THE WISDOM OF SOLOMON — The Newest Psychological Thriller From John Tucker


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SYNOPSIS —- Maritza Van Lyle is a broken, alcoholic housewife mired in a bad marriage. Soured on living by her husband’s infidelity and a personal tragedy, the only light in her life is Alexandra, her preteen daughter. When Maritza is taken hostage by a sinister man with a mysterious agenda, she fights to keep her sanity and to stay alive while her captor forces her to admit intimate secrets that should stay buried.

Torn between the bitterness and frustration at her existence, Maritza is determined not to be a docile prisoner. As the man’s lethal games, caustic taunts, and dangerous threats grow more invasive and ruthless as the hours go by, she rebels, adapts, and formulates a desperate plan to escape her tormentor.

The Wisdom of Solomon is not your usual hostage drama. It’s a cat and mouse game where deceptions, revelations, and role reversals will take your breath away – and keep you turning the pages – all the way to a chilling and surprising denouement.

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AUTHORS NOTES — The Wisdom of Solomon joins my previous genre themed novels — DIVISIVE, THE FIFTH GAME, and SPLITS IN THE SKIN – as voyages into psychological horror and skin-crawling suspense. Written as a two-person screenplay several years ago, I adapted it into a novel that kept all the menace, thrills, and jaw-dropping moments. If your reading habits make you a connoisseur of the genre, this is the book for you.

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Incredible! January 1, 2015 By DyannaDunn

Format:Kindle Edition
The Wisdom of Solomon was an amazing book! I kept telling myself I would put it down at the beginning of the next chapter, and ended up reading the entire thing. This book definitely blurs the lines between right and wrong, good and evil. It was full of suspense, and definitely kept me on my toes!
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