Interview With John Tucker


Here’s an interview about…..ME!!! By John Dizon

Center Stage With John Reinhard Dizon


John Tucker is another one of my partners in prose, a trusted friend and ally in my war against the publishing industry. His Bemused and Bedeviled series and The Rask Trilogy have established his reputation as an indie author, and he is admired by his colleagues for his ongoing projects in presenting new writers to the Internet community. 

The most noticeable works in your repertoire are the Divisive series and the Bemused and Bedeviled series. It seems like your antagonists always get the upper hand and continually escape justice. Is it a way to keep readers hooked or is there a message being conveyed?   

Both. Every good novel should have a protagonist and an antagonist, and I think the villain should be the strongest of the two. Readers react to a novel with a mixture of emotions – anger, grief, joy, shock, and awe.  The bad guy will get the…

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