New Release — Jaime Johnesee’s The MisAdventures of Bob the Zombie


jaimebob the z

Prolific Horror/Comedy novelist, Jaime Johnesee has released the newest book in the Undead Bob series — The Misadventures of Bob the Zombie. The Fourth novel of the funny-as-death series puts a comedic spin on zombies and Bob’s attempt to be a normal undead guy in a warm-blooded dominated society.


Here’s the synopsis —-  Bob is an ordinary guy. He likes classic rock, a good party, and tacos. It’s too bad that he is dead. Well, technically speaking, Bob is undead. After an accident claimed his life his mother couldn’t bear to bury him. A quick call to a necromancer fixed that problem and, voila…he was reborn!

Armed with a quick wit, a sharp intellect, some good friends, and his trusty stapler, Bob embarks on some crazy adventures that will make you laugh, make you cringe, and –most importantly– make you cheer for Bob to have a happy ending.



funny and great read January 7, 2015 By CMT
Format:Kindle Edition
How can you not love Bob the Zombie. I am a bob once you read this book you will understand that. And he will make you want Tacos from taco bell so get some tacos ready when you go to read this . This book was a very fun read made me giggle . If you looking for a extra gory zombie read then this is not for you. If you looking for a different zombie read a funny , and even feel good read, Bob has some good advice for you. Then this book is for you. Its a must read for any Zombie fan . It was great to have a different out look and different type of zombie book to read . Thank you Jaime this keep me entertained. Looked to read more of her other books

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