My Friday Interview with Author Marcha Fox has been moved from Friday to Saturday.  Instead I’d like to share this article with you and get your opinions.

Artist Hannah Davis and computer scientist Saif Mohammad have devised a program that uses words and translates them into music. Samples are provided in the link below — J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan and Cormac McCarthy’s The Road are a delight to listen to.  Just the thought of using the literary DNA of a novel and turning it into a symphony that reflects the mood and vibrancy makes me wonder how novels like Fifty Shades of Gray, Pride and Prejudice, and Snookie’s Autobiography would turn out.

No doubt my book Divisive would be a dark landscape of sounds. Terpsichore in Love would have a moving operatic sound to it. Romancing the Fox would have a light, pop feel to it, along with assorted moans and groans in the background.

So Here’s my question to you.  What novel – yours or another writers – would you like to see submitted to the program and turned into a piece of music??????








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