who lives by his own rules. Large and in charge, he takes what he wants and makes no apologies about it. Running his custom bike shop and raising his son are the only things he’s ever cared about. That is, until a full-bodied goddess crosses his path.

No Regrets… Georgia’s the forbidden fruit custom built for temptation. He knew she was off limits, for more than one reason, but there’s only so long he can fight his desires. When he ignores the rules and claims her, what price will he pay for that one taste of perfection?



They work through that and get some good lovin going on, February 28, 2015 By Amy Shaner (Cambridge NE)
Verified Purchase This review is from: Throttle (Kindle Edition)
Whoohoo strap in for this ride!!! Sin is one hot mutha and Gia is the strong, independent woman that brought him to his knees. He meets her at his sons college graduation and instantly feels a connection and insane lust for her but he thinks she’s dating his son. They work through that and get some good loving going on! Sin is alpha at its best but Gia is no pushover which I enjoyed. We find out some things about Sin’s son that Gia knew and this causes dissension in their relationship. It does get worked through and they move on with their relationship. You very much need to read this book as it’s so enjoyable!!!





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