This Blog Post features an author with two Fantasy novels under his belt — the first two books of the Triadine Saga. Here’s his Author’s Biography on Amazon~~~

“I spent nearly 20 years deciding whether or not I wanted to be an author. My field is information technology, and I specialize on manufacturing systems. It’s technical, challenging, and requires you to stay focused and current with changes in the industry.

I started going to a fantasy world in my mind many years ago, and the adventures of Peter and Alexandra were my escape from the harsh technical world all around me. The twins were enthusiastic, energetic, eager to go out and explore their world, and willing to take on any challenge necessary. I have often said that I travel to the Upper Aren and come back and write about it, and I really do feel that way at times.

My own eclectic interests fueled the twin’s activities, as I have been done a little of everything in my life. I suspect it’s because of my adult attention deficit disorder, and a need to try everything at least once.”

Keep reading for my interview with this up-and-coming Fantasy/Sci-Fi Author~~~~


Thanks for dropping by my man cave, Tim. Here’s the first question I have for you. The average reader may not be acquainted with the sword and sorcery genre. Explain what it is and why they should read it.

Thanks for having me, John. To answer your query, the Epic Fantasy is an escape from the reality of everyday life, where good battles evil for dominance of the land. In the real world, its often difficult to know who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. In the classic sword and sorcery genre, you can quickly identify with a character or characters, share their experiences and their feelings, urge them on as they fight with the obvious evil characters and their minions. In the best Epic Fantasy, the twists and turns in the story, along with your love of the characters, keeps you reading well into the night to see just what happens next!

You will cheer when good things happen, cry with the bad, rejoice when your characters are happy and feel sad when they feel sad. This escape from reality is what the epic fantasy world is all about, and Im pleased to share my little corner of this world with you.

You’ve written a series called The Triadine Saga. Tell the reader about it and how many books do you have planned for it?

The Triadine Saga is a story that started for me over twenty years ago. I would go visit a land called Aren, in a world of fantasy with failed alliances and races who were in severe distrust of one another. Then I would come back and write about it. The story revolves around the lives of twins, a boy and a girl who were born of a union between elf and human, enhanced by magic, to fulfill the critical step in a divine prophecy that foretold the end of the world. These twins, the Children of the Prophecy, are hunted by several different factions, need to find and restore an ancient magical talisman – The Triadine – and unite the major races in the land together to fight an evil once thought banished from the land forever.

Its an adventure with wizards, dragons, elves, dwarves, goblins, kingdoms at war, and more. The magical creatures who align with good or evil add a fun twist to the story, and the twins grow from innocent youth, through adolescence into young adulthood as they learn to accept their responsibility and bear the burden that the Prophecy has thrust upon them. Plenty of obstacles stand in their way, physical, mental and spiritual, and we take the journey with them to the very end. The world may be saved, or it may plunge into a thousand years of darkness, and there is no way to predict exactly what will happen along the way.

There are five planned books in the Saga that tell the story of the Prophecy and the fabled Triadine. The first book, The Watchers Keep, was published in the fall of 2014. The second book, The Dragon Rises, is on track for publication in February of 2015.

Describe your writing process From Conception to Publishing.

I first visited The Aren in the early 1980s. These initial visits included forays into writing down my experiences with the characters who lived there, telling their stories as it were. Soon there were a dozen interesting characters in many several races, and their story was just begging to be told.

I wrote the first three chapters of The Watchers Keep in 1989 and shared them with several friends who enjoyed reading epic fantasy. Their response was overwhelming and pushed me to continue working on the book. After finishing the outline for the Saga, then writing several more chapters of the first book, I shelved the project for my career, life, kids and everything that seems to get in the way of what you really want to do.

Over the next decade, I revisited the book on several occasions, writing different sections and expanding the outline. I wrote the final chapter in 2000, after completing a six month sabbatical from work. At first I believed the Saga could be told in three books, but before long I realized that the larger story would take much more work, so I carved it up into sections.

The Triadine Saga will take five books (maybe six) to tell the story of Peter and Alexandra, the Children of the Prophecy. There will also be a prequel, which tells of the decision of their mother, an Elven Princess, to marry the Human King and with the aid of a sorceress give birth to the twins, igniting the Prophecy.

There is an entire world outside The Aren which starts to make itself known during the telling of the twins story, and this world will come to life in the next series. It promises to bring you even more exciting characters some you will love to love, and others you will love to hate!

Today I write one or two chapters each day, telling the story as it unfolds for the characters. The next day I edit the prior days work, and the cycle continues. It is difficult sometimes to stop writing and sleep, as the story is compelling itself to be told. I cannot wait to bring it to you in its entirety.

So, you live in Malaysia. Tell us a little about your life there and what’s the biggest difference between living there and the United States?

I started visiting Malaysia on business in 1987. I fell in love with the people and the place, and enjoyed many business trips here over the next 23 years. I was offered an opportunity to take an assignment here with my day job and accepted that in 2010. Malaysia is in many ways like the US was thirty years ago. The people are all friendly, they accept you for who you are and on the island of Penang where I live, the cultural diversity and tolerance is remarkable.

There are three major cultures here: Chinese, Indian and Malay. They live in harmony, enjoy each others traditions and all work toward the betterment of their country. They are proud of what Malaysia has to offer, how much she has grown in the years since her independence in 1957, and look forward to strong political, economic and cultural growth through the years ahead.

Penang is known for its food, and enjoys an eclectic mix that includes dishes from throughout Asia. In addition to the local cuisine, there are five star restaurants on the island serving the finest of French or other western foods, and of course the infiltration of the fast food restaurants from the US means you can get a McDonalds burger or a Dominos pizza if you are not in the mood for Char Kuey Teow, Nasi Lemak or Tandori Chicken.

Do you plan on branching out into another genre in the future, and what would it be?

I have several children’s books in the works now, with a series a real possibility. Ill be testing the waters with a release of six related childrens books in the coming months. Its a huge change from what Im writing now, and I will most likely release under a different pen name so that my readers are not confused about the genre – though a thirty-two page childrens picture book and an eight-hundred page epic fantasy should be easy to tell apart. Ive been working with several different artists to put the images to my childrens stories, and will make an artist selection very soon.

I am also in the middle of an adventure/travel book of sorts. I hiked the Appalachian Trail in 1999 from Georgia to Maine over a period of six months. This 2100 mile adventure is begging to be told, and I hope to see that book published in 2015 as well. I have been approached by a number of other thru-hikers to tell their stories, and that will likely result in one or more hiking anthologies, slated for 2016 and beyond.

What do you enjoy most about writing — developing the plot, inventing the characters, or describing the landscapes/surroundings?

What I enjoy most in my writing, and I know this sounds cliche, is hearing from my readers that they love the characters, the story and want to read more! I have been a storyteller all my life, and bringing the stories of my characters and my visits to The Aren to life for the enjoyment of my readers, is really a thrill for me. My ultimate goal is to be able to write full time and to have hundreds of thousands of fans anxiously awaiting my next release.

I hope the story is interesting, the characters engaging, and the world of fantasy is one that you will enjoy reading about, as much as I enjoy bringing it to you. To me, this is not work, though it does involve many long hours over a keyboard, and hundreds of pages of writing and rewriting before Im happy with the story Im bringing to you. If you get the same joy from the work as I do, I will consider it a job well done, and be able to sleep soundly at night.

Thanks for an interesting interview, Tim.  I wish you happiness and success in the future.




SYNOPSIS — The Watchers long ago abandoned their sworn duty to monitor and suppress the powers of Khollaran, an evil wizard, locked away in a distant prison at the end of the First Age. As his power grows, an ancient and dire prophecy appear to be coming true.

The Guardians take actions to try to stop him, putting young Peter and Alexandra in the middle of the greatest conflict since the Breaking of the World.

As the Children of the Prophecy, the twins will be tasked with a near impossible quest to recover the pieces of the fabled Triadine and unite the races in a battle to destroy the growing evil, without destroying the world in the process.

In this epic fantasy adventure, a kingdom comes under attack by an ancient evil which was thought to be defeated long ago. Now that the Dark Wizard is again free to turn his dragon loose on the world, sword and magic will not be enough to defeat him. It will take all that the elves, dwarves and man can do to just survive.


Great new fantasy series January 30, 2015
By James M. Hewitt Format:Kindle Edition
Cuts a wide and deep swath of fantasy with a depth of scope and character detail perhaps more along the lines Robert Jordan than Tolkein. If you love elves, dwarves, wizards, good and bad, this unique fantasy world of new characters is one you should thoroughly enjoy. This Book 1 in the Triadine Saga is an outstanding first effort by Mr. Bond. 5-STARS.
SYNOPSIS — In this continuation of the epic fantasy The Watcher’s Keep, the battle between good and evil continues. Goblins are growing in strength and boldness, venturing into the world to battle both men and dwarves. The elves continue to be locked away in seclusion allowing caution and betrayal to guide them to their destiny.

The last dragon grows in power as his ancestral memories awaken, challenging the Dark Wizard for domination over the evil forces in the world, while building his own kingdom and establishing himself as the supreme deity.

The twins — Peter and Alexandra — continue to battle through one challenge after another to understand their role in The Prophecy and assemble the missing pieces of the fabled Triadine, a weapon of unequaled power, which is the only means to defeat the Dark Wizard and his growing army.

Humans continue to be driven by greed and power, fortune and arrogance, and alliances shift with the blowing winds.

Who will come out on top? Will the Children of the Prophecy fulfill their destiny, or will darkness overcome light and plunge the world into a thousand years of pain and suffering.






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